Mine Blocks Update 1.25 - 2D Minecraft

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TheMinecraftman5926: The next update must have cheese.

Supercat126CP: I just made a video on mineblocks 2 multiplayer :) Since everyone wanted to see a video on mineblocks 2 a year ago.

Mohammed Noor: please add new mobs and weapons to minebocks

kaledu Senelis: +zanzlanz How Can You Change Your Skin Cus I Saw Someone Do It

Javier Ayala: Zanz, how do i make black wool, if i need a dye, tell me how to make it plz

Cody Markland: Mr zans its me again I want to know when the next update will be

Martin Mota: Since I can sow potatos

Vanessa Sande: vc e done do juge

Matthew Pernas: +zanzlanz# For real

Mahir Buljubasic: Hey Zanz,Can you please tell me how to make a Bone shurican

Zack 'n Jaden: im mine blocks biggest fan

CASUAL-GAMER: they didn't fix the milk bug where you have a bucket of milk but you cant drink it

Poostudios1345: Zanlanz can you add villagers and villages

POPNESSILE HUPER: It's the update of Mine Blocks. It isn't that bad, there are bugs, though.

squirrelkiller125: a pretty good update that came out on my birthday

Zack Slocum: how do you find the end portal

MMO plays: zanz can you do a series on mine blox piz?

Clark Etor: Zanzlanz how do you craft a stairs?? or is it only in creative

CP Gamer: Do you have an app version of this.If not, MAKE ONE PLEASE!!!! 

RadDevVan: Hey Zanz. I Commented on Hexagon Tribute on soundcloud. I said "This is as cool as ice" well i have a cool idea for a game. But i can't tell u it unless you follow the instructions (Click Read more) 1. Add me on Skype (raddevvan101/21) or Steam(raddevvan101) 2. Done! Follow the instructions and I will tell you the idea

Jahir Perera: slow loading because...?????

dunkyn Giblin: I LIKE MINE BLOCKS

japan mario: mine blocks is those who are doing in Japan. What is added mine blocks1.26? Please let me know only a part. 

shadow juan2: wish I could edit the sprite

Boris TEPEH: make 1.26!!!!!!!!!!

Dignity AJ: I absolutely love your game!

Matthew Pernas: How do I spawn flaming chicken?

Javier Ayala: How can u make an Afro or is it just in Creative?

Cody Markland: oh and Mr. Zanz maybe you should update mineblocks on 1/23/14

Zack 'n Jaden: i want to change the name of stuff

MMO plays: add skins man!!!!!!!!!!!

CP Gamer: Can you make a clock? If so, HOW DO U MAKE 1??

Javier Ayala: Zanzlanz Made an Afro(Sorry i Kinda Cheated XD) And it did work just that i found 2 axes, then i thought it worked the way in Minecraft,Like Putting 2 Tools Diagonally But it Didn't So um i was Thinking if U Could Do That For Next Update

Zack 'n Jaden: add anvil

CP Gamer: how do you make a bed?I keep trying to make one but i cant!

Javier Ayala: And Also, I Would Love For U to add an Anvil If U Can

Zack 'n Jaden: Hey zanz im 8 and my brother is 6. we want to know if you can add villigers and villiges

CP Gamer: WHEN WILL THIS RAINSTORM EVER STOP!?!?(sorry I'm new to Mine Blocks. Just found it yesterday :3)

Zack 'n Jaden: i think it might be cool to remove everything thats not in minecraft and replace them with stuff in minecraft that you can get in survival

Jovelle Teo: Hey it's Jovelle Teo wanted to know WHEN are you going to add super flat worlds...

slashBANG84: When is 1.26 coming out? :)

pinpong547: change survival on mode creative


MrFuzzydog4: hey can you add villegers , villages , anvils , melons and jungles

PureRealmGaming: Skins

Zanzlanz: Newgrounds's version is always the same as on my site :) I will be making Mine Blocks 3 :D

EmreEnes Saglam: zanz its me emre back :) i want u to tell a probelem : my worlds are gone after deleting cache and so on... and i don't want them to be deleted . plz can u tell me when my worlds are gone when i delete anything . and can u tell me how to get registered to mine blocks wiki? i want to help the game!!!

klent mangindin: yay its now more like minecrafr yepy!!

Kyle Boreland: how long did it take to make the house and where did you get it all!

Renic Kobett: i found a glitch with coral i went through the bottom of it about half way before it could kill me and i could be in the bottom half for an infinite amount of time

Mine Blocks Update 1.25 - 2D Minecraft 4.7 out of 5

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Mine Blocks Update 1.25 - 2D Minecraft
Mine Blocks Update 1.25 - 2D Minecraft
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