How To Fix Limewire Connecting Problem In 2013

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Higzy Teflon: Re: "Download Limewire Pirate Edition without the bloat (AVG etc)" = "File Removed for Violation."

Areg20: Yey ty


CrimsonFox Hound: will this still work now?

carbon273: ok i got it to work from java..too u but its not connecting too much stress

DShitVids: Thanks this really worked! Finally Limewire back and runnning FUuCKK SOPA

Joey Rudek: Thanks! I got it working! :)

xMusicx: Thanks for the help.

Nick Zammit: I have done this fix but it still won't connect =\ Any help would be greatly appreciated. ( I have java 6 installed and it is all loading just not connecting)

Omar Martinez: wait, limewire still works as of today??

MasterBoocy: I am facing the same problem.. any suggestions?

coconos92: Thanks my AMIGIGITO and u know what ERES BIEN CHINGON ( U ARE freakING ASOWOME!!!) lol thanks it work =D

reni celanji: when i uninstalled my conectionfix then it started working. anyways thanks dude

Tom McLelland: can you please release a connectionfix for 1 january 2013? thanks

AnimalLoverCB: It worked for me :) Thank you for uploading this.

Jared Mayhem: wat the freakin crap i just want my limewire to connect to the internet can somone help me

Scott Leaf: I had to update Java to make other programs I run compatible and now I am getting the "Need Java 6.0" error as well. Could this be the end of the line for the Limewire Pirate Edition? Unless the holder of the code comes up with a fix me thinks it may be.

N00bz0rthefirst: didn't work... waited for 15 min

IWEBProductions: @KiddKatsuki I added a link for a Limewire Pirate Edition download in the description. I might add the version that removes the bloat sometime later. The un-bloated version removes the AVG scan annoyance and other little unnecessary things within Limewire.

gr8vibes2: frostwire works great as p2p, but miss the winmx days bad

KiddKatsuki: HOLY CRAP! IT CONNECTED IN LIKE 2 MINUTES FOR ME! :O thx dude! dunno bout you gaiz tho..

IWEBProductions: and the company is dead since 2010 so don't expect an upgrade of the software

Smael Houacine: Thank man !!

carbon273: i downloaded java but it stills say i need java? please respond

Truep Eace: Why it didn't work, I ve downloaded LPE from and tried your Fix and also other fixes but still getting the "Connecting..." problem. Help plz.

Donyae Smith: Because of this, i love you. Thankssssssss

Jared Mayhem: @IWEBProductions i must not be doing it right

allentig: anyone know where to get a working download of file_girl's 5.6.2?

yagotepicnayarit: dam i didint have to do this lol

Teresa Johnson: It works thank you so much

Freddie: Not working for me

Slade Wald: Download frostwire... dont download the 5.0+ download the older version. Just google old limewire and you can find it at If it does not connect follow this video and it will. I had the same connection issue (with frostwire) until I did this.

Landon Shelburne: OMG! I have not had limewire working since the shutdown thanks to your vid I now have a working version again. I salute and thank you!

PASKALSGYM: it requires java 6 and won't work on higher versions of java. I have java 7 installed and limewire pirate wants me to remove it.

Gaurav Sharma: Just to let you people know it works. I waited for 3-4 mins and it started showing me the connectivity. Thanks man!

carbon273: does this apply to luckywire?

Matheus Suss: maaaannnn you're GREAT thaaaanks

YaWatBruv: It's ok i have since got a brand new laptop and it connects first time really fast but when i go to download a song or film it sometimes says file not found when i click on it or says try again

mrclownman1: woot love this

Valerie Zambrana: Thanks it helped so much

IWEBProductions: frostwire is no longer p2p, it's entirely bittorrent and everybody should know that torrents can get you warning letters if you're not careful

Repartoneuro: Thanks now it works .... good job bro!!!

appofis blade: sa marche good job

Abdulrahman Ishaq AL-Alsheikh: me too

Slade Wald: Do you have LW's media player enabled or disabled? If it's disabled then your default mp3 player will attempt to launch any files. For iTunes that means it may import a partially complete file. That's why I prefer to use LW's media player for previewing & launching. If I want to listen to music then I open iTunes & play what's already in its library. I'm not sure, but either QuickTime or iTunes might have difficulty with some incomplete files.

aterraformer: crap don't work, surprising

Omar Medina: what's the link for the website?

me still me: thx brohan . it works

80Driver4life: this works for limewire 4 as well. thank u for your help!

IWEBProductions: it should but it's not perfect, as you can see it works for some and not for others

How to fix Limewire connecting problem in 2013 4.8 out of 5

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How to fix Limewire connecting problem in 2013
How to fix Limewire connecting problem in 2013
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