Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp For Car, Harley, ATV, Scooter

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jackson j: I have been looking at this unit in, now with your review I will get it, thank you

Craig Kovatch: The sine wave on the 4-ohm bridged mono mode looks like it has pretty bad clipping -- why isn't this mentioned in the video? Am I misunderstanding the display?

Danny Caballero: Pretty sure these amps sound great. What I hate is that, when compared to the old school amps, it seems as if they're slightly overrated instead of underrated. Wish things were as they used to be.

Michael larcom: I got a few amp i wish to get nysc the power punch chrome 500,2 97-98 models and the 800.4 400.4 & 100.2 all the same cases all with a year difference in years. all but 800.4 have crossover cards.. wish i had the money for that smd tool.

Dereck BigDWiz: I got my 300x2 off Amazon I believe. Not sure about the PG passive x-overs, haven't seen many of those for sale recently

MrWatchGerman: Der Grund warum du weniger Watt hast ist ganz einfach. Die Ampere die dein Trafo dir bringt, reichen nicht aus, um den Verstärker auf die Leistung die im Datenblatt geschrieben ist wiederzugeben.

Joaquin Hernandez: Could you run this amp by hooking the RCAs to a 3.5mm headphone jack to a ipod instead of using a stereo as a head unit ?

Che Herrera: Sup big I am debating on using 2 pbr300x2 on 2 sets of image dynamics ctx-650 components and an pbr300x1 on an image dynamic 8" ported. All in a Toyota sienna van. Wife is more into clean miss and highs punchy mid bass and right low bass. Do you think it will do good from your testing of these amps?

cromas: You might be able to do this, but you'll probably have to turn the gain on the amp up very high to get any reasonable performance, which would likely lead to a degradation in sound quality.

Dereck BigDWiz: I'm always looking for new cool music to use, but it is kind of difficult to find good, Royalty-Free music. I'm not down for "slowing" popular music as I believe the record labels will catch up to these derivatives and will eventually tag those videos. If anyone has or knows of good Royalty-Free or Public Domain music or is an artist and will allow me to use your music, let me know. Rock and hip-hop are my favorite, but no bad language..enough of that in other videos!

mookie feelgood: how big are they????? put a coke can, golfball or something we can compare to

Dereck BigDWiz: Not sure how you define "really loud", but I tested the amp powering my Rockford RFDJ1 speakers and yes, it got VERY loud. I guess it depends on the speakers you are using, but the amp has the power and is quite impressive

SamuraiClinton: Well, when it comes to bolting on the mounting bracket onto bicycle applications, at least it eliminates some frustration with trying to place a plastic boombox onto a bike basket. Besides, all this tactile force I encounter calls for automotive-grade audio equipment, and yet nobody years for charisma, or tries to pay it off the same way I do. Headphones are uncharismatic and anti-social, this is why I advocate what you do, and why you should also advocate what I do.

Dereck BigDWiz: I've seen birthsheets for the 500x1 and they show around 600w at 1 ohm! I'm considering picking one up, we'll see

Dereck BigDWiz: The PBR300x2 will consume up to 30A at full tilt. Your setup should work okay as long as your battery is large enough

tommy sims: why dose my sub keep cuting out and my head unit when i turn it up ?

Dereck BigDWiz: You also have no idea how difficult it is to not only remove, but to put the bottom plate back on these amps...the two pieces fit EXTREMELY tight. I thought all of these PBR series amps used the large caps as "charge pumps" and no toroids...guess not...

Lim Alan James: Crystal clear , thanks.

Mustangkid29: Does this amp accept 4 ga wire?

phoenixgold1234: Luv the vids,👱nice xover,& nice amp for size ratio in background👍! To b fair, just my 2 cents big D, i would think those amps would run a tad bit cooler, & efficient & produce more output at 14.4volts . Mayb b4 ur next amp buy a power supply that puts out no less than 14volts- i think im gonna buy the 500& see, ill shoot u a vid ,probably end of month- thanx for makn vids,& keepn us all up to date-( its been since 94 since i bought a RF amp, its time!!!!!!!!!!-C

Dereck BigDWiz: To get the best sound from the amp, you need to match the gain with the output of your head unit. I watched your video, but couldn't tell what kind of head unit you are using. Are you using RCA inputs or speaker level? I noticed some guys on the HD forums saying the speaker level inputs made their amps sound better. This shouldn't be the case, with a good quality head unit, you will get plenty of clean output through the RCA's. However, if the RCA outs are very low voltage, this could be a prob

gofarit: running two 6X9's would the 2 channel run "cooler" than 4 channel???? I have also used a Lightning Audio mono amp with these 2 speakers by bridging them together, not a bad sound. could this be done with the Rockford Fosgate mono amp effeciently? would it heat up

Dereck BigDWiz: Makes sense. Maybe the guy at the stereo shop can put an o'scope or SMD DD-1 on the head unit and match the input gain for the PBR300x2?

Junior Rector: hay bigdwiz, name is junior i have the same scope. now how would i rms power at .5 omhs. and i have a olds school amp to. its the mmats 3000.1 from the 90s, and i love that amp but it blow up. and i was whating to know if you fix amps to. think you

Dereck BigDWiz: High pass would allow only frequencies over 100hz, so it would cut out the bass. Low pass would only allow frequencies below 100hz, so you would use low pass for your bass speakers

baxter600: Absolutely, I've done that several times for testing purposes.(didn't feel like going all the way to the front to start/stop the song)

bassboylowg: Nice vid man, those little amps are pretty nice looking for their size. Think you could ever do a vid about a Soundigital 250.2d if you ever come by one? Would like to see some real numbers from such a small amp

Ron Shryock: I just installed this amp on to my Harley and I did notice it got pretty warm. I hope I get enough air under the fairing to keep it cool enough. My question I have is that I am getting some distortion at higher volume. I am running Rockfords 6'5" coaxial power speakers. I tried to set the gain but have never done that before. Any suggestions?

