XTOUCH X507 Experience

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Hikmat Rai: how to update its version???

Rossella Der: ciao il mio xtouch x507 ha problemi con il wifi non si collega funziona solo con il pacchetto dati. prima questo problema non lo aveva. puoi aiutarmi?

yassine green: Awesome

Afroz Ali: Its amazing device I am using it more then 3 months I am really happy with I buy good thing and never loose my money I am going to buy x 601 latest model if u need any information about phone or free to send me msg bye and enjoy

Sam Fidal: you can say its a note 2 copy with lower performance , with a price for who is mid salary and thirsty to experience android and keep online on social media , but stay away from games and heavy graphics , good luck for every one

Lea Manalaysay: The price is affordable

Lauwel Semacio: Yes we can use it in the philippines i am using it

nor f nor f: i thenk is good phone and tue price is cheap very good

yahya maloles: Hi, can we use this mobile in Philippines? does it support Philippine GSM networks?

shin dela cruz: Love this phone very smooth.

abdelrahman adel: i liked it but you say he is slow but in the video its looks good not like samsung but still good with low price

عبدالله الكتلوني: thats agood phone

Lester Julio Almeida: Hey guys has any of youl used the hone outside the UAE ? Does it work ?

Johnny Ghaddar: lol. nope, im a normal user! n its not bad at all. i hav been usin since 2-3months widout any issues and variety of softwares widout hangin. n it works smoothly IF you knw how to use a mob properly :)

Falcon Top: you said totally defrent than the other, its so bad for the money i paid, looks you are one of the advertiser here

Jaise Varghese: Hi Patrick, Wondering if you know about the x508 - note 2 lookalike? I really liked the spec. I'm a Note 2 fan, (waiting for the Note 3) and am quite curios abt the x508 performance. Do advise.

emad alomar: this xtouch is fast and have a smooth touch, but there is a problem with the battery, the battery recharge very slow and you can use the battery for short time, it will be nice if there is other type of batteries that i can use instead this one

brayan nabong: sir patrick yung x508 meron poh ba kayong idea regarding this unit. thanks

BxVelocity: Great review, told me just what I wanted to know. Is it thicker than that iPhone ? I couldn't make out ?

Johnny Ghaddar: Guys... i bought this x508. its super amazing! better than samsung s3! shud try it... i bought is 1mnth b4. just waiting for its accessories. chek it out frm its site, xtouch. ae. i really recommend it. long battery life. nyc aaps. and most importantly, its smooth n picture quality is amazin!!!!!

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XTOUCH X507 Experience 5 out of 5

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XTOUCH X507 Experience
XTOUCH X507 Experience
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xtouch x507 First Review with benchmark and some gameplay....
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