Homemade Tractor Cab

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anthonyelevatorguy: I am a little late, but you helped me make up my mind to do it myself, I am not going to freeze this year.!!!!
And thanks for sharing.!!!!!

Sam Olson: what is the frame

FoMoCo1: Now that's cool. Great job man, looks good.

Adventure-Andrew: Nice job!

Brad Seamster: do you have plans for the cab, I would be willing to pay you for them. that looks like a nice setup. did you use Plexiglas?

Leo Bowers: Awesome! I'm taking notes!

Matthew's Services: Whats in the back?

Brady Smith: Like the lights.

clamcrabber: does it get warm in there

Jake Wind: Yeah man it looks good. The only concern I have in building my own for winter in the wiring. Could you maybe tell me how you did that?

Jordan Bronson: Nicely Done! People who likes talk crap... Those are the one that can't do Ch!t!

nick troiano: what do you use for the power to the lights

James Mackereth: That cab looks like its pro. Nice

SPCLPONY: The song is "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Rider...... Nice video and awesome job on the cab for your red rider. I have a compact New Holland tractor. I can see your idea working for mine....on just a little bigger scale. Thnx for the idea!

SpiritsoftheWolf: @ToxicHolocaust2050, you're the freaktard, this was a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a cab for that mower, and on top of that, it keeps the throwing snow off of the driver when the wind blows it back his face, and warmer without the cold wind blowing in his face, what this guy did was being creative, and i did that one time, except mine was made from wood, works pretty good, that's thinking postive, people can be creative and make things, and you're just a plain roostergobbling asshole

MrFtroop72: great job, great song,

Andrew Tornadoboy: Hahaha very getto, but it get's the job done and I bet it's rugged as hell! Good work!

mondo78: Saw the video on the Craftsman wind break cab. I understand why you decided to build one yourself. Nice job too by the way.

davidangelmorin: do you have any plans for the cab

deeredriver95: better than some cabs you can buy!

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Homemade Tractor Cab 5 out of 5

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