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Edward Haywood: Great Video! You can definitely hear the difference! The Bose have a wonderful rich sound with good bass too. The counterfeits sound cheap with a tinny sound. I had real Bose in-ear headphones and lost them. I bought a new set on Ebay I thought at a good price. Well as soon as I tried them...I noticed the sound quality sucked! So I checked online to see if there was a problem with counterfeits. Thanks to your video I was able to confirm I bought counterfeits! Thankfully the seller is accepting them back and reimbursing me. Hopefully no one else is getting burned. For someone that never heard the quality of Bose...they might not know the difference.

Jeanette Yang: in china they bootleg every freaking thing… LOL so true! 

Mitch Grooms: great vid

sharpzh461: I just bought one Bose in-ear headset. The seller told me it's from OEM manufacturer who made the headset for Bose. The manufacturer produced more Bose headsets and sells them directly to the buyers without Bose certificate. But they guarantee that the OEM Bose headset is the same as the authentic one because they produced the same headset for Bose. Do you think so?

carlsbadtuber: Fakes sound the same...i tried both -

loyalarcher: are in-ear headphones the only ones that are counterfeited so far?

sarihaddu: In china they put like any freaking thing!! hahahaha this made me laugh so hard..

jdiddy27: I dont represent Bose or anything, But BOSE applies their specialty on EQs and Bass, its why their sounds are distinctive and precise. Ofcourse the fake ones wont sound like bose. although they can fool you. Hope that helped.

mma123892: Mine are real. Thanks for uploading this video

jdiddy27: @theamazingsupergirl That is SO SO GREAT ! Its really good to have such good people like that online. On the case of the Fake Headphones is um... Trash it... Or give them away to someone who doesnt mind they are fake... Dont try to sell them to anyone.. you wouldnt like what happened to you.. ;D

jdiddy27: IM glad you found out man, Now u can go and check out with the guy you bought it from. or get your self a pair either though if they are used, but make sure they are authentic. Cheers !

AlexeyDnepr: How to distinguish the genuine Bose MIE2i from the fake ?

Dipak Varsani: I got the same bose headphones that have the number 6361 on the left headphone. I have seen that it means the headphones are fake. Is this true?

theamazingsupergirl: @theamazingsupergirl Actually, I contacted the seller and he refunded my money immediatly. I was very lucky. He said he'd bought out an electronic store and had no idea they were fake. I also saw that he removed the others he had posted. I REALLY lucked out buying from an honest person. Now I have these counterfeit headphones that I'm not sure what to do with. ;-/

Daniel Palomino Vieira: freak, mine are fake. Thanks dude, I preffer at least knowing.

jdiddy27: sucks man. try to get them used.

jdiddy27: No man, im in NYC. i got to PA once to visit my friend and that's where he decided to go shooting.

jdiddy27: @dpv09992 Pls verify with Bose too. make sure they are fake. but i understand if you have the reasonable doubt..

mauricio villarreal: please take the sticker off your hat

levitttt: So when I was speaking with a Bose specialist I brought that up, He said "This is what we will do for you send them in and we will replace them for you". I was so excited!!! Knowing Bose will do something like that shows how great they are as a company taking care of there customers!!!! Thankyou BOSE!!!

loyalarcher: What about the around-ear or on-ear headphones? Are they being counterfeited too?

jdiddy27: UP to my knowledge. I think Yes, Bose might be the only ones, why ? Becayse they are expensive. They go for 100 a pieces and u will find them on sale at best buy ot other well known store for about 90 ,maybe less, maybe more.

theamazingsupergirl: i received mine from an ebay seller and they're clearly fake. if someone hadn't owned them before, they wouldn't be able to tell. terrible quality like the free apple iphones. the number is horizontal, the white parts are yellowish, cheap plastic feel, doesn't say "tri-port" on any of the packaging or material inside, it isn't soft or smooth, AND a gross old plastic smell! i called bose but they gave me an email to send pics to and can't give any info to me over the phone.

sarihaddu: do they sound better than headphones I received with galaxy S3?

