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yluj0407: This was my first handgun and it jammed every third shot consistently. Mine was the stainless version. I read an article somewhere that Lorcin went out of business because there were reports of this gun firing unintentionally. I don't know if that's true but this gun was horrible. Nice review!!!

alblogg: Yes this is a great collection gun to show your future generations the crap that was sold during the good ole days. This gun as self defense or home defense.... buy a ball bat or a High Point if you still want to reach out and touch someone. The one great feature I found is the weight of the gun. A very heavy gun and this to me is an advantage. The reason being if you do use this as a protection device and it jams, do like they do in the old westerns and throw it at your attacker. This may buy you some time to escape. Once again, something to collect but please do not depend on this as a protection device. Reason being the people you are protecting yourself from are not using crap like this. They steal the real guns from owners. I have the chrome version and think I will take your advice and sand it down and give it a strange or unique paint job.

HxLLYHxxDP1RU: Kan Yu Take it apart and reassemble it

Kennie Mowatt: I have one thats been really good for me I have put around 100 rounds threw the gun and never once miss fired... I am currently using hollow point ammo and the accuracy on it improved... I picked it up for 50$...

shane sapp: I traded a box of pokemon cards for a new one in the box, some ammo, and a holster good or bad trade?

tripplea63: Lol its funny you say "chepie saturday night specials" because I jus bought one tonight .. lol and guess what? its SATURDAY lmao jk all bs aside tho couldnt pass on a deal of 80 buck for a all chrome gun that does do exactly what its supposed to!

ThePandaEpitaph: I traded a playstaion 2 for one. Its chrome plated and my frind fired mybe 40 50 rounds out of it. i think i got a good deal.

Kenny Morris: I got a 9mm same thing might be ugly might be a pos but we have shot over 1000 rounds and its still fires perfect every time its more reliable than people think

Jared Bequette: I am trading considering trading an iphone 4s for one, and to take my CHL with it? do you believe it would be a good idea?

shane sapp: yea whats up???

souljaz69: To all the folks - yes its a piece of crap gun, heavy as a brick but guess what? My dad had it since 1994 and never cleaned it and my whole family put about 800+ rounds without any jams or failed to shoot! Let just say ... bad guy could of ate some 380 with just $100 investment for home protection!

TheLeeboynum77: good video, i picked up a fixer upper l380 for 25 bucks needed a new firing pin and a good cleaning. but it is heavy as hell and it does have it quirks.

jason murphy: do you know if the rifling is poor from the factory or if this pistol have just been shot alot, and can you buy replacement barrels?

IJHII85: Bro how would you take apart if you put firing pin in the wrong way?? Please help me out here...

wrestlingace26: 4:21 "I have real guns for self defense!!!" LOL

Bradley Slackenfelch: First gun I ever bought. I payed $90.00 new for it in 1992.

infinitebanger: i have this same weapon and put to hallow points threw it and it was two mags doing rapid fire and it never jammed or miss fire for me and i paid 25 bucks from my friend and he gave metwo mags and hoslter an the carrying case

James Newnam: The sound craps out when you mention the website where you found spare clips. I just bought a used L380 and want to get an extra clip or two. Can you please tell us again where you found the clips?

DeathAngelHRA: This is the decoy gun you give the feds when they come to your door.

thegod098: can you do a shooting video?

crazydriver1978: thank you for not bashing this gun like a weekend warrior would.

Night Hawk Guns: nice video.. question would u happen to know where i can find a firing pin for the bryco 380 auto model 58 thanx

The Gun Nerd: @PDQ559 i'd never pay $200 for one. the lorcin 380 design is still made, but now has the Cobra name on it. brand new, the Cobra version (with a lifetime warranty) sells for $150, so I'd never spend $200 for a used gun with no warranty, even if it does have extras.

jammindjdaga: good deal lol you got him in that deal

mropionated: step up to a Hgh piont, at least it would be new.

09rsm: I own an older lc380 ,and as you said they're fun for plinking and maybe good for defense.cool bid.

tom kaabua: real guns ??

