Chrysler 9.9hp Outboard Motor Carburetor Adjust How To

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dwayne iviei: Ben, just a note today..just when out it the U13 valco with the 15 hp Chrysler..what a engine..had son to watch your carb adjustment video above because it had a lean pop..It planes boat with two of us and idles like a dream. will be sending you the chip out of the camera so you can see it go..but no fish time.

74chrysler: How many turns out should the low speed fuel mixture be from a lightly seated position. I adjusted it too far and am looking for a new starting point to get it running again.

Attic Tube: Hey chrysleroutboarddude,
I have got a 9.9hp 1970 chrysler motor with electric start. When i give gas the flywheel turns. But it doesn't push the lever al the way. And now the motor won't go full speed. What do i have to adjust?

FishingDan: will this fix having a hard time starting the motor at idle speed/start position weather cold or warmed up and keeping the motor running without stalling?   I guess what I'm saying is I have a hard time starting the motor without it throttled up past the start position and then keeping it running.  it has that same pinging noise/miss if that makes sense

About Stevens: just wanted to say thanks, with the help of all of your videos i was able to get my 1980 chrysler 9.9 up and running again, i had to rebuilt the recoil spring unit, fuel pump and carb then adjust the carb to get it running, if it wasnt for your videos i dont know what i would have done :) here is the motor after i got it running also i have an issue at WOT with it, it feels like its surging ever so slightly when the boat planes out, i can hear the rpms going up than drop then go back up again, im assuming it just needs a little more carb adjustment. let me know what you think. heres a video of it on the water toward the end you can hear it doing the surging thing a little.

rc pilot: Is it possible that you could do this with a mid 60's 18 hp Johnson/Evinrude, please?

Peter Keen: Thanks for the videos - very helpful.  I've got a 1973 6hp Chrysler up and running, but it has very limited power.  Here's a video of what is going on with it, and a link to a thread with what I have tried to date.  If you have any suggestions for me, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

George Kuehne: I have a 1989 Yamaha 4 stroke electric start.  I need a carburetor, On Boats.Net they have a 1989 15ELF with  two carburetors listed, one is a carburetor assembly that stated UR 9.9 the other carburetor listed is for a 15hp.
My motor serial # is FT9.9ELF will this carburetor work on my motor?
Hate to trash this motor.

LLCOOLJ69100: K thanks 

LLCOOLJ69100: Choke linkage and knob

LLCOOLJ69100: Hey chrysleroutboarddude
I have a 1972 sea king 9.6 I'm in need of some parts 

kylerprochaska: I have an 89 or 90 gamefisher 15hp that idles really rough, stalls out at idle and then acts flooded when I try to start it back up. Could this be an adjustment issue or so I need to clean out the jets and check the float? It runs smooth at full throttle.

Robby Scherer: Your videos are super helpful.  Thanks for making them!

daveduznotrull: good video.I have a 1988 20 hp manual start mercury and have just rebuilt the carb got my self a timing strobe "inductive" and a laser tachometer and want to check timing, RPM idle and set the carb it only has a low speed mixing screw and fast idle/primer on the carb I have a work shop manual but Im an amutur but I want to do it myself and learn. any info or video you could help me with? thanks

David Monroe: Ben have you ever work on a mercury 200 20hp I'm having trouble with mine 

James Pollock: First I wanna say you rock! This video and the recoil repair video were exactly what I needed to get my 70 9.9 Chrysler back in saddle. Thanks for being cool enough to make videos on these outboards!

fhipolite: If I might ask what the base/ starting  idle mixture screw setting (turns out)
and do you Do it the same way on a 74 10 HP model 
Thanks again

Jeff Wallace: uncovered a '74 15 hp SeaHorse.  Carb looks just like this one.  I rebuilt the recoil and carb.  It runs great on high speed, but will not idle down below the "shift" mark.  My only experience is rebuilding carbs on a couple of 3 hp Johnsons.  Should I expect a 15 hp to idle as smoothly?  Thanks for all your posts.

Scott Wilkins: I have a seaking 9.9 that I am trying to get running properly. Is there anyway we can speak through email or phone? I can see you are a total chrystler fanatic and there are no shops around me that service these motors. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

cleverfisherman: i just checked my email... the link you sent was speeled incorrect.. if you can send the exact link again id appreciate it or if you can tell em the name if your video ill look it up also, thanks

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Chrysler 9.9hp outboard motor carburetor adjust how to 5 out of 5

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