Reset InnoTab To Factory Settings

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Ellie Reeves: Thanks!

arturo 3342: I love the toy but i reset it for a my mom and dad

The Baldwin Family: Very helpful, thank you :)

jazzi04: Thanks a bunch, giving this to a kid my nephew is to big now to play with it. 😆

Mead Vice: Absolute star thankyou

Martine A: You're the man!

As E: Thanks! It worked like a charm and I would've never figured this trick out.

Luz Maldonado: Finally.!! Thank you so much.

Dane Engle: Thank you! Very Helpful!!! :-)

R4ND4L3R4LPH: Vielen Dank !

Monique Garcia: thanks it was very helpful

Brandi Crook: If I reset the innotab 3s what happens to the games and videos that are downloaded? I just bought a used one from someone and there are a couple different profiles and I cant figure out how to delete them (I already made a profile for my child). I was thinking about resetting the tablet but it came with a bunch of games and videos already downloaded on it (from the person who previously owned it) and I would like to keep those downloads. I've registered a learning lodge account. What do I do? Please help! Thanks :)

Butterfly: thank you!

AaliyahNaila: Is there a way to change the language from French to English?

B.Midkiff: Thank you!

Leticia Velasco: Thank you 👍🏻

Samantha walker: Thanks, worked great

Medicinal Healing Herbs: Hi, is there anyway you can reset the innotab so it will be able to be turned on?

Allow me to elaborate, my youngest dropped the tablet which basically has the most content on it and will not turn back on. Is there any possibility I may be able to bring it back to life without losing my content.

It was purchased used came with tons of content and I have not been able to save any of it to the Learning Lodge. Basically out of pure laziness (you can see my regret :/) If there is a way please let me know. Thanks

johnny palma: awesome... thanks a bunch. really helped and i used it on my daughters 3s. thanks again

TNT Explosion: thank you so much I was able to reset a InnoTab 3s. I got it used but it's new to my baby

Reset InnoTab To Factory Settings 5 out of 5

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Reset InnoTab To Factory Settings
Reset InnoTab To Factory Settings
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Factory Resetting the InnoTab Max
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How to factory reset your vtech Innotab max
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How to reset your innotab
InnoTab 3 from VTech
InnoTab 3 from VTech

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