Newport Smooth Select Cigarette Review - USA

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Jahid Afridi: Newport are the best menthols on the market

Mike Liebenthal: Ok Dan your comment sparked me to make mine. First I want to start by saying I love your reviews. Your through and informative and I enjoy listening to what you have to say and even take your opinion into account when buying smokes. With that being said, I have to give you some solid true facts about Newport. Before I do I would just like to say I know you said it was your opinion,however, making the statement "Newports are a budget cigarette" is crazy talk. I've smoked Newport going on 25+ years and I can tell you straight up that Newports are a far cry from being a budget cigarette. Not only are they more expensive than "the big dogs" which is referring to Marlboro and Camel. practically everywhere I've been they are hands down like $.40 - $.65 cents more than them and I have been a lot of places. Secondly, Newport cigarettes are the leading menthol cigarette in the U.S. of A. Again don't get me wrong this is not an ambush on you. Like I said I love your reviews but when you said those statements you were and are misleading people who may not know the information that I just explained. But keep on keeping on with the reviews.

Pavel Vypritskiy: yea these are good, they are better than the normal newports in my opinion

Kate Laud: The worst cigarette I've tasted. Doesn't even taste like a Newport

James GoldenLegend: Dan can you please review the Newport non menthol golds

Kate Laud: These are trash

SonicThe Hotdog: A pack of Newport 100's here are $6.53 there is no pick of cigarettes close to that price. They are the most expensive. The smooth select is they're cheap pack

Matthew - MatthewFromGA: "These cigarettes do not present a reduced risk of harm compared to other cigarettes" Well, no crap, we knew that! LOL

Tony Silva: I bought a 100 pack of these for 6.50

Zach Godshalk: really? where do you live for newports to be a budget cig. there $6.56 a pack where i live.

Cʜᴀʀᴍʏ: what are these vs newport regs?

Christopher LaRock: I normally smoke L&M menthol, or Marlboro Menthol myself. I started with Newport. It was the "cool" brand when I was a teenager back in the 90s.

Joshua Narreau: In my store in MA standard Newports are like 10 cents cheaper than Marlboros and they are $10.50 and $10.40 a pack.

Bengy Brosiv: newports r expensive but other newports flavors r chep

John Smith: I freaking love these in 100's. Picked up a pack today. Probably my new regular smoke. And they're about $2 cheaper maybe a little more than red 100's here in Texas.

Michael Williams: In NJ Newports are actually one of the most expensive brands

JD The vapsta: Hey what's up. Here where I live Newports are more expensive they are about $7 a pack and most are about $5 a pack

lakersrock64: These are my go-too cigs. I agree it has a good flavor

turttle123451: That's funny in ny newports are 12.49 and marlbros are 8.49 lol

jordanoatis: I got a lung cancer ad hah

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Newport Smooth Select Cigarette Review - USA 5 out of 5

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