S&W SD40VE Sight Replacement

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Keith Barron: I feel like a lot of the people commenting angrily on this video do not understand the concept of sarcasm. Personally, I was rolling.

yeastori: coincedently I knew a girl from high school nicknamed "the BJ machine"

Eric Sande: I'd heard about putting an M&P rear sight on an SD quite awhile back but it was never in stock. I checked on 6/24/17 and it was back so I ordered one. Comments at Midway said you need to purchase the set screw as well. I haven't received my order yet but the set screw is Smith & Wesson part number 108010000.

EDIT: The original sight tapped out easily and the M&P sight went in more snug than the polymer sight. I haven't shot yet nor put the set screw in, but at this point I'd say the set screw is not necessary.

Jett Blast: A nice item to know if you own the SD40VE you can place the SD9VE - 9mm barrel and you can use the factory .40 S&W magazines with 9mm rounds so you can practice with the cheaper 9mm rounds vs more expensive .40 S&W rounds.

legionofangels9 gameplay: how can u hate a upgraded Glock because that's what it is for like a few bucks most guns that cheap u can't even change the sights πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u just don't realize this is just as good as Glock or Sig's just cheaper u can upgrade it it's like buying a basic ar15 then upgrading it to be some amazing πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

OnlyOG 4me: freak your coupon in the ass and change the god damn sights already

socc69: I didn't really see a difference. unless it's your edc and you are putting night sights on it who cares ? that $1 M&P sight isn't going to enhance the resale value of the gun if you decide to sale it. I just picked one of these up for $240 used. Outside of putting Talon grips on it. I'm keeping it as is. It will be my lazy carry-Fishing gun.

JT Madden: haha bj was jis nickname in college not surprising

JT Madden: this dude is a cum guzzler isnt he

Ромашка 1941: For one dollar, you can take a 300 dollar gun, and make it a 301 dollar gun!! Good video. Thanks.

labby2: +TheYankeeMarshal - Did you keep or get rid of this gun? I was just curious since this video is older.

KG7YTS: LOL, el cheapo is gringo. You are looking for Muy Barato. ^_^

Ray: Nice.

DanDan TheKage: They called you Bj Machine in college?

Prince Beauty School: it saddens me that this is the 1st suggestion that appears upon inquiry

justin patton: Arrogant lady

Monica Vanderzanden: the original sd 9 had the metal M&P rear sights, sadly that went on the chopping block when they decided to drop the price points

Billy Celli: Mine will not move>:(

Jonathan Jackson: Should not be ashamed of being smart with your money. If you can save then save. Good video

Doran Jaffas: I am more than likely picking up the 40 this Friday. You would really have a problem with my edc. A Hi Point C9. Better warranty than the Smith. At 20 yards it is right on and a pleasure to shoot. Completely reliable and half the price. Not as svelte and I do like the SD40VE but I will NEVER knock my trusty C9.
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S&W SD40VE Sight Replacement 5 out of 5

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