DIY Belt Grinder

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Cake: Just a little talking would go A LONG WAY. I had to click through 3 links to simply find out what you used for a motor, You should definitely tel us how you did all this, it really is a great grinder. Where did you salvage your final motor? What other motors work? Are there any other salvaged parts in your build? If you could improve it in any way how would you do so? Thnks for the video and time. Alex

STRIKER520: It is more of an item for people that make the knife not sharpen.

Alvin Z: Is it possible to make a small version, and if so do you mind marketing them :). Great job though

twodeadpoets: You get an A+ AND five stars!

ignilc: how did you center the belt ?by using a crowned pulley? great work by the way!

Snack3828: Good Job! I love my belt grinder. I use it every day.

Feukair: @Thetruthishere11 Using the top of the belt means the dust comes right towards you, instead you would remove the platen and use the front. It's as big as it needs to be to allow for 72 inches of belt ;-)

labrat7357: Top job. Re: your vibration getting to the work,you can make very effective isolating motor mounts using the heavy rubbers from the spindle of shock absorbers they are about 1 1/4 dia by 1/2 inch thick. get 8 .Use 4 to bolt motor to a plate and then seperate a second plate from the first using 4 rubbers and 4 bolts on the corners. It is this second plate that is bolted down. Also the drive pulley is a long way from the bearing ,that can cause problems also. All the best

Feukair: The tip of the screw pushes against a small plate that the tracking while axle is mounted on. The plate is mounted at the top on some pins. The tension of the belt puts downward pressure on the tracking wheel. The screw going in or out pushes the bottom of the plate in or out a little, causing the wheel to move up or down just a bit. It's a standard design modeled after the KMG grinder. The tracking wheel needs to have a crown. I bought all the wheels from beaumont metal works.

Feukair: Yes that was a washing machine motor, it was only a test, not nearly enough power, the belt stops easily with a lot of pressure. See my other video link in the comments to a video of the replacement motor.

CsaptukEst: Hello! What do you think, could a washing machine's engine power such a kickass belt grinder? :D

alb24u: Like J said, get the Fenner power twist belt. I had a vibration problem and that belt fixed it completely

Lunchlady6610: Very cool that you made that youself! It does an awesome job shapening.

William O'Connor: Please make a tutorial !!!!!!

randall petermann: unless you are a pro knife sharpner seems like an awful pricey machine to keep your pocket knife and a couple of kitchen kives sharp

Feukair: @helicrashpro I had upgraded the motor and pulley system, please see my other video called "DIY grinder, now with more power!!!"

enginemaxcarb.: do the wheels have ball bearings???

Jim Hinson: Have you tried using a power twist belt made by Fenner drives to reduce the vibration?

mindfreak001009: when you said 72 inches' is it the circumference? thanks

triumphmanful: Is that a washing machine type motor ? , I can't see it clearly!

jameasun: very nice and clean grinder. Where did you come up with the wheel?

Feukair: Of course I don't mind. Mine is a copy as well, it's just a sort of KMG clone but mounted on a pole. There are a few other similar pole mounted designs on utube.

Bill Ling: Is there anywhere I could get plans for this? Its about as close to a KMG as i'll get without buying a KMG.

helicrashpro: Looks very good but it sounds like it runs pretty slow, more like a sander than a "grinder". You could change the pulleys and get more SFPM out of it.

Tkim8574: do you have plans for this belt grinder yet/

Feukair: 72" is the length of the belt so yes the circumference. 2" belts typically come in 72" or 36". Longer ones are more common for knife grinding because the longer surface area keeps a little cooler and lasts longer.

Thetruthishere11: do you use the horizontal top side? looks too big.

Feukair: Thanks for the comments, I still have some fine tuning to do on the drive mechanism, vibrations are getting up to the working surface. I need to find a way to dampen the vibrations, I'm thinking of re-designing the motor mount so it's not mounted to the vertical shaft of the stand.

gordonquixote: Sick grinder!!!!!!!

ortonomics: Very nice design, sorry about the vibration tho, that's a bummer but I bet you are right its the drivetrain/motor.

Tkim8574: do you have plans for this belt grinder yet?

Alvin Z: Making*

mindfreak001009: thanks a lot,would u mind if i clone your design?

HogSnot: Very nice. Looks very well constructed. Would be great if you shared your plans! (yeah, I'm a greedy bastard).

Denton Markwalter: How do you make the belt move back and girth with the screw? I am planning on making one soon. Also, did you turn the pivots yourself?

enginemaxcarb.: i have to make one of this machines...

Feukair: Yes, except for the drive wheel. The wheels from beaumont metal works come with bearings.

David Spiller: nice job !

Feukair: I didnt really make any plans. There are so many designs and pictures online I just studied them until I understood the basic concepts of the design components, then I built it. Made a few sketches and whatnot for measurements and such, but that was it.

immaxbuddy: Wow, impressive job, it looks like something factory made, not home made. I think if you isolated the motor with rubber busings it would do the trick, as far as reducing vibrations. I'm going to build a grinder like yours, I think your simple but effective design is excellent. Thanks for showing it.

Dekakene Lies: la nécessité de cette ponceuse est indisponsable dans un atelier est indisponssable ! 

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DIY Belt Grinder 4.5 out of 5

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