PDQ559: someone is tring to sell me one of these guns but it is chrome he is asking $200 for it it come with 2 clips and and sholder holster and a box of ammo is that a good deal or not thanks..

Elizabeth Brandt: Just bought one of these today for $75 (clip included). I've never fired a 380 and none of my friends own any, figured I could use this to mess around with for a while to see if I like it and sell it if I decide to get a higher end 380

bixby9797: Bought one for $40. Guy said it jammed with HP. I looked at it and it was filthy so the deal was made. Took it apart and scubbed it and rand a couple of boxes of FMJ through it and it ran fine. Cheap gun for screwing around with but I think I'll keep carrying my Kimber Ultra

maxfirepower: Hey, sounds okay. Not everyone can spend $550 on a pistol and a lot of the people who can't, need one the most. Video well done.

sunnycloud69: Its heavy cus your weak bitch

Youthfulspirit21: @shaggyx1515 bad trade XD

crazydriver1978: @crazydriver1978 I disassembled the magazine. I streatched the magazine spring 2" longer. One jam per 50rd box. two days of plinking and i already spent more in ammo than i bought the gun for. adequate accuracy too.

david keil: do you have a hard time fitting the clip in and getting it to chamber with 8 in the clip?

dwight dunn: I honestly have not had many prodblems with my .380 I have alot of mags I fire it alot and seems it's ok. OH and the weight thing is not true I feel it is not as heavy as he is implying personally but it is heavy..

Anthony Browning: There may come a time soon, where having a gun, any gun, will be very important.

thefreak120: @shaggyx1515 brian is that u?

crazydriver1978: @PDQ559 I agree with angrygunnerd. 150 for a new lorcin l380, $10 for extra magazine, $20 for shoulder hoster, $20 for 50rd box of ammunition =200. i hope the gun is new in box for that price.

Jesse Sisolack: Sounds like perfect advise to me.

xXMethereaperXx: There's one i'm thinking of getting from a store around here. After reading nothing but negative reviews, i'm gonna try to talk them down some. I don't CC and if i plan to i'll use my bro's cobra 9mm derringer, so it's pretty much just gonna be a range gun, but i can paint it how i want and it won't hurt the value, so it's pretty much gonna be a working project. Great review, honest yet helpful.

bigphreaking: I have a stainless one of these. Ten rounds through it. All paperwork and box. I will sell it super cheap. I want to get rid of it. Message me.

Rick bob: @shaggyx1515 Bad deal man, you got ripped off ;)

Bruce Tackett: want to get rid of your mags for the lorcin L380. e-mail me at brucelake24@yahoo.com

Alexus Jackson: my 22 lorcin works perfect

The Gun Nerd: @shaggyx1515 yeah, good deal. guns are always cooler than playing cards, even if its not the greatest gun.

bmacAK47: I just bought a Bryco 380 which is the same gun for 50 bucks at a pawn shop and it has the original mag with it. If anything it makes a cool looking paper weight if it turns out to be garbage LOL.

LayeoRants: I had this gun, until the police took it

crazydriver1978: i helped a friend find one of these guns for $50. bought and installed an extractor. previous owner abused the gun, broke it, and sold it . my friend sold it to me for $30 and some vehicle and computer work. I put one box through it. I always loaded it with 7+1, anything but rapid fire will produce feeding issues, chimney stacking the rounds. I stretched the magazine feed spring last night. that should fix the feed issues. going to test again today.

jason murphy: i loan a guy $50 and he gave me his 380 lorcin to hold for collateral. he dont me just to keep the gun after the 2 week period. i collect pistols so i figured what the hell. i was definetly suprised with this pistol. i bought 4 boxes of the cheapest ammo i could find (tula) and it fired through all 200 rds with no failures of any sort. its off a tad but it groups well. however it keyholes. im not sure if he shoot the rifling out of the barrel or if the rifling is just poorly made.

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Lorcin Review 4.5 out of 5

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