Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp For Car, Harley, ATV, Scooter

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Zack Burkhart: I have one of these on my scooter.... its freaking dank

evan Field: Those little amps kick

Daniel Stinebaugh: Love your component bookshelf's!

Nendo Crescendo: I could buy a Crescendo BC 2000D instead

Susana Mendez: that colors are mono? please

Dean Soings: good ole fosbreak

sherkhan808: this amp buen out after a few months

Wick3DPimP: That's actually fairly impressive results for an amp that small, you could easily run some mid drivers on that conveniently.

robert hersey: hey derek I have been rackin my brain trying to remember the name of an old bass test cd I had many years ago it was from the late 80s or 90s and had a track that had a short Scooby doo track on it,,  do you possibly remember any of the names of those old test cds,,

lazzer408: Holy cow your clipping the hell out of that amp. What's the power output before it sounds like a can of rocks? I'm seeing about 40w/ch <0.1% on my bench.

Bulgdoom: Hi Dereck, was wondering whether u had experience with the Punch series amps, 4 and 5 channels. I'm thinking of getting a small sub in my VW GTI, was wondering if  I can just get the 4 ch amp and have it drive front 2 speakers, and bridge other 2 channels into 1 for the sub and leave rear speakers to be driven by stock headunit since I don't have a good place to fit the 5ch amp and is more expensive.

ridndrty800: I have this amp that I am going install on my quad. The numbers you came up with, are they the same in tri-mode or do they drop? I also have the 300x1 but if I can get by with using tri-mode, it would save on battery drain.

Nunoff Yourbusiness: Hey Big D, I got a new 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide and I want to build a show stopper kick ass system for my bike, what do you recommend. I will use 4 speakers with 2 subs. what do you think I should use for amp, speakers and sub combo? I love your reviews and value your opinion so, any advice would be appreciated! 

a1duzit: Hey Big D, got a huge question...I have 3 dual 4ohm Rockies and I have hifonics Brutus 1608 super mono amp. Can you run a amp at 2.7ohms safely? I mean is that still considered 2ohms?

Shane Miller: Yup.all the power series amps are no good nothing but clipping then I get a rockford prime I dont get no over heating or shut down or clipping I get bang all damn day love the prime series

Joes66gto: For comparison what's better the kicker px100.2 punch one300 for the motorcycle sound

Craig Kovatch: The sine wave on the 4-ohm bridged mono mode looks like it has pretty bad clipping -- why isn't this mentioned in the video? Am I misunderstanding the display?

Ben Johnson: I have been looking at this unit in, now with your review I will get it, thank you

mookie feelgood: how big are they????? put a coke can, golfball or something we can compare to

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Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp for Car, Harley, ATV, Scooter 5 out of 5

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Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp for Car. Harley. ATV. Scooter
Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 300 Watt Mini Amp for Car. Harley. ATV. Scooter
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