Beretta Silver Pigeon S Review (Part 1)

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i don' t know: hi! I see ,687 diamond pigeon are very best ! super !! silver ,gold , for who ?? moneys saver !!

ahmed hassayoune: je n'est pas remarqué la présence de grenadière.
est se que le grenadière est livré avec le fusil ou non ?

ahmed hassayoune: quel est la différence entre beretta silver pigeon S et beretta silver pigeon 1 ?

0/Socialismo: I just bought one Mate !

Jenseyboo: Sprocker321 If you fire off one shot at a single bird and then want to reload its a lot handier loading the top barrel than the bottom so your wrong there my old china.

mourad guidoum: beritta is very nice

danebrewer10: erm what?

Teal69: Top barrel first, because the bottom cartridge might get stuck and its quicker to load the top barrel??????? You have to fully open the gun for both the ejectors to work, so theres no benefit what so ever to using the top barrel first!!

pim1234: Maybe you know the difference between a SP S and a SP 1 ? as nobody else on the internet seems to know it :~

Alec D.: How does this compare to a Browning Citori?

danebrewer10: I just use "CCL Gunstock Conditioning Oil" it's what came in my cleaning kit originally, seems to work OK, sestores the colour and most of the shine with not too much work....

antman1991: What type of oil do you use on your stock?

antman1991: Thanks for replying. My gun is a 2006 model and looks identical to yours in terms of the engraving and general color of the wood so im guessing it's oiled to. I'm hoping so anyway

danebrewer10: I should think that they have used some different finished over the years, these beretta OU guns look almost identical to 10 year old versions, so your stock, as it seems to be an older gun (as ytou say it is pretty dinged up) may be different, but mine I think is an oil finish, as it becomes less lusterous with time and I just rub in a bit of stock oil every now and then to keep it maintained...

antman1991: hey mate do you know what the finish of this stock is? i have one exactly the same but its pretty marked and was wondering if it was poly, varnish, oil etc

Cade Bell: just got it for my birthday, beautiful gun absolutely beautiful.

James Darby: ive got this gun

Amalfis100: what is the price of this shotgun?

Ben Carver: I've got a brewing citori lightining gunna have to get a summer job to afford this :(

danebrewer10: @fishblade2 clay guns are heavier and have more inertia, that is, it is harder to get the gun moving from a standstill, so more of the force of the recoil is absorbed by the weight of the gun, versus a lighter gun

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Beretta Silver Pigeon S Review (Part 1) 5 out of 5

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