FFXIV-ARR: Race/Class/Job Guide

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bloody333 bones: Can you please update this and send me a link you have the best lay out and I will like to know more

Christian Gaxiola: I litteraly jut leveled my arcanist to 30 and became a summoner no need for an extra class

M: Thx for the vid! Just started playing the 14 days free trial and these classes, jobs and affinity skills has really got me confused! Don't know if I'm gonna keep playing

Jack Crater: I don't even bother to pronounce the names of each race I just call em like they look... Human(Hyur), Elves( Elezen), Cat People(Mi'Qote), Little people(Lalafell), Brutes(Roegadyn), Demon people(Aura)

Mamali Rap: hi my bro plese tell me very sample to be come rogue or assasin which one of players i have to start please i try to find any video shows from starting to be come rogue but is not any video just please tell me bro which one i have to start thanks .bro i waiting for you to answer bro thanks

Destroyer Inazuma: Btw I totally see a class -> job evolution such as degree in engineering + skills in sales = sales manager for a tech company

Destroyer Inazuma: FF XIV: level 10 Conjurer gets bored, swaps to lvl1 Marauder. Imagine in real life, a second year medicine student suddenly yells "I'm done" and goes to that Army instructor, takes a Knife and instantly becomes a rookie Commando XD

Allen Clubb: wait, did you just call me a booper? go freak yourself.

David Reitz: Dude..... half of this info is wrong and mispronounced please delete this video

Cappuccino M: i thought lv30Thaumatuge and lv15Archer unlocks the job black mage

Sandra Martín: im new in ffxiv and i have a question for u :D can i forget or eliminate the 3th class? i learned one that i didnt want just for my retainer and now i dont know if i can forget this class in case one day i wanna learn an other. and if i forget it, my retainer 2?

Elias Smith: Do you need to have a strict arcanist at lvl 15, when you are a lvl 30 conjurer to become a White mage or can you still be a WM when you have a lvl 19 arcanist??

Bobby Lee Keene: (P-you-jill-ist) not (pug-list) stop being a lazy american and pronounce the extra "i"

Sorin Noctis: tomato tamato 
Maylee or meelee. it doesn't matter. 

ShenMerrick: How do people play enough RPG's and fantasy based games without being able to pronounce such common terms like piety and melee?

BJM Graphics: Is there's going to be a quiz after the video? Classes and jobs or class jobs but never job class. I will find out as I play. I want a warrior who can cast magic which is a battle mage. I am looking to be a Marauder first and later be an Arcanist. I think the arcane arts can be very devesting in battle. Can we learn skills like first aid?

UnashamedlyHentai: Pugilist is pew-jih-list. Melee is may-lay.

Dillon Roche: not only is half of the info on this video incorrect, but you also lack the ability to sound out 2+ syllable words. please don't "teach" anyone, anything, ever, because you seem to be perfectly comfortable with spewing bullcrap under the guise of knowledge.

Dillon Roche: you butchered nearly every other word, couldn't even pay attention to someone who can't say "piety"

310cracc: Great review. Kinda like FFXIV for dummies

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FFXIV-ARR: Race/Class/Job Guide 5 out of 5

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