How To Start A Drop Shipping Business

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clickslondon: Hi all newbie and would appreciate some feedback how to get sales and what next for me after my facebook ad tests -

no sales yet after a several days. PPE pay engagement,click to website ,click conversion lead, lots to learn on FB.


Jimmy Tuan: hey would amazon shipping international eat up your profits though? alot of my audience is from around the world

Anabel Shopifystore Pros: Very Informative

Lillian G. Rutledge: If you are interested in earning an extra $150 daily Online go here. "Justnox mega mind profit system" (Just Search Google) For earn Money.

Charles Davis: Looks to difficult. I've seen lots of posts about people not making money. Changed my mind, not going to try it.

Richard Bronson: Having been a drop shipper now for over six years, I can tell you that drop shipping isn't for everyone. It's a full time business that takes time to build, work, maintain, and grow. You should not venture into this field unless you have a ready supply of cash on hand to get started with. ($10k) min. WHY? It's a business where you will have to pay for the purchased merchandise that your customers purchase from you with your supplier. True you will get paid, that could take 5 to 10 business days before your money clears. If you think your going to do this on Amazon for get it. Amazon's payment model will take you 30 to 45 days before you can get your money back in full. WHY? Amazon withholds your funds until all refunds, exchanges, and returns are cleared, then they wait two weeks before they'll issues you a payment, and then its a wire transfer that takes 3 business days to reach your bank. With that being said. In this video drop shipping is promoted with Shopify. While Shopify is a good low cost start. Most of their templates are basic, and don't grab customers attention. Great templates for the web start with great web-site builders. Another reason for the high start up costs. Building your platform right. Remember: Simple business models get simply left behind. Just as this video states, and its 100% true. If you don't have a solid plan of driving PAYING traffic to your website you are wasting your money, time and effort. So be careful in starting a drop shipping business, and know it is a full time business, and it will take a lot of resources to get started. No matter what others might say. Rb.

Keffa Mwamba: question: where does the buyer purchase your product from? Is it Ali Baba or your online store? because if you advertise the same product from Ali baba by raising the price, why won't I buy the same original product from Ali baba since it's cheaper than yours?

Hector R.: I started an Instagram account about BUY SELL TRADE cameras and gear and a company just contacted me about drop ship their products but I don't know how can I make money of that if it's just an Instagram account and I don't have any legal branding. What do you recommend?

David Serbezov: Can I do drop shipping in Europe (from Bulgaria)?

Teddy Mack: very

Geeky Neat Freak: This changes your ebay PRICES for you WHILE YOU SLEEP ---->

Ayman Chairi: Test without blogger link

zeta reticuli: what are you doing with your hands!!!

Jin Wenhua: YOYO'S Beauty store
1.we are factory sale directly,lall items produce by ourself .custom design i available,drop shipping is welcom .
2.we promise free ship by epacket for order mroe than $20, DHL free for order more than $100
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busybody1: step 1 buy cheap step 2 jack up the price so you can make a fast buck off someone
step 3 congratulate yourself for achieving scumbag status yayyyyyyy

Jordan: To anyone that can provide input: I am in the process of creating my own sock line and looking for a drop ship supplier and manufacturer. I want a company that can fulfil my custom orders when ordered by a customer through my website....Anyone have any recommendations/advice?

ibraheem KHAN: Why didn't you mention AliExpress?

TheWoolieCompany: You need to emphasize that the dropshipper doesn't have the authority to do this without the manufacturer's written consent. Images, product information, instructions, warranties are ALL intellectual property that belongs only to those who are authorized to sell/represent the items. You are negligent of not introducing this vital info.

I am having this problem now with my products. I have had to take legal action to stop these pirates (dropshippers) on many ecommerce sites.

Dropshipping is a practice of riding the wake of hard working online market presence, like I have done.

This is just like those people who steal YouTube videos and monetize them elsewhere without the owner's consent. They don't care how hard the author worked to get their following and presence.

Essentially, you're advising people to take an unearned cut of the consumer's money "Without the consumer even knowing"

Get a clue, dude. This is bad for the economy, bad for dealers, distributors, manufacturers, bad for the reputation and long-term stability for eCommerce on the whole, AND MOSTLY bad for the product itself and the consumer.

Looks to me as though the only winner here is Shopify, who will make hoards of money selling their hosting and processing fees.

By the way, what are the credentials of this video host? Has he EVER sold products in his life? Doubtfully.

How about teaching a legitimate and forthright way of doing business instead of a scam. Just a thought.

cudencuden: ??this been around for ages....doesn't matter what you call it

Clarie T: Very informative. Thank you

How to Start a Drop Shipping Business 5 out of 5

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