How To Install Whited00r 6 (iPhone3G_Normal_WD6.exe) On IPhone 3G IOS 4.2.1 With Error 1604

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Falenone: crap! Gets me 1015 and recovery loop

Ayoub men: and how to activate it

Juo zas: thx worked XD 

JangoAC: Since when do I need redsn0w? i can install the IPSW file right from Itunes and it works *_*

chaka1979: this video really help me thanks!!!

mateusz chabik: GOOD JOB! :)

merrq1: redsnow wont download help D: 

james mcroberts: Hfgg

Jayant Paul: thanks dude ill try it later...I just restored my phone recovery mode due to that error code..

james mcroberts: Hfgg

Baffour Kyem: I have an iPhone 3GS

AdamCarlsson: Thanks for be so helpful :) Share this video over the youtube to help people with this problem.

Kayla Melenka: k Im scared to restore it.... I dont know if its the right thing to do. I read the comments first so whatever I'm CLICKING RESTORE!

Baffour Kyem: when i tried to restore it

NakedLaptop: yes but you can disable it too by running setup in the terminal screen.

NakedLaptop: go ahead and click "OK". On the second popup window, click "Cancel". You sould then be taken to the main iTunes screen. If your iPhone is listed under Devices, right-click it and attempt a backup. If your phone isn' there, then you're stuck restoring it. A backup at this moint may or may not be advisable: because your iPhone went into recovery mode suddenly, there's most likely a software glitch causing the problem which would simply be carried over once you've restored your phone.

NakedLaptop: just go to their website and there is a way to do it! good luck.

Matt Barros: i did EVERYTHING step by step but still didnt work PLEASE HELP

demigodist25: Some reason mines not working for 4.2.1

Wack: it worked on ipod?

NakedLaptop: try using the unlock version of whited00r

Daymon Wu: It worked!!!!!!!!

nyetoxx: does it erase your pic,phone numbers,apps and music?

zapakzz: hey i dont understand your step on 3.17. what did u do by checking the box(i dont get any checkbox and the brows window which process the firmwire and prepare jailbreak data). i have trying it for at least 20 times..

Yuval Argoetti: never mind I done it the third time and it secsseed XD

kamal pandey: it doesn't work...

Ouzrar Ouzrar: F******ck its working :D ,thnx maan

applefanXXX: Does whited00r 6 include Cydia? Thats the main decider as to weather I should get this or not. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks

hany eid: i want to talk with you do you have face book

jihane ferdaoussi: NEED HELP: can ios 7 be installed the whited006 normal instead of whited006 unlocked. in itunes i can't restore nor do anything. what should i do ??

Ouzrar Ouzrar: can i use (iPhone3G_Unlocked_WD6)??? iOS 4.2.1 / Baseband 06.15.00

Ashley N: will i be able to use itunes app store on my 3g ?

William Liggins: unable to recogonise specified ipsw

fokinmatt: sooo i have a unlock phone and am trying to put the whited00r 6 on my 3g and i got the same error what do i dooo

Alexandre Caniot: hello, you can simply restart the iphone and launch itunes

Idris Damee: Thanks man i love you!

Joel Romero: Is an iPod touch 2gen 8 the same as the iPod touch 3 gen 8 ? They both. Run 4.2.1

NakedLaptop: nice!

souleben: Thanks for the video! Keep in mind redsnow 0.96rc16 should be used... I used 0.99 and it didn't work. Good luck!

sexyspice911: i need help, please help me. its my only phone and i want to upgrade it to a iPhone3G_Normal_WD6 but i cant get it done. please help :-(

joost spenkelink: none of these worked for me :(

jack nicolle: it wont let me open it every time i click on it it opens itunes

NakedLaptop: whited00r 6 comes with cydia you just need to run setup on the terminal window to customize your settings like disabling the siri and others.good luck!

NakedLaptop: how come?

Joefel Jan Bermudez: what version of redsnow can i use because my ipod is MC model

NakedLaptop: yes you need to.


Alex Shinkareff: Thanx! It work!

Jairus Celda: do i need to download iTUNES in PC ? i dont have iTUNES in my computer

sexyspice911: why the software went down fro a 4.2.1 to a 3.1.3..................i need back my 4.2.1 please help me...................the whatsapp doesnt work on n everything on it out dated bad

How to install whited00r 6 (iPhone3G_Normal_WD6.exe) on iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 with error 1604 4.7 out of 5

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How to install whited00r 6 (iPhone3G_Normal_WD6.exe) on iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 with error 1604
How to install whited00r 6 (iPhone3G_Normal_WD6.exe) on iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 with error 1604
How to restore and update Iphone 3G (4.2.1) (Any 16XX error)
How to restore and update Iphone 3G (4.2.1) (Any 16XX error)

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