SSR 125cc Pit Bike Assembly

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High Style Motoring: Hi tl583148able, Red is the full strength and blue is the medium strength! WE LIKE STRONG! lol We also prefer the gel version over the liquid cuz - less mess. Ride Safe!

tl583148able: is there a reason to use red Loctite and how do you get it out if you need to?

Malik Watson: ill give u my windows 8 touchscreen laptop for that dirt bike

High Style Motoring: Great answer on the SSR pit bike chain adjustment, Joe... Ride Safe!

Joe Nin Williams: just like a regular motorcycle, there's 2 nuts on the back wheel that you can adjust. Make sure both are the same distance apart by making the same amount of turns to each side until you reach the desired chain tightness.

Joshua Pimentel: I just wanted to know if the prices online are the same as in store prices because i was gonna order one and i wanted to know if i should just take drive down there and pick it up

High Style Motoring: Hi zepole87! We'll work on that!

zepole87: make a video of how to tighten the chain!!

High Style Motoring: Hi Dj Morgan LaPoma! As far as I know, we are the only authorized SSR dealer in the U.S.A. that ALWAYS answers our phones during business hours. No recordings, no - B.S. We constantly are told by our customers that they chose us at HIGH STYLE MOTORING and pitbikesgonewild because they are tired of trying to call the others over and over again, with no response. Since 1987 we have made every effort to provide every customer the best prices and service in the Nation. Talk to you Friday!

High Style Motoring: Hi mahmoud dabat! Just depends how good of a rider you are - lol I'm not recommending this or anything but..... we do have quite a few customers that ride them on public streets and play "run from the po po's". They're outlaws by nature. Ride Safe!

Dj Morgan LaPoma: Just got off the phone with High Style Motoring And I got my question answered. I am ordering my 2013 SSR SR125 green Pro Racer Pit Bike from them this upcoming Friday. p.s make more videos..... and thank you for your time :) Safe riding everyone.

Logan Harp: learn how to spell

mahmoud dabat: i am 15 years old i can drive thats pitbike withough any problem with police

High Style Motoring: Thank you so much for your kind words, Mak. Now stop typing and go riding - lol... Ride Safe!

Mak Turner: These guys are the best anyone thinking about getting the SSR pitbike I highly recommend going through them the best customer service ever!! Always available to answer questions you have! Got my bike I love it I'm 6 foot 220 and it hauls me around like a champ! Thank alot HighStyle crew!!

High Style Motoring: Hi Bob! Thanks again for your business! Remember to change the oil out after the first 5 hour break-in period and... RIDE SAFE!

Bob Green: Just got mine yesterday

High Style Motoring: Hi zboy! These are all 4-stroke pit bikes, so just fill at the pump. No need to mix oil and gas. Rear shock comes pre-installed. For further assistance, assembly videos can be found on our website. Ride Safe!

High Style Motoring: Comes with oil - not gas, unless you pick it up at our store, then we FILL-ER-UP! RIDE SAFE!

High Style Motoring: Hi Brian! The seat height on the SSR SR125 is 29" and the SSR SR110 is 28". I believe you can ride either of these bikes just fine. We have all of the specifications on our website - pitbikesgonewild Be sure to look for HIGH STYLE MOTORING on the new A & E hit reality T.V. show "Barter Kings" that airs every Wednesday after "Storage Wars". We showcase the 125cc on that national reality T.V. show. Ride Safe!

SSR 125cc Pit Bike Assembly 5 out of 5

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Unboxing Pit Bike 125cc
Unboxing Pit Bike 125cc
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2016 SSR 125 Pit Bike Review - Moto Vlog #36
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How To Build SSR Pit Bike!
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