Nzxt Phantom Liquid Cooling Pc

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Jon Mathews: Good point.

Jon Mathews: A small fog machine inside the case!! Great idea.

Jon Mathews: Sure. You'd have to mail me your side panel, and I'd charge $80 Paypal for parts,labor, and return shipping. If your interested, send me a message with your address, and I'll send you my address and Paypal info.

Furyaki: :( dont really have the time to mod my side panel would you be interested in getting paid to make one just like this?

DeutscherRitterorden/Kiyoshi-Nash: nice nice !

Nektarios Melanthiou: is the right side homemade or ready?

Gatora tor 11: ahh i wish i went with this instead of crapty 410

skatagmt: hey thats the mod i did on my case long time ago:P heh glad i see more with the same ideas and styles. Except if i inspired you:PP heh nice pc dude

Jon Mathews: @s1imch4nc3 I just used a regular cheap old jigsaw, except I bought a higher tooth count blade from Home Depot (~20+ teeth/inch I believe). It also was cheep and worked perfectly on the side panels, even though it was steel. No problems.

Jon Mathews: @Ondraasha Gracious!

Jon Mathews: @jasonbsa The offset mounting box provided by swiftech allows a good sized gap between the radiator and the back panel. Cables will have no problem connecting whatsoever, especially since it's only 2x120 long. even 3 or 4X120 would still be fine with the gap

Swiggity Swoog: Run gtx 590's in sli, and overclock them via water cooling

Snutten: How did you get the Water cooler in place? Is there a smart way to mount it?

Jon Mathews: @jasonbsa HDMI will be on the video cards, the case comes with front USB 2.0's, and the ASUS Deluxe MB came with a USB 3.0 front panel kit but I need a 5" to 3" bracket.

F1r3: cool... now how are you going to plug those usb and hdmi cables?

Ondraasha: This is brilliant, well done, sir :).

misterpc23: Sweet desktop! I love the theme! Super slick ;D

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Nzxt phantom liquid cooling pc 5 out of 5

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