Hybrid Tennis Strings Explained - VLOG #491

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Daniil Mayorov: Great video, Thanks Chris and TW team!! Have question for Chris, what CAP grommet do you use in this Head prestige pro racket? I've a same racket with other name on it - Graphite Pro(and mid plus on a handle). I wanna order CAP grommet from TW. I'll be pleased if you write me a current model, that I can order, thanks!

And what string setup works best for you in this racket? Racket come to me with head master multi, like the power and control, but it's too much power and no spin (I usually go full bed of poly with other rackets) and hard to my arm. Wanna try to string like Wiess Cannon Dual Reality set, to get power, spin and control. Volkl V-Pro 1.18 as mains 47.5 lbs(21.5kg) and Volkl syn 1.35 cross 54lbs(24.5 kg), with 15-20% pres. on both, what you think?)
Best wishes, Daniil.

Alex Grant Tennis: I use the Pro Staff 97L CV with RPM Blast. I was thinks of making a hybrid between RPM Blast and Wilson Sensation. What do think about this combo?

Aaron Agustin: Would you recommend a hybrid between Prince synthetic gut duraflex 16 and Gosen OG sheep micro 17 or a hybrid between prince synthetic duraflex 16 and ashaway synthetic gut 17?? im new hybrid stringing and these 3 types of strings are my favorite

Cícero Tavares Júnior: I got a set of Luxilun Alu Power Rough , which strings , not so expensive, you recomend to help me gain power and spin? Thanks and greetings from Brazil.

Johan Melander: Started using a thinner gauge on my crosses post watching this - and it's fantastic!!! Much appreciated!!!

jasonfky: Hi TW, I just strung my Babolat pure strike with VS touch at the mains and rpm blast at the crosses(56/54 string tension). Hybrid strings is just incredible, I have never felt so good connecting with the ball. However, after just 1 hour of play I already notice some of the VS touch strings start getting a little bit hairy whilst the rpm blast looks perfectly fine. I knew natural gut is less durable but I wasn’t expecting it to lose some of its “hair” so quickly. Is this normal for natural gut ? Should I check back with my stringer ?

Thanks in advance !!

Nicklas Louie: If I have a soft copoly and a synthetic gut, which should go in the mains and which should go in the crosses to get a powerful, spin friendly set up? Thanks.

JorgeAndresCoppiano.: Hello Chris! One question, I am checking polys in the String Performance Database... the parameters are measured before or after Tension is Lost?

John Ronald Juevesano: Hi TW! I just bought Tecnifibre HDX Tour 17 and Wilson Revolve 16. I was planning to use both strings in a hybrid to replace my Tecnifibre X-One Biphase because I want to have more control and spin on my shots. I asked my stringer and he recommended that I put Revolve in the mains at 48 lbs. and HDX Tour in the crosses at 53 lbs. (same tension I use with biphase). What are your thoughts on this setup? Would it still work the other way around? HDX Tour mains and Revolve crosses? Thank you.

Daliya Saidara: I'm currently running kevlar in the mains synthetic gut in the cross I love the feel,power and spin but I want to move away from kevlar if I switch to poly in the mains will it still have a same effect as kevlar

NOSTUB: Playing around with string setups lately with my Burn100LS..Regular string setup is Revolve16 at 55lbs love the feel, power, and spin.. Tried Black Code 4S at 52lbs killed my arm but possibly more spin..Heard multi in rackets under 300grams was ideal...tried NRG2 18G at 60lbs just bc I was given it for free...Felt great on serve and volleys and slice shots, but my forehand felt sooo bad ( and normally my best shot)..It was like the mains moved too much and lagged..I dont know...Going to try wilson spin effect hybrid just dont know which strings to put where...Leary about the multi in the mains..but I dont know..pls help

rahulms1998: Hi Chris... I started with Gosen OG Sheep in Wilson NSix one Tour Racquet but felt like a lot of power for me... now currently using Solinco Tour Bite in both Mains and crosses.. i feel that i need a bit control on the side lines.... Which strings can i go with.... I go with eastern forehand and it's like the ball's missing the lines just by couple of inches...

Justin: Do synthetic gut strings play anywhere near true natural gut strings?

Vrishab Sathish: I want to increase my speed on my serves and my coach says its in the strings b/c my serve motion and speed is faster. However, I want spin and more control for my returns. What string arrangement would you suggest? I have a head graphene Speed Pro racket.

Siddhant makhija: if I go with higher tension in the crosses (with a multi in crosses and poly in mains) than mains. How will the string bed behave differentially than if I go higher in mains lower in crosses?

Hitesh Shewakramani: I've been using the RPM Blast 17 strung at 56 in my RF97. It plays really well, except I'm looking for a bit more comfort. Could you suggest a hybrid setup which could help me out here? I know the Fed uses one with this racket. The discomfort could also be the harsh feel from the leather grip as well, which I'm not too used to yet. Would an over-grip help?

Alexander Cortez: Hi Andy. I notice some of the pros are stringing their racquets with a different tension on the mains and crosses. Do you know what that does? I've tried looking at the forums but I can't get a definite answer.

jack liang: Hi TW, so i am considering a wilson revolve and wilson optimus hybrid for my setup. Am i correct in assuming neither of those strings are shaped/textured/rough? My concern is that i heard having a shaped/textured/rough string in a hybrid reduces durability of the setup and that i should try looking for smooth or round strings.

Slave of God: hi, would you suggest to mix up pro line II with prince synthetic gut with duraflex? , i have tried both strings separately . i tried the prince string with 53lbs tenssion on my pure drive racket and i tried the pro line II with the same tension and racket. pls help

jack liang: Hi,So given the choices of multifilament, polyester and synthetic gut for string choices (excluding natural gut), what main/cross hybrid setup would yield highest spin potential if im not looking for a full bed of poly?

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Hybrid Tennis Strings Explained - VLOG #491
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