How To Unlock Your Linksys SPA2102-R

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goochbuntu: I have a pap2t from acn if you would like I can send it to you. To figure out and you can keep it. Just send me a prepaid label via email goochbuntu @ gmail 

Chris NA: I just bought a supposedly unlocked spa2102-r on ebay it's locked FW is 5.212 will this method work?

Long Zzz: Ooglek, I changed my computer's IP address in control panel. The ipconfig shows my ip is But in a web browser, I can not open this IP address and the folder where the SPA2102 config file is located. I am using Xampp Lite. Ah, the DOS window's ipconfig function does show my ip is . Did I really successfully change my IP address ? Thanks.

dilojen Seevaratnam: how did you find out the admin login password???

Attila Bakos: I need to unlock an ACN locked device. Any advice?

Bill Sporturaup: i have a linksys spa2102-r locked to acn digital, can you unlock it?

Raj A: Good news. I just got back after a week and tried the same procedure out. It all worked fine and I am able to access the admin menu. I just reconfigured the SIP to talk to a free SIP service. Thank you so much for this excellent video and insightful help.

cfunkrun: DD-WRT, or in this example, Tomato, is his home router's configuration interface. You can use the default interface for your router, not just DD-WRT or Tomato. Just because you're ignorant, doesn't give you an excuse to be an asshole.

Raj A: Passwd was 79309925 (though SPA had rejected it initially). I had to try 3 times. I downloaded and installed free Apache web server. Good luck.

Tue Bui: I spent 3 hours to do it, but not success. Got stuck after change router IP. I could not connect to web browser as instruction. What path or where should I put *.cfg file? Please help.

Scott Kram: Make sure to follow this EXACTLY as stated in the video. IP Address as well as spelling of the directory (SPA must be caps), all this makes a difference. I was able to unlock it and now use it with a VOIP. Thanks for the video. Cant believe I finally got it working.

Ishan Bansal: Hi, I have been trying this procedure since last 2 days, but no success. I am getting stuck at the point of setting correct IP of router. If I set the IP of my router to be, I am no longer able to connect to it with my PC (I tried both 192.1681.1. and I have to then do a hard reset of my router to be able to connect to it. Could you give some detailed instructions regarding changing the IP, please. That would be very helpful.

Gavin Bartlett: will the reset delete all my isp settings

gavimobile: thanks for the post, but the link for the config file is not the same as you posted, it a link to a cfg zip file.. which rj45 port did u use for your spa2102-r, also will this work for an spa2102?

jesuitson: Temporarily disconnect from the internet. Pick up the phone and dial **** then dial 73738# (RESET). Now log into your SPA. You will need to be hooked up to the internet port of the SPA. Best to go through a router. Now you can log on with no password. Go to admin, advanced and then provisioning. Turn provisioning to "NO". This will clear the password of ANY SPA-2102 regardless of provider. Now you can do as the video shows. Just skip the password step.

David Petruzzella: Dogface05 was a user on broadband reports that could completely unlock an spa2102 no matter the version for a fee, but he hasn't been around in quite a while. I have an can one that I am trying to unlock.

Jim Blaich: And please, it is considered bad internet etiquette to file a DMCA for videos such as these. It would be best to just be flattered and move on. The DMCA is a horrible tool that only harms the free exchange of information. Your video has no real economic value, so there's no reason make a DMCA claim.

Ben Schran: I am wondering if this will work on an earthlink SPA2100 I am trying to get this to work but I don't know what all I would need to change to make this work for me

ooglek: @txnascarguy -- Set your web server IP as one of those two IP addresses, and DHCP in the same /24 ( or Other than the different IP addresses, you should be good!

James Christopher: i watched your video and i am facing the same problem my device is locked.....i beat my head around it from like 1 week now... i would appreciated if you can help me in anything

Steve Gamer: I've tried a variety of methods to unlock my Gizmo an they all rely on a password which never works for mine. Is there a list of passwords that might work somewhere? Is there something I'm doing wrong? What other reasons could be the cause of the password failures?

Hamzus1085: I wanna know how to install that program to get my router voip password! Thanks

Curtis Newman: We bought 24 SPA2102-R's DIRECTLY from Sunrocket as we know them. We were going to buy more if this worked. Out of the box I tried this and it DOES NOT WORK ON THE 2102R You can try them if you want for $5.

CanianG: My SIP provider has locked the username and password in the SPA 2102r router. Basically what I want is to use my phone service on all kind of pc softphones. But How do I get my username and password? My SIP provider won't tell me cause they want that their customers only use their soft- and hardware.

asbaDoce: bet dogface is mad as f*ck.

