NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide

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Patrick P: What episode did Abby date this guy ?

Alan Noorkoiv: This lady is a typical LA neurotic. One dimensional actress, with a school girl view of the world.

howtoplanaparty: I suspect Pauley is an eliminati trauma based mind control sex slave. The production team of NCIS is much more immersed in evil than they appear to be.

Patrick Gallimore: Pauley is such a sweet, beautiful person, on the inside and out...People who commit suicide, because they're going through a financial crisis, shows just how attached and dependent upon money and material things people have become...Losing money and/or one's house or any other material possession, for that matter, is miniscule, compared to life...You can, always, make your money back, or, at the very least, have a chance to make it back, but, if one takes one's life, because he/she went bankrupt, it's never worth it, plus, the person who does that leaves behind their grieving relatives, spouses and friends...Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

alijoification: who was that actor?

randy95023: In my 57 years I've only known a couple of people who committed Suicide. It is a "Long Term Solution" for what is usually a "Short Term Problem". Sure, a person in terminal pain may just speed up the process of death but is that really a Suicide? I knew one kid, 19 years old who joined the Air Force. Week before he was going to leave for Boot Camp his G/F said she didn't want to wait for him. Hung himself. Had he not that girl would just be a tiny bit of his history...

Rohpink: She's such a compulsive liar. I feel so bad for Coyote, he's been trying to get her out of his life for 10 years.

Christine Werenko: UPDATE: shutup

Richard Russom: What the hell I am talking about is Pauly Perrete's pyscho ex she recently had to slap a restraining order on. Of course you would know that if you took the time to read.

toejamontoast: My best mate committed suicide and she says so much thats true...but for everyone who has lost someone in that way? It does get better over time, takes a while but the hurt and pain does loosen up ;)

GuitarGuy057: "There are people on TV who are going through extreme financial crisis all the time, and are getting divorced and have terrible things and they commit suicide and there's certainly not a roundtable about them, it's always sad. But also, on NCIS one of my co-stars who was actually playing my boyfriend at the time committed suicide and this story has brought me back..." then she goes on to explain how the suicide affected them on and off the stage. Then the signs of suicide, in hindsight.

NotTheAverageFanGirl: so sad!

atpcliff: Suicide is a temporary solution to a very, very long-term situation. The worst part of suicide: You think you are ending your troubles, or helping your have some reason for it. BUT, after you are dead, and you are shown what has happened, THEN, you have to COME BACK into the SAME type of situation and go through the pain ALL OVER again!!! That is the worst. To fix it, you have to make it through that horrible situation that led you to suicide in the 1st place. IT IS BETTER TO LIVE

Richard Russom: Ok, i thought it was about Milchael Gilden, I looked it up and it all about her crazy ex. Ok, by what I read the guy sounds like a real winner. Using the court system to try and lord it over women. Trouble is thare are a lot of them types out there. The kind that believe all females should bow down and worship them. I had a brother in law like that. Thank God I haven't seen him in three decades.

keyman527: Well done Pauley!!! ♥

IronheadOfScroteus: Pauley is an angel in black #1.

Stephani -D: Pauley would NEVER do ANYTHING like what that site describes, Coyote was the one stalking and harassing her. Pauley also got into contact with one of Coyote's ex-wives who said he threatened to brand her. Pauley would never give her fans information on how to find Coyote, or ask the fans to threaten him. Please don't contaminate this video with your filthy lies.

Laura Dean: I love Pauley. She's so caring about everyone and I love the fact she has a NOH8badge on. I wish there were more 'stars' out there like her!

Mitsuki Mimichoe:

iceberg149: he probably has been in the situation before

YoureShameless2009: I once heard someone say, "Suicide is not a permanent solution to a temporary problem; it's a permanent problem to a temporary situation/problem. It is not a solution, it does not fix things. There are other ways to fix whatever's going on without you dying."

lovemuffin1963: Because they are an IDIOT.

GuitarGuy057: What the hell are you talking about?

Kaidus4ce: Marty Pearson, who first appeared in the episode "Once a Hero"; RIP

GuitarGuy057: You get sidetracked easily, I see.

dancelovekat: wait WHO committed suicide?????

MrMbelleman: atpcliff wha?

iceberg149: situation that he mgiht commit suicide cause he talked bout it not killed himself

queen diphy ✿: only in some situations. :)

Patrick Flynn: So sad!!' :'(

Kaci Nearing: I liked that guy :/

DigitalOberon: Michael Gilden. He played a character named Michael Pearson during the 4th season, another forensic scientist, iirc.

Eva Abby: WOW

eqsmooth: Really? He killed himself and then reincarnated? And now he teaches people not to kill themselves (on YouTube)? WOW!

eqsmooth: So, how do you know this? The first paragraph, I mean.

GuitarGuy057: Much better.

Matt .T.: what is her castmates names

WinkyCutto: How has this received negative notes? It wasn't offensive, it's just a question.

RScottus: She is rambling, but in a good way. Obvious it hit her hard.

Gasthaus Zum zockenden Wolf: Wow... now I know why the storyline with Abby and her boyfriend has never gone any further than a few episodes. This is sad.

Richard Russom: Ok, obviously I came late to this party. Stalking? WTF? I knew the little guy had killed himself, never heard why or anything but I certainly never heard a peep about stalking and pay-offs any of that crap.

xandercordy1: You are doing a lot of spouting off about what Pauley is and isn't doing with her money - you her banker? Or someone who knows her so well that you know what she spend her money on? I am sure she doesn't want to have to relive the bad times/stalking with this dude - no one would look forward to it, especially when the perp tries to turn everything into the victim's fault -just as PC is doing and you are falling for it. If you want to believe it fine, but quit stalking PP vids to preach trash.

FullValleyFilms Official: Pauley is AWESOME!!!!

Richard Blackmore: There can be things that happen in a persons life that leave them so bereft, so lonely, so heart-sore that every second is nothing but pain. Surviving long enough to get past that can be very hard for some.

TVShowAddict123: im soooo sorry Pauley
nelson lariccia: most all your videos are cute...yiu are

mrsdinozzo33: oh my god. thats horrible.

mamaveros: Wow! Everyone needs to respect privacy and give the respect we would want....we must allow us n other loved ones the time to grieve...all 5 stages...luv how she addressed the importance of time n space...

yasmine williams: Ohhh after i saw abby in the autopsy room i realised it was from the episode Bloodbath.....

Tricia Terrel: Because they don't know English? YouTube is all over the world. Get over it.

NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide 4.7 out of 5

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NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide
NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide
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