Argo,s And Max 6x6 Vs 4-wheelers At River Run Atv Park

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Luis Godinho: I've got me a 6x6 and haven't complained since.

Got me 4 gun racks fitted, wielded on an additional rack for the esky and cargo, fitted 2 additional seats to the rear and with four passengers still had the thing float through water / mud crossings. Let's see you do that with a quad.

rottsrool: The ATV riders are BAD ASS they really know what there doing,
Yes a 6 wheeler is better in water but what do you expect it's a bath tub, anywhere else give me a quad.
Just goes to prove an ATV blows a six wheeler away in any terrain.

Alex Kingston: ATVs' drivers are beasts you guys know what you are doing congrats!

amphibdriver1: If you stay out of really deep water, or if you know how deep the water is, a 4 wheeler with tracks installed on it will out perform a 4 wheeler with any brand of tires. A track kit has a 6 inch lift that's built into it, and with the smaller tires inside of the tracks, this gives you about a 17 % gear reduction I think? The long tracks have a much wider foot print than any brand of atv tire, and this gives you a whole lot of floatation in really thick mud.

amphibdriver1: Good question. 6 wheelers and 8 wheelers have flat bottoms on them to allow the tires to drag them across deep mud like a turtle. The wide flat bottom of the tub also gives great floatation in really deep mud. A 4-wheeler with tracks weighs too much to float and will sink in deep water! My friend installed Tatou tracks on his 500 Suzuki Vincent plus a lift kit. With tracks it out performed all of the other 4-wheelers in deep mud, but could'nt keep up with the 6x6's with Adair tracks on them.

Woody Hembree: What if the quads had tracks on?

jimmie: Quad with kid on back > Argo

amphibdriver1: @amphibdriver1 Yeah , I'd give the atv riders that rode through that mud hole a ' BIG E ' for effort ,that's for sure! lol

TheXJthatCould: @amphibdriver1 i know they didnt float lol i was mostly stating that they did one hell of a job with those quads

amphibdriver1: @TheXJthatCould Yeah , the guy with the little boy on the back of his atv really did well in that mud hole. None of the atv's were floating though.

TheXJthatCould: who said quads dont float!, that guy with the kid on the back knows how to get through some water holes!

ghostofChrist: @amphibdriver1 like i said, argos are cool. and i would definitely take one over nothing. but sometimes i like the work it takes to ride through the deep soft pits and i have never broken anything major knock on wood. and four wheelers are more compact and faster, something i enjoy when not hitting the real technical stuff. and ya argos can go places atv's cant go but my four wheeler fits in the back of my truck. but again, argos are cool and i did enjoy watching your video.

amphibdriver1: @ghostofChrist With 4-wheelers you always have to worry about getting water into your air intake. Any mud holes that have a really soft bottom you either get stuck really bad and get mud all over you or you work really hard to ride through them and get mud all over you. Another thing that I really hated about atv's was all the costly repair work that you had to pay for when ever some thing major broke. I have none of these problems with my Argo and go places that atv's can't go.

ghostofChrist: i would still take a four wheeler. but argos are cool

amphibdriver1: @CogarDM Glad you enjoyed this video. Amphibs are a whole lot of fun. You can drive almost any where an atv can go and not get muddy. The mud stays on the out side of the tub and the engine, transmission and chains all stay clean.

Derrin Cogar: Cool, enjoyed watching.

amphibdriver1: @dedwards8708 Yeah, after watching how easy it was for all of our amphibs to drive through these mud holes, the 4wheeler riders just had to try too. They all soon found out that its very easy if you,re in a amphib ,but not if your riding a 4wheeler.

dedwards8708: Looks like the quads simply had to prove they could make it through this mud hole-I notice it took them about three times as much effort as it took the Argos-I would like to see them try the thick mud you were in earlier. Noel went through a passenger, took very little effort, and stayed dry!

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Argo,s and Max 6x6 vs 4-wheelers at river run atv park 5 out of 5

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argo vs max
argo vs max
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