Chants - Om Brzee Namaha

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Mithun Rathinasamy: Sanskrit doesn't have the 'z' sound. Can anyone tell me how the word 'brzee' contain the 'z' sound?

gopika: This mantra is for improving the material/financial situation of the person who chants it.Very effective and powerful mantra.Thank you for posting. Namaste.

V. Tantry: Shreem I believe also a wealth mantra! Lakshmi's (Hindu God) mantra!


Cliff Hanger: BEWARE!!! This is a commercial enterprise and not a divine centre. His name used to be Siva Baba and now he changed to Dr Pillai Mohini and this black monkey are partners in crime. They came to Singapore on numerous occasions, stayed at the Five Star Shangri-la Hotel and charges astronomical fees for the talks.

MASTEKEITH: ARE THERE BENIFETS IF I JUST LISTEN TO IT...what about if i just sit close my eyes and say it mentally for myself...before i go to sleep...what if i write it over 100 times...? will this help me...what if i just say brzee? why do i have to say om first...?

Ismene solis cerritos: Woderful vibration!

gwirgalon: @karabasaraba yes, because we are incredibly powerful energetically at these times, and so do not need anything but our thoughts and heart's own speech..

gemslight: Thank you. I appreciate the way you looped the sound of Dr Pillai's voice. The sheer vibration alone is wonderful.

jeweldiamond101: This does work... i saw huge results in less than a week. I was guided to others who use this chant as well. Love it. I have taught my mom.... I didn't know to donate back So... When I get my children in a Nice safe place I will do donations in a major way and Vids... Love this chant and the many others He has. I really Love what he is about!

Claudia Jovel: This is the Manta for improving and fixing finances of the world and yourself. And you can listen to it, write it 1008 x or chant it

GixxxerKim: What if I entrance myself so deeply with this that I lose count?

Silvia Ramos: me gusta el mantra muy efectivo

Marcus Schott: your supposed to say it out loud so the vibration of the sound resonates through your body

abmsu86: ok i don't know if i am hallucinating but this is the first day i do it and my mom just got a government check totally unexpected... right when we needed the money !! thank youu sooo much


happytreekiller: My entire being is vibrating =D <3 Namaste <3

NikkiVideo: I counbted Dattatreya repeating the Chant 35 times. If so (anyone else care to confirm?), then to hear 108 Repetitions, one would need to play the Video 3 times, plus listen to it at least partially a 4th time to hear 3 more rChant epititions for a total of 108 repetitions. (1st time = 35, 2nd time = 70, 3rd time = 105, 4th time hear at least 3 more Chants). GOD BLESS US ALL WITH MUCH LOVE & LIGHT & ABUNDANCE ! (and don't forget to share and donate at least 3% !!!)

kekenii: Powerful :-)

allottabotta: Dattatreya: What is it that makes resistance towards saying a mantra or even doing spiritual remedies that can help? Is there some sort of subtle inner energy that creates that feeling of resistance? If so, please explain.

MrSteviesax: it Works?

aznguy11111: lol

Sean James: @Ihateyoucritic666 Helps with the karma of money.

Will Watcher: even if what you say is true, i rather subscribe to this organization which hasn't taken MY money at all, than a corporate bloodsucker organization that's out there right now eating humanity alive!!! Go whine somewhere that's REALLY NEEDED...

abmsu86: soooo powerful

GixxxerKim: Um, Siva Baba (the guy in the video) says this is a chant for finances, not peace.

vegan007: i thought you just had to chant shreem for abundance ?

Jaqui Torres: me gusta

Ryan Biddulph: Thanks for sharing :) I just discovered this powerful mantra the other day. Ryan Biddulph

40son: Thank you.

Sean James: @tommyman6878 You cam pm if you like.

tommyman6878: I am doing 4 mantras in the morning and 2 in the evening. Is it too much? I am having a strange feeling now my head started to spin a bit. Any advice, thank you very much.

rudigera: @MASTEKEITH It's also o.k. to just listen to it, to write it down or to repeat it mentally or silently.

Sean James: @NatureMusician Try chanting it with him, or on beads on your own or with him as well. :)

ilovejamesandmoney: @MASTEKEITH Because there is always ying and yang and scarafice to be had for a gain.

Sean James: @Psyk0sys This is true. Hare Krishna!

camaxtle: do you know where i cand find it on mp3?ive been looking for this and the thireu neela kantam mantra too...also the agni mantra for weight loss... it would be awesome of you have them namaste

adrian aquino: Everyday

medicineeman: I had been sitting around for two years looking for a job, accepting crappy jobs then giving them up. then i practised this mantra 108 times daily for a week, then i got a job working on a farm. Something i actually enjoy!

Suresh Kumar Avula: @7jacqueline9 , dear friend, women can chant but there is restriction to all sanskrit mantras during menstruation period. you may know or not,women do not go to temple during this period. beej mantras are very powerful early in morning that is before taking any food.

aliasanubis3000: what is the exact translation of this mantra?

greenboy215: i had a headache.....and i keep repeating.haha now its

nubihotep: Thanks for uploading this.

Tee Shan: What is the difference between OM BRZEE NAMAHA and SHREEM BRZEE NAMAHA? Does anyone know?

niceguy1060: Baba is the real deal from what I can tell

anindita93: Amazing resonance in Baba's voice!! It is an awesome profound feeling; kind of uplifting.

manvinder24: I have benefitted from this and was hurt by this comment of yours. They are doing lot of good stuff free and at no charge.

Monte3207: if the videos are free here? how does he take your money?

LiquidMind24: @MASTEKEITH i'm not absolute sure why "omm" comes before and "namaha" after, but i like to think of "omm" as opening the door to the cosmos, "brzeee" as filing your request, and "namaha" as gently shutting that door behind you in thanks. yousee? so i do recommend saying the full mantra and not just "brzee". hope that somehow helps. i'm not expert, but I've seen the effects of this mantra and know for a fact that it's worth it

trishfro4: Thank you for this enlightened message.. I so needed this at this time.. smile..

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Chants - Om brzee Namaha 4.9 out of 5

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