Dipak Varsani: Hi, Thanks for the advice, i called them i told them if the bose silver logo is supposed to fade off and they go no so that did confirm mines are fake. My cord is plastic, no like your ones and they sound quality is like the free headphones that i got with my walkman phone so i have received fake bose headphone. Thanks for the video otherwise i would have never known i had fake bose headphones so thanks for that.

xshowmethemoneyx: Just for a little extra insight: The sticky/security code, DOES not necessarily have to be there. Most authorize dealers may or may not have them. Like BestBuy will have them, because a lot of people have a legit one(i do and i called them), and many don't have that sticker. But Yes the number on the earbud should DEFINITEly confirm the real one!

jdiddy27: @theamazingsupergirl Dam that sucks.. Im really sorry to hear that... Ebay is a very bad place to buy stuff sometimes..... Hope you can do something..

Ohmykie: does anybody know how the fake ones sound? thats all i care about. i will buy the fakes if they sound good but not $100

jdiddy27: Not necessarily, But you can call BOSE and Confirm with the security number. But it depends. urs is 6361....mine has a letter on it. but pls. i urge u to find out, if u have a doubt.

jdiddy27: LOL, Agree, But there are some people out there that cant tell. and alot of time they buy it without knowing... But thanks for your comment..

jdiddy27: @dipzyv I Understand where your coming from and i want you to think of it this way, are you going to accept that another company to make replicas of your product without your certification. Of course not. A lot of people make up scenarios to make you buy their stuff.. once you purchase, your done... so if u feel a doubt. save your self the headache my friend. thanks for watching !

carlsbadtuber: who cares -

jdiddy27: I dont think they all gonna have the same number... Bu why u want it anyways ? =D

vita6311: @Ohmykie my are fake most likely, from ebaycouk, bought them for 30pounds, sound is not that bad, as i just need some good headphones for jogging in park( they are not coming out from your ears) My brother wants to buy them too. But i'm sure that the real ones are much better!(or at least has to be)

jdiddy27: @xshowmethemoneyx I totally understand your perspective.But with all do respect, The security code sticker is there to also enforce the confirmation of the product. if the headphones doesnt have that sticker its most likely was rubbed off and lost. I now own the new MIE2i HEADSET and its a great pair of earphones. and it contains the security sticker with a small UPS-Like-Squared Bar code. The 4 letters on the bud wont really confirm because thats how the first in ear got faked.

levitttt: So I just called to verify and my Bose IE2 are real!!! But thats not why i'm posting. I bought my headphones off craigslist brand new a couple a days ago and when I plugged them into my ipod they sounded not too bad but for some reason the right ear bud doesnt sound as loud as the left.

Rohan M: I got earbuds that comes with note 2, which are same as the S3 ones, can tell you that they are the craptiest i ever heard. totally no bass and they sound too hollow. boss is way way better.

jdiddy27: um yeah

bsod4u2: Fake Bose in ear are very easy to tell,the quality is piss poor. The real ones have a holographic security logo on the oval piece(on the cable),sound quality . The fake have suspicious packaging print(poor quality)and the warranty card is missing the sticker with the serial number. And so on, too many misses on the copycats.

jdiddy27: U can do some research and find out. but as far as i know. i dont think so. The in ear are more easier to counterfeit.

romeno: hey man what is the number on your headphones (left one actually)? I couldn't read it on the video.

Rohan M: I called up bose and told them the 4 digit code that came with my IE2, they said this code is for MIE2,the mobile version and not for IE2 but the code is legit :/ wtf?

joey_1a: Be aware, I have bought a Bose QC 15 via and received a fake one, which is really crap and low level quality.

brian hsin: serial number from the box... those are unique

Bose / Fake or Genuine 3.6 out of 5

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