Gamo Shadow 1000

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sil992: Great shot!

hunterboy98: good shot its beter shot then i could

Ahmed Alwazzan: Kuwait

Dingusmaster792: how'd ya get it sighted in that well?

Ahmed Alwazzan: yeh and its a lot of FUN !!!

lew' burridge: NICE SHOOTIN MAN

Ahmed Alwazzan: a scope (3-9x40)or more a air veturi gas spring and a GRT-III trigger get them correctly installed and u can shoot more than 50 yards easy. thats if u zerod the scope on that range.

Sebastian Saá: is 4,5 or 5,5 cal ??

lvoegtline2: ya mine is making a odd noise when it shoots too.

tom walton: is it .177 or .22

TheAjp1998: good gun choise i also have that one (nice shooting)

Sander Jantcheff: can you shoot animals with this??

rudolfy112: mine always shoots a bit to the right side what to do???

PERPARSON: hi. i have a KRALAV MAGNUM 4.5 .cal 310m/s a black polimer model and a 3-9x32 scope

stonie stonemaker: Great shoty m8 where are you from ?

john liar: can you see a 20 cm by 10 cm common sighting target 50m away with open sights? i think...not, so a scope thats sighted in is the best option

brettdart: it costs 200 . well thats what mine was . power per feet is very good some thing like 10.000 ft per sq pnd of pressure from the spring

Piotr Bejrowski: yea nice shots bichiss. your mather lepiej shots

Chris Marcial: amazing

Kyokushin Kan: i have gamo shadow 1000 it's a very good air rifle

Stompist: I have one that I got at Walmart for $119.00. It's blows holes through a 2x4 easily at 20ft! You need to get a specific scope designed for these high power springers because of the forward jolt when fired. I bought a scope designed for this type of gun and holy crap I always nail what I'm shooting at even at almost 200yds.

HuntHawaii808: what is the maximum range for a .177 ? any ideas ?

Bati loco: what about 50 meters?

brunskovic: what kind of scope do you use? because I also have a gamo shadow 1000 and I'm looking for a nice scope .. btw, do you know what the maximum range of the scope is?

kevincolvin: I have the same Rifle. Got for free from my aunts BF and i shot through my back drop with is two 1" thick ply wood with a carpet and it shot through that and both sides of my shed. My shed is like i think a little smaller than 1/4 thick. AWESOME GUN!!!!

lvoegtline2: wtf. my gun sounds a lot diffrent, i have the exact same gun. It almost "vibrates" when it shoots and it doesnt sound like a gun. haha idk wats wrong its still powerful though.

Bati loco: im getting same one they 305 mts over words fps 1000 fps feet per second thats enough to kill rabbits up to 30 meters

Adam lancaster: gota get a springer rated scope and mount stop

CougarBoy9362: i have too gamo shadow 1000,the gamo have only one problem: the sight is not 100% iron.. but great shot xD

Ahmed Alwazzan: thnx for the comment and yes the are quiet but now i have a gamo whisper deluxe it much better than the Gamo shadow and u can only hear the spring really nice and powerful airgun. i recomend that u install a air venturi gas spring and a GRT-III trigger 2 improve the power and accuracy ^_^

JimmyFontana95: I have a shadow 1000^_^ ,it's the best airgun don't think?

the3VIL: that is a nice shot

Ahmed Alwazzan: thats right ! but a with this airgun you can hit and kill a rabbit from 40 meters but you must choose the right pellets ansd the right scope a scope that you can know the bullet drop with or your long shots will not hit any thing...

Ahmed Alwazzan: do i have to buy you a candy or chocolate bar ?

VideoPioneersInc: Ha good reply! I thought it was a great shot. I'm lookin at a gamo whisper

Terminator860: These guns are pretty much like a firearm gamo rules!

Mashal Buhamad: أحمد أنا أشهد أنك فنان مشاء الله عليك و الله يوفقك

leeuwerink15: good. but bad scope correct me if i am wrong

stopglobalswarming: Shoot orange clays hanging on screws.

sincaffer: nice shot. 4.5 or 5.5 caliber???

tomocool99: Big cat comes with a rubbish scope, and no open sights. I'd get the shadow.

Salem Theyyab: great shot ;D

dela213: lol if he was using pba there is no telling where it may have ended up.

john liar: not when you cant see the target because its so far away

Frasier016: I just bought the Gamo Shadow 1000 Yesterday... It's really not difficult to shoot and to hit bullseye .. if u know what i mean... The accuracy is just perfect

AsBf2: Let me shoot you with my remmy and you'll se that's a toy. the most powerful air weapon has a penetration of only 0.5mm that's not enough to make any harm except penetrating the skin. So... keep playing with your toy and thinking it's a real gun.

DEATHxValor: Ive done that standing up with messed up iron sights

michael ju: how you calibrate the sight?

Dikara Veliki: witch scope is this?? plz answer because im just abou to buy scope for my shadow 1000 thx in advance

Dani123582: cool!

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Gamo shadow 1000 4.5 out of 5

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