Soursop Juice - Cancer Treatment

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Swagatam Debnath: Only the seed has those curative properties

aanie tariq: please please somebody tell me how many times cancer patient should consume soursop juice?

Aquines Anderson: can I buy them from you? I love how they taste...

Instant Rewards: Sugar diffuses the health benefits greatly. If you need to add a sweetener, try organic maple syrup.

Manohar Lal Gandhi: Where can I buy the soursop fruit , I cannot find it anywhere , I lived in New Delhi ,India

iyedouble: Half a lemon? That looks like half a grapefruit. Where do you get lemons that big? Woah.

Solomon The ll: Trini.

Joe Hall: A friend of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was told it was to far advanced for chemo and was inoperable , his only option was to go home and , according to his doctor, die. He found a video about soursop on youtube tried it and is now cancer free. It worked for him .

lamonica carey: simply use agave and the lime juice instead and this will be great!

Joy Herring: Where can I buy the soursop fruit I cannot find it anywhere.

Retarded Tiger: I like your accent, it's very soothing.

Spring Tank: Dude, why Sugar? It's a refined SUCROSE which causes cancer and feeds it.

Yatukih001: 53 people with soursop fruit for a brain dislike this video...

Yatukih001: Hail science! Hail soursop juice!!!!!!!!!!!

Razvi and Company Unani Pharmacy: miracle tree & fruit in the world for 12 types of cancer . blood cacer , liver cancer. bone cancer . skin cancer . breast cancer. brain tumour. mouth cancer. tongue cancer. throat cancer. tailbone cancer.

research by Razvi & Co Unani Pharmacy. 300 years ago . Herbal Elle...

Queen Ngoepe: I'm having pains in my heels badly sore and I don't know what it is pls I need help any clue?

Bibi Tan: We normally would just eat the fruit and not add water to dilute it, that way you don't need to sweeten it with sugar ;)

super Ant: That was a lemon! I'm thinking that was a grapefruit. That lemon was on steroids :-)

Sunshine Al: Hill Country Tea has Soursop Tea

Raymond Edwards: I have had this fabulous fruit drink in Colombia many times.  Tastes great and very healthy.

Schools: Learn how to get phlebotomy training in California! The job pays decent money for the amount of schools needed to graduate.
Soursop Juice - Cancer Treatment 5 out of 5

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Soursop Juice Cancer Cure
Soursop Juice Cancer Cure
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