Stupid Parkzone Radian Glider Tricks

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Steve Bowman: The most relaxing rc plane I have ever flown.

Carlos Sandoval: eso estuvo fantastico

AileronRC: nice!

Chris Belto: Great flying

Joe Schmo: Uh why are you telling me that? I think you´re answering the wrong person ??

gingerssuck: also the radian, unlike multiplex products, actually NEEDS to have tape applied to it in order to keep its rudder attached etc. but it still glides better, and it is a glider not a sport plane

gingerssuck: for example the new archer is a POS unless you like to land under full power or tip stalls or something

gingerssuck: not at all, My favorite planes are elapor or aerocell, however I reallly like my radian alot. I can fly anywhere that has airspace, it can land in my hand, I can fly with a gopro and a 1300mah battery for over an hour. ditch the camera and over two hours. I have flown it in the mountains in huge wind and still got fairly steady footage. It may not be as well made as any multiplex product but it's glide ratio and ability to slow down as well as its easy going nature really do make it great

Joe Schmo: Absolutely not, I practiced :-) but I guess you work for Parkzone?

gingerssuck: maybe you fly really badly?

gingerssuck: pretty hard to crash a feather

gingerssuck: while i do not disagree that elapor is possibly the greatest foam ever and z-foam is junk, however some appropriately placed tape makes the airframe rigid and to say the design is inferior is pretty strange given that it would win any competition over the easy gliders piggish 7-8 oz wing loading

gingerssuck: are you thinking of the curlais maybe? the ez is a pig compared to a radian, albiet a tough one

flying4nature: Great flights. Loo at my chanel and website with a lot of Radian videos and others glider! Bye from Switzerland.

Joe Schmo: Check out the Multiplex "Easy Glider" and you will put your Radian on the shelf and leave it there I promise.

Joe Schmo: I once had a Radian, it was the worth model I ever had, was really badly made.

akilitosb: this looks easy, because he makes it look easy.

Partok81: Whew Paul, you are a great rc glider pilot! It can't be considered and easy thing to do taking a 2m glider thru a half-netted soccer goal. Amazing. I'm looking forward to receiving my Elec. Glider Clinic 1&2 shortly. Peace. - Rob

Sean McGrath: I found the write up Paul has done about modding his Radian and highly recommend doing them ,it flys so much bettter then stock...

Chris Boultinghouse: Niiiice. :)

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Stupid Parkzone Radian Glider Tricks 5 out of 5

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Stupid Parkzone Radian Glider Tricks
Stupid Parkzone Radian Glider Tricks
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Parkzone Radian Glider Review
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Parkzone Radian Pro Un-Boxing & Maiden

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