Newport Smooth Select Cigarette Review - USA

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Paolo Gatica: Newports are 6.40$ in Georgia while camels and marlboro are never more than 4.80$. Not much of a budget brand bt still not great cigarettes.

Steven Regan: I'm glad I'm not the ONLY person who calls the Newport symbol: an upside-down Nike symbol. They totally stole Nike's "swoosh" logo, and simply FLIPPED it.. Or Nike stole theirs -- one way or the other.

Deez Nuts: how are newports a budget cig? where i live they are pretty much the most expensive.

guvgfdgu vfvhudgu: Morboro are 4.98 in south cali and camel are 5.09

Ops541x9x: I gr Michigan smooth selects are 5:10 and regs are 6:20 lol

iBamboo453: In Chicago Newports $10.80 

Everything review: I think each city or state have it's flavored cigs, here in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Everyone smokes Newports . I mean everyone .

blaze trees: usually get my newport menthols for $5.60, seen them at $8.00 before. central cali

Jack Mcdowell: Newport's are

Sean Fox: Where I live these are like $5.30 a pack newports are $5.65. Not a discount cigarette hah but these suck.. newports and Marlboro reds for me hah 

EvilPossumV21: Newports are 8 in Vegas 

Taylor Smith: newport $7.00 camel $8.50 malboro (red) $10.00

Ethan Kammerer: Newports actually one of the most expensive brands

ELITExTACO: Here in Nashville, Newports cost almost the same as Marlboro. 5 and some change

NewportSelect: :)

Geronimo Stilton: I like your beard

Rarrin9378: That's because Dan is awesome

blackmist575: Chek out my smoke vids

OfficialLeve7: newports where i live are more expensive than marlboro

dontavion94johnson: Glad you upload this I was curious if I should buy em or not im glad u reviewed em

TheKobe246: 6 in Fl but thay smooth my kinda thing

ANALSEEPAGE: he already did

kody walker: budget? malboro reds are $5 in cincinnati oh and newports are $6.50-$7

ramp622: it varies from state to state even city to city, for instance in Illinois in my city cigarettes are 7.10 a pack , but a hour north of me to Chicago they are 14 a pack, and that's all because of higher tax in the cities. so all cigarettes aren't really taxed the same. hope i helped. :).

Buster Reed: Can you review camel Turkish silver

TeraDub: When you have been smoking for half your life like he has you don't get a buzz from cigarettes.

anhenry546: Can you really tell how good the CIG is if you don't inhale ?

Kryptik Komatose: hey dan arent you gonna run out cigs and tobacco too review it is a finite amount of brands???

Nathan Sanders: regular newports are NOT a budget brand the reds and these are

Frio: I started smoking a while back! thanks dan ! but now i only smoke weed and ecigs !! :D Healthy huh

Alex Valdivia: they are budget

Greg Drake: Newports are no where near a "budget" brand as they are the 2nd most expensive cigarette in MA at 9.50 and are 13-14 in NYC. Also know your facts.. Newport is the top selling menthol and second largest selling cigarette brand overall in the United States based on gross units sold in 2012.

MrELOHELJayKay: in nyc a pack of newports is almost 13$ -_-

jbads1989: these cigarettes were disappointing

Crazyelfninjacowboy: Anyways great review Dan!

Ben Dover: I saw the same price the other day when I was in Jersey... ridiculous!

DMurda864: The full flavor Newports are usually the most expensive cigarettes. In my area, they cost more than any other brand aside from American Spirits. Also, Newports have more nicotine than any other cigarettes. They're not budget at all. I'm talking strictly about the standard shorts. They might not be your preference but you need to know the facts.

giovanni martinez: Those are more expensive then the Marlboro reds here in cali!!

MegaBojan1993: Nope, that is the built in noise reduction that his HD Logitech web-cam has. It can become annoying since you can't disable it. I have it too on my crapty nokia phone and it drives me nuts. On my phone it's 10 time more pronounced than on Dan's webcam.

Eraserhead1218: I love the "goopy goop" term, because it's become a RCR trademark.

Miguel Salgado: You forgot to smell it. Good review though.

Zach Arakawa: In CA, our cigarettes are only 5 dollar average.

roundhousekicker88: The reds are? Around here, Newport reds are about $.10 more expensive than the menthols. And all of them are more expensive than Marlboro or Camel.

Bob Davis: The audio sounds faded for some reason

ak35smoker: Dan i think you must add a rating for the buzz effect. By this way we would know a bit more on how strong the cigarette is. Great review man Recpect :)

lBorn007l: Stop reviewing weak stuff

Shannon Jones: Newport here is cheap, Tennessee

Fash ista: Do UK Benson&Hedges Silver/Gold - Huge seller in the UK

Kingmanification: davidoff 555 and bristol if u could please

CookieWizards4Life: DUMBASS!

Newport Smooth Select Cigarette Review - USA 4.9 out of 5

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Newport Smooth Select Cigarette Review - USA
Newport Smooth Select Cigarette Review - USA
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