Rock Island Armory Tactical 1911 .45 Disassembly

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Todd Kirbh: AWESOME VIDEO. the close-up saved the day as I was doing it wrong till I watch this!

Uniform Tango 74: Yeah man. Makes thing easier. Yeah FLGR are a bit of a pain that's why the bushing tool is a major plus.

Shane Singleton: Oh you cheating bastard! you used a barrel bushing tool! :p Guess I need to get one of those. I've just been using the floor plate of an empty mag to depress the spring. The full length guide rods are a pain in the ass due to the shape of the retainer. Nearly impossible to push it in far enough with just your thumb. I do love my RIA Tactical 1911 though despite that. I'm going to have to find one of those tools.

Uniform Tango 74: Amazing pistols for their price aren't they? You're very welcome. I'm glad everyone likes the fact that I did no talking in this video. Sometimes action is all you need. Thanks again for watching.

Wayne Scorza: Thank you UrbanTiger74. I just purchased my R.I.A 1911 tactical 45. Your video made it very easy to field strip my firearm. I have only put a hundred rounds through her but am very happy with my purchase. once again, thanks.

MrBeast758: should have said "You are not a clone" haha, have a good day.

AemSheika: Maybe you should start reloading, you will save a ton of money on ammo and you can make your own personal self defense loads that perform better than anything on the market, example of this is my 230 grain jhp's that have been chronoed at 1,400 feet per second.(FPS)

amore101: @graysmoke89 "Padmé... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" *In a lax Canadian-Valley girl accent/suffer bum accent*

Uniform Tango 74: @CharlieRomeoWhisky9 If I were able to afford the .45ACP bill, I'd still have this pistol. That's how much I like it.

Christian Rush: @UrbanTiger74 Haha really though, I'm thinking about buying that same gun. How do you like it?

Uniform Tango 74: @CharlieRomeoWhisky9 You got me man. I was slipping that day. LOL!

Christian Rush: cool clip your nails lol

c woody: @UrbanTiger74 ooo ok i see thanks for the info

Uniform Tango 74: @csxconductor100 Good question. The tool is optional since it's using a FLGR. If it wasn't then no tool would be needed. Besides, I wasn't the one who originally advertised it as tactical. RIA/Armscor did. LOL!!!!

c woody: if its Tactical then why do you need a tool to take it a part

Uniform Tango 74: @TheDrewcifur Barrel bushing tool

mdThanatos: @TheDrewcifur Its a barrel bushing wrench. Some manufacturers will supply this with the pistol. You can also use the magazine to depress the bushing plug to allow the bushing to move.

Andrew Ebert: what tool did you use to remove the guide rod cap and spring from the pistol?

johnnyreb2041: anybody know where i can get the owners manual for this gun (free)

bigosbro21: @UrbanTiger74 Not one bit ;)

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Rock Island Armory Tactical 1911 .45 Disassembly 5 out of 5

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