Samsung Galaxy S3: Set Your Own Music (MP3) As Custom Notification Ringtone

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Zakarya Otair: Very nice

Manohar Jayashree: perfect , nice

Julian john: Remember the days back when phones were simple?

Aditya_Taquito: it says sd card not inserted i have a j3 emerge what do i do? plz help

PetePixel: Thanks man!!This so helped me.

KISEOB: Thank you so much man!

Charles M: this is helpful

Tanika Williamson: how can u do a video ringtones

Djv Jv: this is not working

Mckrizz Serrano: thank you so much! finally i changed it to my own ringtone

Jane Harber: Thank you so much - I've been doing battle with that for days!

Jule King: thanx brooo

Saudia Kalipapa: Bro help!!

Saudia Kalipapa: I can't find the media only here is ringtones and sound. Please help!!!

MSP Kulissa: Thankyou!

Ana Soric: wth, are you for real... you can do that in 4 clicks without making any folders. It is suppose to be smartphone, it is not Nokia 3310.

El Basho: thank you. This really helped because in other videos it wasn't explained that I need to create a new folder and I thought this was because my phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo.

Magda Ghaly: Thank you, It is really useful. thank you.

Y Janjun: finally i can put rm saying to jimin you got no jams ty vvvvv much

Syahrul Nizam: omg is happening in my samsung phone......its work right now thanks dude

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Samsung Galaxy S3: Set your Own Music (MP3) as Custom Notification Ringtone 5 out of 5

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