Chrysler 9.9hp Outboard Motor Carburetor Adjust How To

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Jeff Wallace: uncovered a '74 15 hp SeaHorse. Carb looks just like this one. I rebuilt the recoil and carb. It runs great on high speed, but will not idle down below the "shift" mark. My only experience is rebuilding carbs on a couple of 3 hp Johnsons. Should I expect a 15 hp to idle as smoothly? Thanks for all your posts.

fhipolite: If I might ask what the base/ starting idle mixture screw setting (turns out) and do you Do it the same way on a 74 10 HP model Thanks again

Scott Wilkins: I have a seaking 9.9 that I am trying to get running properly. Is there anyway we can speak through email or phone? I can see you are a total chrystler fanatic and there are no shops around me that service these motors. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Christopher Pilliod: I have a 9.9HP electric start Chrysler. Seems to idle Ok, knocks a little in idle but more worried has not top end speed. At first I thought it was only firing on one cyl but seems to have new plugs and coils. Any ideas??? thanks a ton, Chris

casey johnson: I have a Chrysler 12.9 and I'm having trouble getting full throttle on it. Watching this video helps, but not sure about how to get it. If you could help with this id appreciate it.

cleverfisherman: thank you ill look for it now

chrysleroutboarddude: I might be able to do that i did two of them today.

pr0057: did you get to do a video on a 1989 Johnson 9.9 or one like it

dmonroe599: the bottom plug did not have a spark I cleaned the points and putt new fuel pump on and carb kit bottom wet top dry I used a small wire brush on the points

chrysleroutboarddude: That sounds like the needle and seat is leaking, I do have a video and will send it to you.

chrysleroutboarddude: I will bet that your fuel pump diaphragm has a hole in it. please see my video of fuel pump repair.

dmonroe599: Ok I will keep you on my email

cleverfisherman: i just checked my email... the link you sent was speeled incorrect.. if you can send the exact link again id appreciate it or if you can tell em the name if your video ill look it up also, thanks

chrysleroutboarddude: Yes Yes and Yes they are the same.

chrysleroutboarddude: Just because it run's does not mean that spark and compression are correct. It might be only running on one cylinder!

Dogg416: Hello... I cleaned the points and adjusted them to the correct spacing... I posted a video on what she's like now... She's giving a lot of smoke and dies after a little while... Check it out and pleases always open to your advice... Thanks

xgenturbo: Thanks s much. I was about to give up on this motor. Gonna try this method. Hope it works.

schymcgee: Very helpful, thank you Ben :)

chrysleroutboarddude: That sure sound's like the needle and seat in the carb is leaking.

dmonroe599: is there a way I can call ask a few questions about this sea king

chrysleroutboarddude: Is it wet with gas or water? do you have good spark on both cylinders?

FULLR3TARD: Hey dude thanks for the info I have what I think is a 60s 9.2. Just had it out for the first time today and I can't seem to throttle up all the way, it seems like it should top out way higher. What do you think? Should I tinker with the throttle jazz in there?

dmonroe599: What kind of plugs did you say to put in my 9.9 sea king and what do you gap the plugs at

Nate Pitchford: Can a spark plug gaped too much cause a lean misfire?

chrysleroutboarddude: Sorry but i do not any Honda motor's.

chrysleroutboarddude: Not yet but soon within the next week.

pr0057: can you do a video like this one on a 1989 Johnson 9.9 or one like it

dmonroe599: I got the video up and running dmonroe599

chrysleroutboarddude: Good good, if you need any more advice let me know..

Dogg416: Can you please check out my 9.9 hp out I hv 3 vidz on it.

chrysleroutboarddude: P/M sent

dmonroe599: Good video very helpful I worked on a 9.9 sea king all day trying to get it to run right

liferiders: Dear friend, your videos are a great help to me. Can I ask you two questions? When I pump up the gas, the pressure doesn’t hold for long, it leaks fuel out through the carburetor (through the Choke side) and looses the pressure build. Is it normal? Also, i have air trapped in my gas line which doesn’t go away. I can see the air trapped as my fuel lines are transparent. My motor starts but dies after a couple of seconds. Cleaned the carbs, changed the water wheel, checked sparks and nice plugs

dmonroe599: Got my mercury going today you can see video at dmonroe599

chrysleroutboarddude: No it can't, it will cause a ing miss but not a lean miss.

pr0057: thanks

dmonroe599: That 9.9 sea king running bad top plug dry botto m plug wet rebuild the carb I cant get it right

chrysleroutboarddude: Champion L82C or Champion L86C gap at .30

chrysleroutboarddude: Don't give up on it, i will help you get your motor running.

chrysleroutboarddude: I do have a video on how to adjust the carb on that motor,see 1964 Sea King tune up video's, I think it is time to re check the basic's #1 spark #2 compression.

chrysleroutboarddude: Or you can subscribe to my channel... And i have more how to video's that are not public.

chrysleroutboarddude: Did you get it to run right?

chrysleroutboarddude: Start with the basics 1 compression 2 Spark # 3 fuel. are you sure it is running on both cylinder's?

IdieandtheMirrors M.: Have a 10 hp chrysler ..really is a great motor

FULLR3TARD: That's probably it thanks man. It already runs so spark and compression are there. It should run faster though. Thanks again I will subscribe to your channel for more info!

The Maker: I have a four stroke honda 10hp on my terhi boat and i wanna make the engine go faster/tune it and i can't find any videos wich shows me how to do it so I was wondering if u could ake a video on how to do that!

Sims Terje: Hey Ben, are all the pieces interchangeable from a viking 9.6 1969 to a chrysler 9.9? its looks the same to me.. thanks

Dogg416: Ok thank you very much... I'm going to look around for the condenser and I'll let you know how things are after that... Once again I appreciate the help very much...

dmonroe599: Do you no where I can find a 25 HP mercury 1987 lower unit prop shaft used

cleverfisherman: hi i just bought a 12' lund with a 9.9hp sea king... i was told a gasket i guess is bad on the carb.. when its started it spouts out gas i guess by the carb... can you recommend where i can find the carb kit and possibly make a video showing how to do it... or email me instructions thanks...

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