Chants - Om Brzee Namaha

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Deana Payne: What do I think about when chanting this mantra?

G Parisi: how many times is Om brzee Namaha chanted?

Sharath Kumar: Why r they chanting Brazil Brazil?

Inga Kloster: Namaste!

Diana Chandrika: Thank you this is a great learning process for me.

Matri Mony: what?

Cliff Hanger: BEWARE!!! This is a commercial enterprise and not a divine centre. His name used to be Siva Baba and now he changed to Dr Pillai Mohini and this black monkey are partners in crime. They came to Singapore on numerous occasions, stayed at the Five Star Shangri-la Hotel and charges astronomical fees for the talks.

maanav: yep it is a lakhmi mantra

Shovelware: Chant for another week and you will have a better job. After that chant for another week, you might become a manager in a big company. 1 week more will give you that company! Before you know it you will be lonely at the top LMAO

Will Watcher: even if what you say is true, i rather subscribe to this organization which hasn't taken MY money at all, than a corporate bloodsucker organization that's out there right now eating humanity alive!!! Go whine somewhere that's REALLY NEEDED...

V. Tantry: Shreem I believe also a wealth mantra! Lakshmi's (Hindu God) mantra!

Tee Shan: What is the difference between OM BRZEE NAMAHA and SHREEM BRZEE NAMAHA? Does anyone know?

V. Tantry: Yes Brzee does work!

niceguy1060: Baba is the real deal from what I can tell

aznguy11111: lol

medicineeman: I had been sitting around for two years looking for a job, accepting crappy jobs then giving them up. then i practised this mantra 108 times daily for a week, then i got a job working on a farm. Something i actually enjoy!

Misty Rhodes: I got results within hours. Received retirement statement in the mail of 8k and my brother paid me $200 thru paypal of what he owes me. This mantra just feels nice.

manvinder24: I have benefitted from this and was hurt by this comment of yours. They are doing lot of good stuff free and at no charge.

shadyev992: Ambeka5694 maybe ur info you gave usnt accurate sometimes parents give their children wrong informations


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Chants - Om brzee Namaha 5 out of 5

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