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Dave H: Why are people dogging this gun? I used to lube it up with WD40 and shoot the freak out of it. No problems

trap3400: this gun killed more people than any other. hats off to the snoring

Duke 3853: Lmao every time I hear I have real guns to relay on

Tony Cas: my l380 lost a spring on the hole to the right side of the gun can anybody help me out it lost like a metal piece and a spring it doesnt let my bullets get in the chamber

Jesus J Carrillo: good gun to own, 7in mag,1 in chamber. keep it clean, never jam. This guy idiot

jayslay211: that is a Jennings

Jose Castro: I rock a high point over that anyday

Ted Dow: go handle a browning hi-power lorcin douche..

older than the hills & will outperform this crap 10,000:1...

Theo Webbster: Good vid, dude. I keep bidding on them online and every time I'm like, wtf am I doing? Somebody please buy this crap ahead of me. So far they have every time, but not sure if my luck will hold. After seeing your video I'm slightly reassured that if I do get stuck with one, it won't be so bad. It's a piece of Americana, right?

Anthony Browning: I bought one for $18 a few years ago before the 'Scare of 2013'. I sold it the winter of '13/'14 for $120. I know how to make them run and I'd spend $18 on one again given the chance.

colin hayden: your review was great! especially for a gun you simply DO NOT recommend for the masses. seriously a well done review. and for the record i have shot a lorcin 9mm and i truly believe the 9mm (not the 380 reviewed here) needs to be melted or sawed into little pieces.

John Owens: I have one... just to have lol

David. .Mulch: you have a really scary paperweight snicker snicker.

richard fleming: Okay I picked one of these up for still its is a very heavy gun not very pretty and I was having a double feed problem with the Winchester 380 auto 95 grain BEB . then I decided to try some different ammo shooting PMC 90 grain FMJs and haven't had a problem 1 out of it. now I did tear it down and polish the feed ramp and the magazine was a little sticky so I polished it as well like I said haven't had a problem one sense

goog le: I think this is the FS 380 now by Cobra (Kodiak). The CA is the old Davis line from what I can see. Cobra might be a good source for parts for these.

James Carter: Look,,,,all u who walk gun,,,smell gun,,,eat gun,,,talk nothing but gun....check this,,i'm prior service retired. I've had my fun of shooting all types of weapons and I do know about any weapon it still do. And will do what any weapon was made to do,,...So I've shot it ,got one and had no problems. I have more expensive ones but it will do the same as all of them,,,it purpose,,,so if it works for u,,,don't worry about the next.

twogreatguitars: One of those times it goes bang is gonna be your hand exploding...

Nick Benson: idk why everyone hates this gun so bad I have one, its not the best, yea it jams more than id like (about once every 7 shots) but for the price its not that bad its easy to fix the jams. I do plan on replacing it and i probably would not recommend getting one but if you already did i wouldn't worry too much its bad but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.    

zapadnikisviniy: most used gun in homicides 

Daryl Smith: I bought a Lorcin 9mm in 1995, I still have it to this day. Use to have it as my service weapon but I'm not in that line of work anymore. I fire it every 4th of July and New Year's. Not once has it jammed on me. I can let off 14 rounds without fail every time. I only paid about 130 for it.

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Lorcin Review 5 out of 5

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Lorcin Review
Lorcin Review
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