2013 New Honda CRF250M Motard (Thailand) First Photo Compilation

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Allan Byrne: here in thailand where they are built they are 2360 pound, must get one.

Mats Fredrik Floer: Im thinking of getting this bike, you guys are lucky, here in norway the price is 6000 pounds ;)

nutchai buakum: ชอบอยู่แล้วครับแนว motard

MonsterGTX: Ficou a cara da Lander X mas ta mto bonita.

davi inta: ขอ top speen 150 ขึ้น

santi siri: มันมาแล้วโมตลาด

TATARSTAN59500: 4740€ and 145kg !!! lol freak honda burn in hell

alnutz100: How much is the bike

Evan Beck: I want the black and gold one so bad.

Trev Caddy: chop mark mark

Barami Snaeha: Love the looks,hate the paint job. A buy for me.

Scuba Diving Thailand, with Phuket Dive Tours.: 150,000 Thb in Thailand or just over 3,000 pounds

songsak phupa: ราคาเท่าไหร่ครับ

rg0r: the colors looks like crap.

korn conner: แสนกว่าๆ-3
2013 new Honda CRF250M Motard (Thailand) first photo compilation 4.6 out of 5

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Honda CRF250M teszt on Gokart track
Honda CRF250M teszt on Gokart track

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