How To Restore An Ipod Nano 6th Generation To Factory Settings

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Evert Tanghe: Thanx man! Nice video! 👍👊

Scott Gower: My nano 6 does not rotate.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?

natanyofsho: using a monitor from the 90's yo

George Paciga: holding the sleep/wake while also holding the volume down does not reset to apple logo. I am unable to use the sleep/wake to turn on, or off at all. I can only get it to go on now when I sue the power source.

Nicole Krawchuk: My stupid brother messed with my ipod and then changed the language to japanese or something. THEN… for some reason i couldnt slide or press anything. SO THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH

dundeewullie: great info easily explained unlike others cheers harry No1

TheCanadianBroski: my says that there the files are in use by another application when its just itunes & google chrome

Bogdan Pv: install an Apple Recovery DFU Driver

Darshan Victor: Hello Harrymedan. I recently got the iPod and that freezing problem occurred. I did what you showed on the video and it work but for some strange reason, it showed the symbol of iTunes saying I have to use it to restore. I went to iTunes on my labtop and connected my iPod nano and the first problem I solve pot up again. Do you know how to solve this problem?

Aditi: same here with my ipod

Cry Andrei: after i restore it it says it's into recovery mode so i restore it like this forever and it keeps telling me that. does anyone know what's the problem?

jackson do: and it says please use itune to restore but when i put it in it said do not disconnect

jackson do: help please it doesnt even connects to itunes

JerryBoii: I have the same problem but haven't fix it but what i do is go to settings, music, sleep/wake button set to play/pause so when the the ipod turns to sleep just double tap power button & fixed but gets annoying ... glad to help :)

John Villicaña: i have the same trouble!

Ravelord Nito: dang I know right? that thing has enough voltage runnin through it to kill you

Nicole Morales: Hi, my ipod nano 6g plays music and about a minute into the music playing it automatically goes to the sleep mode and I have to hit the sleep button again to unpause my song. Any idea why this is happening? It is really frustrating.

CBrown: @harrymedan Is there any way to reset my iPod without getting rid of all my songs? I am unable to back up any of my songs and so I'd have no music whatsoever if I restore my iPod the same way you did in the video

CYRONX1: yup i agree with you man now im spending my morning trying to fix my nano.. -_-'' do you know how to fix it?

Tim Hardin: thanks for the help

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How To Restore An ipod Nano 6th Generation To Factory Settings
How To Restore An ipod Nano 6th Generation To Factory Settings
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