Wii USB Loader FAT32 Game Install Tutorial!

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FaZeFrost: someone please help, i was gona get a storite fat 32 320gb hdd. will that work with homebrew and usb loader and all the other stuff???

jensssen: Only this way I could play those games on my wii U :D

Jessie Rodriguez: thanks bro

Decidetto: What's this Super Metroid remix you're playing in the background? It's amazing!

bladexdsl: you should be able to use ntfs now i think the latest wiiflow supports it

bladexdsl: some people don't use fat32 because they claim the duel layered games dont work properly. it's utter BS i've never had any problems with ssbb OR metroid trilogy which are both DL and can play them on fat32 just fine. another reason people dont use fat32 is because their just too lazy to partition their drives :P

Andy Tran: NO i mean how to get wii flow as a channel?

CueBALL0197: I FINALLY GOT IT! Thanks for your help! I had to get rev19 but now all is well.

CarterFitzzy: Quick question, what hard drive do you use? because I'm not sure if i can trust everything on that usb compatibility list (I have one of those hard drives that it reccomended, and it didnt work) I just need one that works on fat32 with wiiflow for wii games, and gc games. Thanks!

TheZigzagSmoke: does usb loader gx load FAT32

Lan Anh Le: Thank you for your help, I'll try if it works or not^^

bladexdsl: it shows you in this vid how to do it with wiiflow

bladexdsl: wiibackupmanager_build78.zip is the latest build

MsMartijntje: where can i download fat 32 because it is not listed

MrRedbull8212: What the hell the wbfs is only 250MB? So i can take my 4GB USB-Stick?

Andy Tran: Can u post up a video on how to the wii flow?

CueBALL0197: Ok cool, now I have everything working up until I hit the fat partition selection screen, which unfortunately isn't there. It gives like 10 wbfs to select from but not the fat drive. Did you have this issue by chance?

bladexdsl: make sure you have the latest version of GX and it has to be the new version not the one by previous author

bladexdsl: yes

bladexdsl: yes

bladexdsl: ocremixdotorg bounty of a brain

Andy Tran: Last commet when u do one game and format it and when u want to do another game do u have to forward it? plus can u send me the link u use to get the wiiflow and the wad dont work on mine it wont let me change the ios it turns off help me Please!

MaskOfBrutality: Thanks man your AWESOME!

bladexdsl: all games are different sizes most wii games are between 2-3 gb some less and some more (ssbb)

bladexdsl: @TheVGGP you need to format it to fat32 any hdd can do this. use partition wizard home.

bladexdsl: i'm not sure i know it is possble to play usb loader games in vwii but not sure how since i don't have a wiiu

TheVGGP: my usb HDD doesnt have FAT32. only chice is ntfs. What do i do?

bladexdsl: oh download and install a wiiflow forwarder channel

JuditasDude: Hi! Just to make sure, this method also erases all the "padding" info inside the iso right? so super mario all stars for example will take a couple of mbs instead of 4,3gb (full iso) right?

TheZigzagSmoke: Hi again :) so can i format the whole drive to Fat32 then create a new folder call it wbfs, then use wii backup manager to convert the iso's to wbfs files then put them into folder. waitn for HD in post :)

bladexdsl: you only have to format the drive once to fat32 than you add as many games as you have space for.

MustachePon-3™: Will this work if you have gamecube games in the hard drive already? In it I have a "games" folder with gamecube games in it. If I add the "wbfs" folder in there will they both work?

MultiCacodemon: would this work on the WiiU? It doesnt let me use WBFS format so i think that FAT32 will work. If I try it in WBFS it will give me the DSI error.

bladexdsl: @MsMartijntje download wii backup manager in the video description.

RyanBoobMan: whats the song?

bladexdsl: there used to be a program that could do that but it got stopped working on a long time ago i dunno if it's still around or even still works anymore cos a lot has changed. it's called LOL CRAP :P

Dectinz: what 1 do i download on the 4shared link theres so many files idk witch ones to get

bladexdsl: @CueBALL0197 no i didn't. it is wiiflow WiiFlow 2.2 (r304) ?

Markus Heinsalu: aaagh, help me, I did the same thing, but my wii gives a black screen after loading game on usbloader 3.0, but wiiflow crashes at wiiflow logo when loading game and when i try to turn off, it gives me a dump error! Help me! The game I used was Sonic Unleashed and harddrive is Verbatim Store and Go 500gb USB 3.0. I tried this with wbfs format, then it all works, but this way i cant use it on pc and for ngc games

bladexdsl: @brighamosity2 make sure you have the drive selected as fat1 not wbfs

bladexdsl: @kevionization use wiibackup manager to install the games don't use the loaders.

bladexdsl: i'm on version 304 you can get it here codedotgoogledotcom

icanfix12: Mine says cannot find usb device i have ios249 my hard disk is fat32 and it still does not work. Can anybody help

TheGuy: If FAT32 is soooooo much easier to use why do people use WBFS what are the benefits. Basically i payed this guys who jailbreaks wiis professionally and he used a wbfs hard drive. my uncle is paying me to do his and im just going to use FAT32 so you sure nothing will mess up or not work

bladexdsl: @LiberationDomination if it's already wbfs than you have to.

bladexdsl: ocremix bounty of a brain

bladexdsl: @TheZigzagSmoke yes

brighamosity2: When I try to load WiiFlow, I get a "WBFS_Open failed :-1" error.

bladexdsl: @TheZigzagSmoke the latest version does

CueBALL0197: Great vid, maybe you can help with something though. I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but which version of wiiflow are you running, I'm on 2.1. I can't seem to get past the harddrive connection screen (it doesn't seem like it wants to see the hd even though it's fat32 formatted) so i can't even get to the settings area to change it from wbfs to fat32.

Wii USB loader FAT32 game install tutorial! 4.6 out of 5

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