Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!

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Alyssa Garcia: Just about all ur rings are boring.. Ive been seeing ur videos..... Boring

Alyssa Garcia: U say the sAme thing" oh my gosh"!!!!....... Half the rings u post are not gorgeuos

Daniell Urey: how did you get watermelon???

Kelly Saunders: you got the same exact one I did

Tim Cooper: yup. 5000

Taylor Rae: I just got the EXACT same ring yesterday when i melted my diamond candle!! lol :)

Kylei Houston: Just a tip JewelScent Candles are WAY better and cheeper.. They even have aroma beeds,soap, lotion, wax cubes, and they all come with a ring. They have a Valentines candle rite now that's $50 dollars and has 3rings. I love them and the smalles are amazing and make my house smell wonderful

sarah lucas: These candles suck...rings break and the candles have no smell....for 25 dollars a candle I can get 2 amazing candles from bath and body works...then I wrote in to their care department and they had me try 3 different things to see if it was my sense of smell rather than a crappy candle...they said they would credit 10 only good toward another purchase...why the hell would I want to buy more crap? I initially bought 4 different scents and they were all crap! DO NOT BUY!!! Just go to your nearest bath and body works!

Alexandria: I am really disappointed by your videos. You post" 4000" ring as the title and all of your rings have been worth 10 bucks. Its deceiving.

MscBlggr: PS... I LIKE your nails.

Jose Chavez: This candles were a waste of money. I bought 2 for my anniversary and both rings were made out of plastic and the fragance stinks. So dissapointed it was kind of fun when my wife was oppening the wrapper but this candles are so cheaply made

Jennie Hayes: Smelt?

Layla Ann_88: Hello! Did you ever find out if your ring had real diamonds? I think your nails are awesome! :-)

Michael Stinson: So...you didn't even burn the candle, you just dug it out?? That doesn't sound very fun.

Andrew Paul: dear girls,
if you do that to your nails you look cheap & gross.
leave them alone. nasty

poetrydiva82: Your nails are super cute! Also the ring is really pretty! What size do you think it was?

Jacob Kamphus: ugliest ring i have ever seen. even through the bayge

Lilia Flores: i got a diamond candle from christmas {this year} and im waiting for my ring

Sarah Knight: There is a way to tell if a diamond is real, the 'fog test'. Diamonds disperse heat so if you blow on it like you would to fog up a window/mirror and it doesn't show fog on the stone then it's real. Other gemstones would have fog on it, thus not being a real diamond. Hope that helps. :)

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watch my videos guys!

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Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?! 5 out of 5

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$5.000 Prize Candle Ring Reveal + Review
$5.000 Prize Candle Ring Reveal + Review
Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5.000 Ring?!
Diamond Candle $5.000 Ring?!

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