David Petruzzella: Do you still have the contact info for the person, I am in the same boat.

eurekamas: Thank you. It worked. I had to use another website as a reference because the video did not mention that the main requirement is to have a router with a special firmware such as DD-WRT: (because regular routers do not allow you to set the router IP as a real IP) I was afraid of doing the factory reset which other sites tell you not to do but It all worked out in the end

ooglek: @usathyan Glad I could help!

Peter Beckman: Who is dogface?

jesuitson: **Correction** You log onto it through the LAN port on the SPA after reset, not the WAN port. WAN configuration is disabled by default but you can turn it on in the admin menu. Turning on WAN configuration is how you can put these behind a router and yet still have access to the settings. This is how I have mine set up.

z3bmw007: The actual MAC address he refers to is the one displayed on his screen. Mine SPA adapter was unlocked using the MAC address he used no mine. Try the MAC address he uses.

Michael Wilson: Necroing this but Jes is right, disable provisioning and you're gtg Saves a lot of steps

ooglek: @eurekamas Excellent! Congrats.

ooglek: Did you even watch the video? If you didn't set things up as described, or if the SPA2102 you have isn't from Sunrocket, then I personally won't be able to help you any more than what's already posted.

ooglek: @BlondeBeliefs Great! Glad to hear it helped you out.

Aamir Aziz: hi Dear Sir i have cisco linksy pap2t but i have to forget my passworld let me know how to i open them plz help me i thank you so much Aamir

ooglek: You'll have to see if it tries to fetch the configuration file. It would involve a pretty advanced knowledge of IP - you'd have to set up a private network adn a sniffer to see what IP it was looking for, then what file it was requesting, then change the IP and filename accordingly. The IP in the video is only for Sunrocket/Teleblend. Lingo will use something different. I wasn't able to find the IP or filename anywhere on the net, but Google for it anyway. Should be the same process.

ooglek: @rajivasati -- if the unit downloaded the correct config file from your web server, and did NOT accept 79309925 as the password, it is possible that the unit is still able to access the internet, and downloaded a config from SunRocket/Teleblend. Are you certain the config you downloaded was the one mentioned in the video? Another password to try is 78778839 (if you got a different config file than I had).

ooglek: @AZOOOOPPY Thanks dude! DMCA takedown request initiated. Really appreciate the notice.

lwvmobile: Thanks for the video, just bought one from a thrift store today for 3 bucks, thought it might come in handy so I picked it up. Question: You say this will work with any voip, does that include skype?

Curtis Newman: Does anyone have a better breakdown including the Apache Server and where the directory and files are placed?

David Petruzzella: I don't think dogface even knows, because he hasn't been around in forever and as far as I know this only works for sunrocket config, and it won't work on anything else.

Raj A: Yah, I had downloaded the same config file mentioned in the video. Now, the SPA keeps power cycling and gives no chance to access it. :(

wholeNwon: I'd like to unlock a SPA-2100 locked to Earthlink (EL). I can make most admin. changes except auto provisioning. Have been unable to find appropriate .cfg files to use your technique. Earthlink CS was no help, of course. Any thoughts you'd like to share? Thanks

Raj A: Hi, I followed the steps per your video, which is excellent, to unlock my (ex-SunRocket) SPA2102, but it didn't get unlocked. The SPA did download the .cfg file from the webserver (per the access log), however, it didn't accept 79309925 as the passwd (said 'invalid passwd'). I ignored it, saved the config, so the unit rebooted. Now, it keeps resetting (flashing few times, off and repeat). Any insight? Thanks.

Dan Magee: I have been looking for years on how to do this with my 4 broadvoice locked 2102's. I have only found one person who knows how to do it but he charges 20 dollars per unit to do it.

Denise Miller: thank you so much i tried almost everythin n thanks to u its up an running again

AZOOOOPPY: watch?v=QSJQ-5uMDM0 ^^Looks like someone copied your video. Just thought I'd let you know.

jesuitson: These devices automatically set a password whenever they are hooked up to the internet. If you disconnect them from the internet and then reset them, there will be no password. You have to turn off provisioning before you can hook it back up to the internet. They default to LAN administration. You can log onto it and enable WAN administration so that you can put it behind a router, yet still get into it.

Pianki Pianki: How do you know it is a SunRocket. I was using 5Linx and when we pull up the Admin it say "Customized" 5Linx. Has anyone cracked this situation yet?

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