For Sale : 2 Way Motorcycle Alarm System Honda Harley Davidson Yamaha Suzuki Bmw Honda

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emmanel211ify: hi there I bought 1 of those a and I got 1 problem the wire come from the ignition is bigger than the other one comes fron the alarm system it is 18 gauge in the pink and grey are so small compare to the ignition wire,I got a harley davidson sportster 05 let me know thanks

skai1411: is it fit to kawasaki z1000 , bro ?

GeorgeBonez: Can this alarm be connected to a 1999 GSXR SRAD using pre-wired harnesses or will I have to do some splicing?I currently have a one-way alarm system right now but I haven't figured out how to wire the remote start yet and its a bit complicated.

Chelsea dreadlocks Travers: are you listening to DMX?

tamasadri: 79$ for a 1way alarm??? Are you mad??? I have it from ebay for 4$!!!

Tamir Benjo: How do you sync an extra remote?

Dat Leen: will this fit on a 2014 honda cbr500R

Alexander Gray: Hey man great video correct me if I heard wrong, did you say you can turn on/off the bikes LEDs with the remote. How does that work, would I have to hook up the LEDs to the main unit

Bakkefication: The remote and alarm communicate using radio signals, right?
What's the range like, and what happens if you're out of range?

esi mostafavi: is there a way u can change the sensitivity? cause no thief would tap on the bike like that!!!

thestickolbutter: whats the link to the site then?

TheAttackMaster: Hey man. Looking for an alarm for my scooter that works like this. If i buy the one on the website (2 way alarm) will it work on the scooter? We're talking about a Derbi Senda.

AdvsNoob: What about my 2001 gsxr 750? Should work right i mean its only really need power to work.

Defenderboy67: Do you guy's ship product's to Norway?

salchipapa8000: i just checked your website and it says the account is suspended .... ?

Vilem D: no, 1 way alarm is 70 bucks, gps alarms are over 500

Vilem D: yea iv installed them into scooters, yamaha, honda and the cheap china scooters. works awsome. but for the smaller batteries in those you might just want to buy the 1 way alarm we sell, half the price also

Vilem D: yes there is a sleep mode, no for the tone

Vilem D: go to cyclealarmandlighting dotcom email me and ill do free shipping

Vilem D: no not on phone. it takes me 15 min to install them, if i dont run into any aftermarket wiring issue on the bike

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for sale : 2 way motorcycle alarm system honda harley davidson yamaha suzuki bmw honda 5 out of 5

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