Soursop Juice - Cancer Treatment

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Amanda Clarke-Peterson: I was unable to find the actual fruit locally in order to juice it. Just isn't available at freshmarket or wholefoods. I know it grows in tropical climates. I tried Jumex brand guanabana juice (soursop), but it doesn't taste right because of the sucralose & aluminum.

SnoDrops: My first thought, without seeing the entire video, is why use sugar given cancer feeds off sugar and if the fruit is sweet, again, why use sugar. 

Chino A.C.E.: Dude! Where did you get such gigantic soursop!? Ours don't get bigger than a fist..

AdamAnt85: Cancer treatment? *facepalm*

Carla Yates: This is such an awesome video I love it so much

eugene188: Everybody needs to do a little bit of research and reading. It is the SEEDS which contain a compound that can kill cancer, INSIDE A TEST TUBE. no large scale human or animal trials done. the seeds also contain a neurotoxin. Research the actual peer reviewed journal articles, not some internet sites.

Thuong Hoff: You can buy Soursop at Asian market.

Amanda Clarke-Peterson: Has anyone tried juicing soursop/graviola fruit/guanabana?

MrIFUCKWAHABIS: Sugar is helping the cancer to get its nutrition... so to speak. Dont use the sugar.

mick12594: this fruit tastes so good i decided to grow a bunch of soursop trees

Samitha Mohan: great job and good one very informative


Andy Shaw: so useless nice accent

Bajan Tad: Hi Chris, Last summer in Barbados, I drank some soursop juice mixed with a little soy milk. I drank about a litre throught the day. For the next three days, while I was sleeping I was sweating profusely soaking up the bed sheets. Do you think the sweating had anything to do with the soupsop juice? Great video. 

Monique Woodland: ive read many articles that claim the seeds are toxic

Thuong Hoff: You also can buy in frozen s

Johnny Kay: It would be better if you ate the pulp as well as it would have beneficial fiber. I love this fruit no sugar needed

heyjoey009: It's refreshing and healthier to drink it with only lime or lemon juice added, just chill. You can make it decadent by adding condensed milk, nutmeg and vanilla

heyjoey009: To separate the seeds, I remove the skin and blend it with water on the lowest blender setting. This prevent the seeds from being crushed. Then I use a spoon to scoop it into a jug and remove seeds gradually. It really doesn't take a long time. Doing it this way saves back a lot of the pulp which you can now blend on higher speed to make it smoother. Don't forget your lime juice!!

court bowes: Hello diabetes. Adding refined sugar to fruit,lol. I make a a vegan smoothie with 1 or 2 organic dates. It is way better than that. And it is verry sweet.

Tomas: Greetings. Soursop available in Ethiopia in a Province called Harar. Not sure when it is in season but if you need to know, I'll find out. God bless.

Jevon Collins: Where do u get the fruit?

Morthos Darkemort: Hi Christopher, Great video. I really want to get hold of some soursop in the UK, do you have any idea if we have it over here? thanks

Rebecca Ruck: I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. No Graviola Trees here:/

Jan Frederiksen: Will you help me get some for my cancer sick grandma? Will you send them to me? Please

TheBaader: just think about why there is no medical council who approves this fruit against cancer! Pharma Industry

Christopher Silverton-Thong: yes you can

Brandon Gagne: that looks like a grapefruit, lol.

Rebecca Ruck: I would like to buy 100% soursop fruit or juice. Do you know who I can order that from?

firenze zara: iam on chemo therapy do u think i can drink this i have got one soursop from peru.

bpt661: I don't know where you can buy this fruit in your country . I do know that you can try to use baking soda WITHOUT ALUMINUM in it. This mixed with water is supposed to make your body alkaline. When the body is alkaline, you should not be able to have any sickness at all not even cancer. You can purchase the aluminum free baking soda a (bobs red mill is all together). Please do your research ,and let me know if this helped you to make any progress. Good Luck :)

Christopher Silverton-Thong: Thanks for viewing James.

SpiralsHappen: I heard sugar with antioxidants combined is a double whammy to cancer cells. Sort of like fruit with antioxidants. Fructose being the natural sugar in fruit combined with antioxidants.

Misszana A: Yes, they are available at many west Indian stores, i saw them at Sobeys a few months ago too :)

Russell Conway: How about you send me some here in Korea, I will pay you for it.

Russell Conway: I am here in South Korea....I would like to get soursop

SamFreedom: Are you not using a juicer because you're broke or because it will damage the juice? Can we use a juicer?

Soursop in India Alavi Herbs: visit: soursopindia DOOT com

SeekTruthDaily: Is there any study that this is effective against cancer

ksj1991: Trini mon

Gabriel Hasbun: Exquisite and healthy fruit. Highly weekly recommendation.

yuli anna: i heard tht we can also use the leaves of the soursop.

digsDAman: Thats a nice guyabano fruit!!

calgarygirl101: It isnt if SUGAR is added....

RSguideX: nice i go find soursop in my store

ilovemysunshine09: exactly!

浩祥 李: Is soursop=Taiwan Custard Apple? is taiwan custard apple can resist cancer ? thank you.

007jjb: I would not add Sugar if you are treating cancer as cancer Thrives on sugar! Xylitol might be a better choice as it does kills microbes.

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Soursop Juice - Cancer Treatment 4.9 out of 5

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Soursop Juice - Cancer Treatment
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