NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide

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James Edwards: what year was this?


Patrick P: What episode did Abby date this guy ?

Alan Noorkoiv: This lady is a typical LA neurotic. One dimensional actress, with a school girl view of the world.

howtoplanaparty: I suspect Pauley is an eliminati trauma based mind control sex slave.  The production team of NCIS is much more immersed in evil than they appear to be.

alijoification: who was that actor?

Rohmutantx: She's such a compulsive liar. I feel so bad for Coyote, he's been trying to get her out of his life for 10 years.

Patrick Gallimore: Pauley is such a sweet, beautiful person, on the inside and out...People who commit suicide, because they're going through a financial crisis, shows just how attached and dependent upon money and material things people have become...Losing money and/or one's house or any other material possession, for that matter, is miniscule, compared to life...You can, always, make your money back, or, at the very least, have a chance to make it back, but, if one takes one's life, because he/she went bankrupt, it's never worth it, plus, the person who does that leaves behind their grieving relatives, spouses and friends...Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

randy95023: In my 57 years I've only known a couple of people who committed Suicide.  It is a "Long Term Solution" for what is usually a "Short Term Problem".  Sure, a person in terminal pain may just speed up the process of death but is that really a Suicide?  I knew one kid, 19 years old who joined the Air Force.  Week before he was going to leave for Boot Camp his G/F said she didn't want to wait for him.  Hung himself.  Had he not that girl would just be a tiny bit of his history...

Kaidus4ce: Marty Pearson, who first appeared in the episode "Once a Hero"; RIP

iceberg149: situation that he mgiht commit suicide cause he talked bout it not killed himself

eqsmooth: Really? He killed himself and then reincarnated? And now he teaches people not to kill themselves (on YouTube)? WOW!

iceberg149: he probably has been in the situation before

eqsmooth: So, how do you know this? The first paragraph, I mean.

Kaci Nearing: I liked that guy :/

SliderPrime: atpcliff wha?

atpcliff: Suicide is a temporary solution to a very, very long-term situation. The worst part of suicide: You think you are ending your troubles, or helping your have some reason for it. BUT, after you are dead, and you are shown what has happened, THEN, you have to COME BACK into the SAME type of situation and go through the pain ALL OVER again!!! That is the worst. To fix it, you have to make it through that horrible situation that led you to suicide in the 1st place. IT IS BETTER TO LIVE

Gasthaus Zum zockenden Wolf: Wow... now I know why the storyline with Abby and her boyfriend has never gone any further than a few episodes. This is sad.

Richard Blackmore: There can be things that happen in a persons life that leave them so bereft, so lonely, so heart-sore that every second is nothing but pain. Surviving long enough to get past that can be very hard for some.

NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide 5 out of 5

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NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide
NCIS' Pauley Perrette Discusses Castmate Suicide
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