S&W SD40VE Sight Replacement

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Polaris589: Does it make the gun more accurate to change the siights or is it just a cosmetic choice?

Richard Laurin: did you instal a number 8 9 or ten each number is two inches up or down

Richard Laurin: the stock sights are 100% accurate lolz why change it tho

Irish One: You replaced 2 white dots with two other white dots and dumped money into an entry level gun instead of just getting a mid-level gun to begin with. What's next... replacing the silver slide with a silver slide?

Richard Laurin: you pushed it in from the wrong side lol

Troy Brown: Your little text comments made me cringe..

Michael Ricasio.: Hey, what happened to the back plate of the frame? Did it got lost?

Piggin Ain't Easy: Dude you replaced 2 white dots with 2 white dots

doctor creepy: These firearms are fantastic, your a waterhead.

Daniel McGowan: I thought about doing this. But then the gunsmith took measurements of both my sights and the M&P. Turns out the stock SD9VE sights are taller. After calculations and such, this means that your shot will stop nearly 6 inches if you install M&P sights. I'd rather have crapty sights than be way off target. (Yes I'm aware I'm talking about an SD9VE. The sight set is exactly the same on a SD40VE.)

William Walls: glocks have a factory polymer rearsights too ball in a bucket sounds about right and for a gen 4 runs you about 529.99 while a sd40ve runs about 379.99 or 299.99 at academy its how much i paid for mine and smith looks nicer glocks look too blocky and dont have some of the perks the sd40ve has

KG7YTS: You went to bob jones?

Jamison Shackelford: dude talks so much crap .. i see why they called him bj in college .. the only time he shut up was when something was in his mouth .

JOHN REY: The Yankee Marshall I realize this video is several years old but I just bought the S&W SD40 VE & I too shop at Midway but would like to know what night sights I could get for this specific model S&W. Thank you! Long time subscriber

Hector Zepeda: freak you, that is not what they say you prick ass freak . They say chinga tu madre piche joto

Cory Ziegler: solid comedy and good instruction.

billybad905 9toes: damn, damn, damn,, some people just don't have a sense of humor,I bet that most of the ones on here complaining lost a nut r 2 while trying to appendix carry


Tom Bloss: freaking tool......

Edwin D: I must not have watched the same video these people watched. At no point did you do or say anything to make you a pickle or an idiot. Yeah you said it's cheap to where you are almost embarrassed of owning it but at the end of the video you have positive feedback...your cool in my book. I came here because my sd9ve sights are way off and I was wondering how to fix that problem.

S&W SD40VE Sight Replacement 5 out of 5

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