Kanger Protank Unboxing

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Keith R: Nice to know. I like more vapor, so I like VG.

quitwastinmytime: I only use bottom coil because I vape 100% VG. Most people I have ever spoken with agree VG wicks better in bottom coil.

Ben Weatherill: Great vid. Apologies if this is often mentioned but is the 'connector' purely cosmetic or is it required for the battery to connect with the Kangor Protank? I'm getting the Joyetech eGo-C Twist with the Kangor Protank so would I need a eGo battery connector for this to work? Cheers!

David Solomon: The E-Vod has a slightly better flavor than the T3. Both the E-Vod and Protank have a tighter draw than the T3. But, the differences are slight between the 3.

Light Science: So the eVod is tighter than the protank? How does the eVod draw compare to the t3? My friend said the eVod flavor blows away the t3 but I don't know how that could be, given their similarities. Thinking about getting the protank, on a t3 and hh357 now and don't want to downgrade. Thanks, love the channel.

David Solomon: The juice I use daily is Good Prophets RY4. It is a 20PG/80VG juice.

Ron Harris: I am going to assume this is a bottom coil tank since its kinda Kangers thing. Never had good results with bottom coils due to my juice mostly being 100% VG. Hope to see a test with thicker juices.

TicklesTwoCoffees: waiting to see a full review but looks like i am getting one and the glass tank looks promising for my sour juices

Danielle C: Very nice lookin tank. Anxious to see how it performs.

Vapin Granny: Definitely want one of these for my VAMO!!!!!!!!!!!

Keefer2112: Ha ha ha. But you seem to be getting stuff during the holiday. Gonna start calling you Emperor Davon. Grin ;)

Robert C: Pretty nice looking tank. I'm interested to see what you think of it after using it for a week.

David Solomon: Since China is celebrating their New Year, the factory isn't producing tanks until they return. That will be around the 19th. Then, with the backorders of current products, new products will be a week or two off. So, I am guessing the first week of March.

VaperJeeper: do you have an eta of when it will come out

Randy Blankenship: Thanks for the review ,pretty tank

MatrixTechSolutions: Pyrex, liking that idea..Ill be picking one of these up, ty:)

Robert Livingston: Wow, a classy tank with high end features and inexpensive innards.I will be getting it when available,.

castello west: Thanks

Cory Fisher: That moment of excitement that flashes in your eyes when you're about to fill a new tank

Ken Wright: I really like the looks and the capacity appears to be decent too. Thanks for the preview. Looking forward to your full review and opinion!

Kanger Protank Unboxing 5 out of 5

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