Bowtech Assassin Review 2012

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Jacob peters: And rebelnford is incorrect and frankly kind of ignorant. Drop away is the only rest to shoot. The whole idea behind a drop away is THEY NEVER TOUCH YOUR FLETCHING. As upposed to a whisker biscuit which is notorious for destroying fletchings overtime. Look up the trophy ridge revolution. A 50 dollar full containment drop away. Deffinately the best bang for your buck.

Jacob peters: Man 70 is s little much for you. Its important not to out bow your self. Speed is not that important that you should sacrafice comfort you should be able to stand flat footed and draw your bow straight back with no problem without having to throw your bow up and yank it back. Turning your bow down to about a 28 inch draw and 63 pounds or so will make a very obvious gain in your groups. 30 inch draw is way long unless you're about 6'3" or have extremely long arms.

andrew depalma: loosen up ur grip it will help ur shaking

GreeneBoySteve94: Tip: Don't keep the bow pulled back for such a long time, Even with the let off its still holding 70 pounds. Shoot as soon as you line the sight with target.

Shaun Armin: Bad review!!! Very brief... It's hitting your fletching probably because you didn't turn the knocks! Work on your shooting form and stop punching the trigger

MSbowhunter96: QAD ULTRA HUNTER its like 69 buck by far best value i have one on my 2013 bowtech experience

mike smith: You are right> the arrow rest is junk as brushes wear fast, I never had it tear my fletchings though......I did end up replacing the rest. The only real problem I had with my 2012 Assassin is when you draw down too fast on the bow the string can easily jumped your cam as it did to me once. The problem is the side walls on the cam are not deep enough, so be careful when drawing down on your bow....... do it very slowly (drawing down on it). Other then that I really like the bow for the money.

Gene K: Nice video. Looking for one of these toys. Will it work for beginner? My nephew got the same one He's happy with it and I wanna get the same

assassinflight: Enjoy, its a super bow, a good solid decision.

Chris Fokjohn: Great work on that!!!

Bob Jankins: try holding your bow with your index and thumb itll make it so you dont torgue it and make you more accurate

Sean Chastain: Good review

Froggies505: Loud as hell. Lol.

xxxthaiguyxxx: Yeah it has like a 80 percent let off which is awesome. I wanted the black but the shop I got it from diddnt have one

xxxthaiguyxxx: They roughly 20 30 40 50. Once I got the 20 yard pin set the others were pretty good.

DL9619: what are the sight pins set at from the factorie great vid

Zaquariu5: Man how tall are you? You make that thing look like a kids bow haha

RebelnFord: dont get a drop away and id get rid of that hostage if u want better accuracy get a wisker buisket best rest it wont mess with your fletchings like drop aways and hostage rests might have to get it paper tuned but there the best for the money

john lee: i have the same bow in black tho..i like it how when you pull it kinda locks in so you can hold it there for while..amazing bow

xxxthaiguyxxx: No problem

Bowtech Assassin Review 2012 5 out of 5

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