Candy Crush Saga Level 136

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Jenny Evelyn Castillo Amarra de Hernandez: como puedo pasar el nivel 99 de yelly splash. 😊

Claudia Ponce: 😖

Brenda Quintero: Buen juego

Club Penguin 810: Stunk on the level when passed freezing 125.

Ladiivii3N: I can't believe I just had to YouTube candy crush! But this showed me where my problems was. I was combining everything together, but wasn't doing that to what was similar. Thxs!

EatLovePray Vegan: I just passed this level after a few failed attempts yesterday. Challenging, but fun.

Betty Turner: Darlene I'm having the same problem and can not progress to the next level. Have your issue been resolved? Have you moved forward? If so, how?

mrjiggleman97: I beat this level on my 3rd or 4th try :D

Tiffany Foster: Ikr this is always happening to me :(

Darlene Bryant: I think my game is broke, I have gotten all the items over and over again even had over 200,000 points and said I failed to get the number of items. WTH is anyone else having this problem?

jacjax1959: persevere on this I did it after 2 days. You get way more bombs and wrapped candy opportunities. I got 4 bombs in one game !! I 've never had more than 2 max in previous levels.

whydouneedakno: This level is beyond annoying, if i had one more move i would have beaten it cuz i had the 2 packets next 2 each other but with no more moves and then a few tries later i complete the packets not once but twice and i failed cuz i didnt get the 2 chocolate candies... I can always get 2 out of the 3

Bee Keong Tan: i cleared this level.

Bee Keong Tan: every time i made a 2nd wrapped candy and try to move it to the other wrapped candy it somehow ending up exploding. frustrating!!!

Tara Donahue: Did it on my 3rd try!! Most was by accident. Oh well. Yay!!!

Davinia: Good job

nature: cant get the two candy

kathy piper: i cant get it been on it for 2 weeks

fernando escalante: freak this level

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Candy Crush Saga Level 136 5 out of 5

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