DIY Belt Grinder

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ahmet balkan: YouTube aracılığıyla çok güzel video lar izledim ve çok faydalı oldu 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

BigIronTV: nice job

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Cake: Just a little talking would go A LONG WAY. I had to click through 3 links to simply find out what you used for a motor, You should definitely tel us how you did all this, it really is  a great grinder. Where did you salvage your final motor? What other motors work? Are there any other salvaged parts in your build? If you could improve it in any way how would you do so?
Thnks for the video and time. Alex

Dekakene Lies: la nécessité de cette ponceuse est indisponsable dans un atelier est indisponssable ! 

Alvin Z: Making*

Alvin Z: Is it possible to make a small version, and if so do you mind marketing them :). Great job though

David Spiller: nice job !

Feukair: Yes that was a washing machine motor, it was only a test, not nearly enough power, the belt stops easily with a lot of pressure. See my other video link in the comments to a video of the replacement motor.

triumphmanful: Is that a washing machine type motor ? , I can't see it clearly!

Feukair: Yes, except for the drive wheel. The wheels from beaumont metal works come with bearings.

enginemaxcarb.: do the wheels have ball bearings???

enginemaxcarb.: i have to make one of this machines...

Feukair: The tip of the screw pushes against a small plate that the tracking while axle is mounted on. The plate is mounted at the top on some pins. The tension of the belt puts downward pressure on the tracking wheel. The screw going in or out pushes the bottom of the plate in or out a little, causing the wheel to move up or down just a bit. It's a standard design modeled after the KMG grinder. The tracking wheel needs to have a crown. I bought all the wheels from beaumont metal works.

Feukair: I didnt really make any plans. There are so many designs and pictures online I just studied them until I understood the basic concepts of the design components, then I built it. Made a few sketches and whatnot for measurements and such, but that was it.

HogSnot: Very nice. Looks very well constructed. Would be great if you shared your plans! (yeah, I'm a greedy bastard).

Denton: How do you make the belt move back and girth with the screw? I am planning on making one soon. Also, did you turn the pivots yourself?

Feukair: Of course I don't mind. Mine is a copy as well, it's just a sort of KMG clone but mounted on a pole. There are a few other similar pole mounted designs on utube.

mindfreak001009: thanks a lot,would u mind if i clone your design?

Feukair: 72" is the length of the belt so yes the circumference. 2" belts typically come in 72" or 36". Longer ones are more common for knife grinding because the longer surface area keeps a little cooler and lasts longer.

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DIY Belt Grinder 5 out of 5

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