How To Unlock Your Linksys SPA2102-R

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Oussama Khamlichi: how to do this in 2016 ?

Gadget mall: after you reset it with the provided codes you have full access to the setup screen and its up to you to get details of viop and sip providers info to enter in that setup svreen.

Mike Klegin: any idea how to do this with one locked to spuraspa?

Gadget mall: I use my unlocked pap2t to make free voip calls using my Google voice # using just my dsl router and the pap2 it rings too. the instructions are also on the net..

Gadget mall: Linksys PAP2 Reset and Default passwords

There are three passwords in every Linksys/Sipura device - User ,Admin and Reset password  ,The default username and passwords for the Linksy PAP2:
1-For User Login: Username is "user" and password is blank.
2-For Admin Login: Username is "admin" and password is blank.

3-Reset password:
To Reset PAP2-NA to factory default:  press ** and  Dial 73738# ,when prompted for a password use

8995523# or

7756112# or

5465866# or

50274537# or


One of these numbers should work for you

Gadget mall: the pap2t is easy to unlock . the universal passwords ARE on the net . just search for unlock codes pap2t. There are 5 if them and they work .

Kalocsai Attila: on the freebsd where can you see the actualy item password? I'm looking for on 3:23 -but i can't see that. Where is it?

castirondude: Hmm I see it downloading the provisioning file from the apache web server but it doesn't make a difference. I also went to the Cisco site and downloaded the SPC tool so you can make your own provisioning files. I made a provisioning file with a blank password and it fetched it , but still asking for a password. I also hex edited the provisioning file from the provider and actually it has the password field blank as well! So it almost seems like maybe there is a password built into the firmware...?!

Chris NA: I just bought a supposedly unlocked spa2102-r on ebay it's locked FW is 5.212 will this method work?

Long Zzz: Ooglek, I changed my computer's IP address in control panel. The ipconfig shows my ip is But in a web browser, I can not open this IP address and the folder where the SPA2102 config file is located. I am using Xampp Lite. Ah, the DOS window's ipconfig function does show my ip is . Did I really successfully change my IP address ? Thanks.

dilojen Seevaratnam: how did you find out the admin login password???

Goochvids: I have a pap2t from acn if you would like I can send it to you. To figure out and you can keep it. Just send me a prepaid label via email goochbuntu @ gmail

Bill Sporturaup: i have a linksys spa2102-r locked to acn digital, can you unlock it?

Attila Bakos: I need to unlock an ACN locked device. Any advice?

Michael Wilson: Necroing this but Jes is right, disable provisioning and you're gtg Saves a lot of steps

sektor 1952: Dogface05 was a user on broadband reports that could completely unlock an spa2102 no matter the version for a fee, but he hasn't been around in quite a while. I have an can one that I am trying to unlock.

Peter Beckman: Who is dogface?

sektor 1952: Do you still have the contact info for the person, I am in the same boat.

sektor 1952: I don't think dogface even knows, because he hasn't been around in forever and as far as I know this only works for sunrocket config, and it won't work on anything else.

Ben Schran: I am wondering if this will work on an earthlink SPA2100 I am trying to get this to work but I don't know what all I would need to change to make this work for me

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How to Unlock your Linksys SPA2102-R
How to Unlock your Linksys SPA2102-R
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