How To Remove A Rusted Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly The Easy Way.

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Jacob Highland: I shot myself in the face after listening to your voice. So annoying

George Allen: I'm really curious why none of these videos show simply using the right tool? Using a wheel hub puller seems like the simply solution. Is it not mentioned because it's considered a special tool? You can 'borrow' or rent for free from the auto parts store.

Jeff Holloway: Thank you. We're in Michigan in below zero temperatures in the garage. And I would like to call us frugal, but cheep works too. Tried a blow torch, axle pull, hub pull, hammer... Your trick was the only thing that worked.

Bill Bacon: THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We too hammered till our heart could not take it anymore...BUT watched your video and within five she came!! Thanks for taking he time to post!!!

Equality 7-2521: This is a legit pro tip. Thanks man

casemods: Going to try this tomorrow!

Kiddogainz: Why the deep voice tho! Lmao

Mike Callies: Your a genious .....didn't crack until I used a hammer and chisel but without the steering pressure , no way . thanks man

Aaron Farrell: thnx so much :) did the same thing when my front wheel was seized on my oldddddd e30 with a base ball bat

J L: Well buddy, I had to leave a comment to thank you for this video!

Last night I was heading home to replace my hub (2007 Silverado z71). Turns out- it was in MUCH worse shape than I thought. It started coming apart, and I had to pull over and replace it on the spot (or call a tow truck- or find someone with a truck to go home and get my trailer).

Anyways, I popped the wheel off, pulled the caliper off, popped the hub bolts off- and yup. It was stuck. I tried the "putting the bolts half way back in and hammering it" trick, and the "put the wheel back onto the hub and kick the outer edges of the wheel" trick. No dice. Heated it up- didn't budge. WD-40, a lot of hammering, prying, kicking, and still nothing.

My girlfriend- who was nice enough to come meet me for moral support (and that 19mm socket I just so happened to leave out of the set), decided to search for a trick to remove this. Of course, I was too stubborn to look myself because I'm a know-it-all (or at least thats what I like to believe). Yours was the first video to pop up.

3 minutes later I was holding the hub in my hand.

So thank you. Saved me any more future back problems and possibly a tow bill. You're the man!

Chris Veader: this video wasn't what I was looking for but I watched the whole thing just because of the voice. LOL. Thank you, I was have a rough day.

cwcharitywilliams: I can't get the bottom Bolt off to get the hub bearing off. What can I do?

Money Moe: I know the feeling g about cheap demanding customers.

James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย: Can we try with a chisel to separate the 2 ?

jakibros: Found your video while husband was cursing up a storm after hitting on hub for an hour. Thank you Brian! It works...Jeep Wrangler '06.

ummm...: Everyone suggests this but I have a POS Chevy traverse and, unfortunately, this is impossible

Dan Cooper: Dude you you just fixed my problem and made me smile, keep doing this. (subscribed)

Bambi Williams: I changed my hub bearing and caliber and now I can't get my tire to roll it's stuck

ODIN ARAUJO: Awesome. I was completely lost with my hub after 2 hours with a hammer and a bad actitud. Now it's free. Thanks

Will Spears: How would this work if the steering knuckle is threaded? I feel like you'd only be pressing the steering knuckle against itself

How to remove a rusted wheel hub bearing assembly the easy way. 5 out of 5

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