Chrysler 9.9hp Outboard Motor Carburetor Adjust How To

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Alan Davison: I have a 1974 Seaking 6 hp. How do you remove the carburetor? The bottom cowling blocks it from coming off the studs.

Charged Cycle: This video helped me a bunch. Thanks!

FishinKraus: Where can I get an idle speed valve for a 1984 15hp Chrysler Sea King.

A Realness: I have a 12.9hp chrysler outboard motor and last year it ran good but this year it seems as though it drags. not going as fast as before. how do I adjust to make motor reach its maximum speed and performance

rydr 218: if the carb is out of adjustment will it bog down at low rpm?

william mena: Please help me.  I have an early 70s Chrysler 9.9 that keeps flooding itself out.  once I disconnect the fuel line it will eventually start but after I connect the fuel line again it will suck in too much fuel and die.  What should I do? I've adjusted the carb so many times but I guess I cant find the sweet spot.

Also, I have a 93 Gamefisher 5hp that will start after a lot of pulls(over 20-30 pulls).  It will run on an engine stand with earmuffs but it wont in the water when mounted on a transom.  I look forward to your response.  thank you for your help.

tanner Burks: I have a 1973 johnson 20 HP that is doing the same thing you were making this one do with the lean miss but no matter how I adjust the SS needle it continues to do it idk how to adjust the HS needle or even if it has one do you know anything about this particular motors caruretor

Gab B.: Hi, great videos...I have a question where can I get the cam and the replacement adjustment screws and link kit like you have in this video because I have the same carburetor?

Dennis S: hi! I did this earlier as tutored by you = thanks very much !!!, got the mixture leaned out, as you show,, shut it down for a few hrs, but now cannot get the Chrysler 10 Sailor to start cold on fully closed choke, and throttle cam on the line. [this is right after a carb and fuel pump rebuild. Boy, I sure envy your sweet running motors. A realexpert; can you help me with a few suggestions where I should look next? thanks

James Reed: another one of your excellent videos. Thanks, you probably just saved me a lot of frigging around and cursing for which my wife will also be very grateful ! I have subscribed, keep'er up !

Chris Hebert: Got my old chrysler 6hp running pretty good now thanks for the video.

Travis Stevens: i have a 1980 chrysler 9.9, it gets my 12' boat on plane and runs about 15mph, would a 3 blade prop improve this performance at all over the factory 2 blade prop?

phillip rosa: I have 1970 that runs good one day then doesn't want to run the nexted any thoughts

gizzy guzzi: Wow. You are the ChryslerOutboardDude! My motor had that same hiccup last year. If I can get it running again this year I will give this a go.

Edit: got her running now!

Morgan Schwall: Got a 1972 18hp evinrude, been messin with it for about a week now, high idle is great, however I cannot get the low speed jet set right, if I tighten the screw on the backside of the hand throttle it'll run and stay running really high. Once I let it off and adjust the low speed jet the entire motor starts kicking, and will die out, any advice?

dwayne iviei: Ben, just a motor report..Son had to have a golf size tumer taken out of this throat..So he went up into BC Canada for the past 10 day trout fishing and the Old 15 Chrysler is running like a champ.. Just wish I was up there..

van viravan: Hello,
Thank you very much for this good video. I live far away on remote Island in Thailand. I have an Chrysler 6.6 Hp outboard motor but still cannot figure it out which tool to use to remove spark plug on the lower piston. The normal plug remover do not work with the lower piston. Thank you very much.

dwayne iviei: Ben, just a note today..just when out it the U13 valco with the 15 hp Chrysler..what a engine..had son to watch your carb adjustment video above because it had a lean pop..It planes boat with two of us and idles like a dream. will be sending you the chip out of the camera so you can see it go..but no fish time.

74chrysler: How many turns out should the low speed fuel mixture be from a lightly seated position. I adjusted it too far and am looking for a new starting point to get it running again.

FishingDan: will this fix having a hard time starting the motor at idle speed/start position weather cold or warmed up and keeping the motor running without stalling?   I guess what I'm saying is I have a hard time starting the motor without it throttled up past the start position and then keeping it running.  it has that same pinging noise/miss if that makes sense

Chrysler 9.9hp outboard motor carburetor adjust how to 5 out of 5

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Chrysler 9.9hp outboard motor carburetor adjust how to
Chrysler 9.9hp outboard motor carburetor adjust how to
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