Dereck BigDWiz: No love for my other intro music? Thanks for the comment and appreciating the time it takes to make these videos, this one alone took over 8 hours! I think some quick and unedited videos are okay sometimes, but I prefer to go all out. Well, not all out, no 3D overlays or anything too fancy....yet. As for OS Lanzar, yeah man, they were great. I just don't happen to own any, always wanted a 50C competition amp. It would smoke the other "50 watt" amps in my arsenal (around 1200w actual?)

Lim Alan James: Hard time choosing an amp for my Soundstream STW-12S Sub

Anthony DiSano: Thanks for changing the intro music. :) Keep up the great work. I really enjoy your videos and appreciate the time you spend making them. Hey -- What's up? No love for old-school Lanzar over 'round your parts?

Dereck BigDWiz: Yes, you could use on a bicycle or trike or even a unicycle if you strapped it down correctly. I think these small, high powered amps are also well suited for boombox type applications...precisely where I'm going to use this amp in the near future (along w/ adequate cooling).

Ron Shryock: I am using the stock HK head unit. I also did cut the RCA jacks and went with the speaker level inputs. RF actually suggests this in the directions for the Harley head unit. It might be just the gain settings. I have talked to a guy who rides and owns a stereo store and he suggested not to change from the stock unit because they are designed to take the vibrations from the bike. He could have sold me a new head unit so I tend to believe him.

Dereck BigDWiz: It's listed in the video information

Danny Caballero: I remember when rms wattage on most amps were measured at 12 volts (the good brands anyway). At that voltage you know you're getting an underrated amp due to fact that, while your engine's running, it's putting out over 13.5 volts.

SamuraiClinton: Oh, and one more thing. If you put this amp on a pedal bike, don't forget to put a 12 volt headlight on at the same time. Also discuss reasons why it isn't recommended to use an old school bike lite generator as a power source for audio applications on this.

TheTexasCoder: Great video, very interesting find on the RMS, I was wondering if the ~13v you were running made that much of a difference, thanks for clearing that up. Any details on the PBR500x1? I have been waiting for that to hit the market since November 2011 :-)

Mickey Pietrzak: Funny that you mention that, I just did a gut shot on an amp recently where I unscrewed the back panel & it didn't come out. Had to pry it out with a screwdriver. Then I had the hardest time getting it back in. The panel was about 1/8" too large. I knew that Rockford has been messing around with "charge pump" power supplies for a while now, but this is the first commercial use I've seen.

chase corness: song please?

Stickbo: Hey d are you still running this amp in your ride? I was thinking about using the 4ch version to run 2 sets of 5x7 infinity kappas I have. I am concerned about the heat though as it will be an under dash mount. You always bring the fire bud, keep up the good work bud.

Dereck BigDWiz: Yeah, I've been looking for one of those SD250.2D's and haven't been able to find one to purchase. I missed the group buy deal on the SMD forums, maybe they are easier to find now? I'm planning on using the PBR300x2 in a boombox...yeah, it's gonna BOOM for sure!

SamuraiClinton: Dude, you forgot to mention bicycles. But to be fair, it requires additional instructions for that application. Besides, people who ride bikes are rude to me about not wanting stuff when I offer for dirt cheap. I show interest in what you do, so you might as well cooperate with me on this!

cheandmakalika808: hey bigdwiz what is the amp draw on that amp. i want to run that in my garage with a 12 volt battery with a 10 amp charger would that work?

Anthony DiSano: Oh, no problem with the other intro music, but let's just say it was on A LOT of your videos. I dig the change. :) Don't worry about being too fancy in your videos. It doesn't really matter. What is most important is the CONTENT and delivery method, which you've got down. Anything else is just Frills 'N Fun. (nothing wrong with that either!) Oh yeah - the Lanzar 50HC would do an EASY 1000 watts. The only real competitor (that I was aware of) at that time were the Orion HCCA's & Lanzar Won!

scott sheppard: I have the 300x4 on my Harley, using the stock HK head unit, RCAs, and pushing two 5.25" Kickers and two 6x9 Kickers. The amp is mounted inside the fairing, and it does get pretty hot when I crank the volume up (sounds great, by the way), and it seems to cut itself off, or kind of drop out when I play anything with a lot of highs turned up loud.....I have two small fans on it, one pushing and one pulling, but that doesn't really seem to help. Is this an overheating issue? If so, any suggestions?

robbewuzhere: Haha well i mean can you blow speakers with this amp? My setup is 2, 6,5" & 1, 10" And it's for my boat so this would be very good for it :)

Dereck BigDWiz: Both the 4ch and 2ch versions get really hot when they are pushed. I was using the 4ch in our SUV, then swapped it out for the 2ch. I'm guessing they are designed for this, but you can tell they appear to cut back power and SQ when they get real hot.

robbewuzhere: Okay then i'll go with the Kicker MX700.5?

Dereck BigDWiz: Vielen Dank für den Kommentar. Meine Netzteile mir 14v Eingang des Verstärkers, nur geringfügig weniger als die Nennspannung 14,4. Ich glaube, der Unterschied ist Widerstandslasten vs reaktiv. Rockford verwendet einen PowerCube, die eine reaktive Last simuliert.

Ron Shryock: You can check out the vid I made of my bike

Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp for Car, Harley, ATV, Scooter 4.6 out of 5

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Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp for Car. Harley. ATV. Scooter
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