Kyocera Echo Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Root W/ Recovery!

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Edgar Guevara: hello I need your help as I have the Kyocera Echo M9300 but not the animation goes on and restarts to get to "echo" I can do

imfunny yournot: Fly

Frank Zhang: please respond bro i have an echo how do i flash my echo? im new with all this crap but i want cm7 really baddd please help me anyone with a kyocera echo and rom manager i am running android 2.2 and i am rooted with z4 PLEASSEE

Ez Money Beats: i need a written step by step guide myself.

wwjoshdew: you gotta download a recovery thing! It puts your phone back to stock. I meant to do a video, but couldn't make mine not boot anymore.

TheZahir2009: Lol I read xda forum claiming u can get an update but I'm scare to brick da pos at da moment plus I suck at this I'm what they call a noobbbb!!! Lol

wwjoshdew: there is a link in the descirpiton of this video that leads you to a gingerbread nandroid backup. Trust me, It works! Just don't update past that at the moment. (once you install it, it MIGHT tell you another update is available. Don't do it!)

wwjoshdew: hmmm. reading it now. thanks for the update. I might have to borrow or buy his phone from him since he's using a nexus s 4g with CM7 on it now.

wwjoshdew: @gracelanable NO. you can't use any other md5

gracelanable: Thanks a lot man, i'm running 2.3.4 right now !!! ^_^

wwjoshdew: are you on Android 2.2 FroYo right now?

wwjoshdew: I do NOT have this phone. I'm trying VERY hard to get it back from my brother... but he forgets every single time.

wwjoshdew: @gracelanable apparentley they don't have the MD5 posted. So i would just re download it and try again!

gracelanable: @wwjoshdew okay i'm about tryin right now

SuperDaniels123: Need help. phone gets stuck at the beginning. Its the Kyocera Spirnt.

wwjoshdew: @fuentesjj huh? lment? If you mean comment, your video doesn't have any comments

TheZahir2009: How about 2.3 for the zio

T2theDoubleE: I watched your original video on this, I downloaded z4 mod, I hit perm, it now is frozen and is not working, I read through the comments and you said you made an updated video of how to do this damn thing... This is it????? makes no sense! Please I begging you make a step my step tutorial of how to root this phone... I begging you! This video explains nothing! You actually said this--- you gotta download a recovery thing! WTF does that mean??? Jesus man please your a GOD on this stuff pleasehelp

Curtis Bascue: @wwjoshdew Have fun Josh :)

wwjoshdew: @torrentfreak5150 took two minutes to record! lol. hush! thanks if you meant that, but really... it was a quick video just to give people a heads up, as people that this phone was unrootable before.

gracelanable: @wwjoshdew i'm using chrome with idm. can you give me the md5 file only?

jose puello: I have an echo,im not sure about other phones, often times big apps need a wi-fi connection.

gracelanable: @wwjoshdew downloading the 3rd nandroid backup file..-_-

southeast05: man i need help how in d world did you update to 2.3.4 i did everything on the website you provided everything installed correctly but still in 2.2.1 help plz if i am missing anything thanxz....

wwjoshdew: @gracelanable dude, it's just a RAR. what file are you using? Under DEVELOPMENT, you will see a post called Gingerbread Nandroid Backup and download THAT rar. Maybe that's why you're having issues. Because THAT backup is just one file, not multiple files. (You said you were downloading your 3rd nandroid backup file)

Tamyka Holmes: Thank you I have asked several people to help me does this because my phone came set with 2.3.4 it was pissing me off. So again thank you now of to try and make this work fingers crossed.

wwjoshdew: No offense... but Google "Android Custom Recovery" and educate yourself about Android, before jumping into root and stuff.

wwjoshdew: the phone is limited on space... newer phones like the EVO3D and above have more than 1GB for app space.

18barbiee: will this work for android mytouch 4g by lg, 2.3.4?

wwjoshdew: @Swagnificent430 dude, you have to click the link in the description, and download the one click recovery zip! then run the batch file and it will install custom recovery. you can NOT do it through rom manager because the echo doesn't have official support yet. plus the CM7 build doesn't even have the radio working. (meaning no text messages, calls, or anything)

00ZERODRAGON00: android 2.2.1

wwjoshdew: @myka728 it WILL! :-) and you're very welcome!

Herman Martinus: Hi, can you give me the link of the stock ROM? I have problem with my rooted echo, @ 20 dec a bunch of apps got updated and then it gives me error stopped unexpectedly. After I did reset to factory got worse, because all apps and the services framework crashes all the time. I guess I have to flash it back to stock ROM but don't have it. I've installed sar recovery...what should I do to flash to Stock ROM? Some article on web says that the problem might be from rooting that not compatible.

fuentesjj: I shoulda done a vid instead of just providing links.

Rajah Inmon: How do I get to quick boot n I'm on 2.3.4 n rooted

Jabari Jones: Did this phone get ice cream sandwich? Lol

gracelanable: @wwjoshdew i'm little bit suspicious about the 'md5', then i opened it with notepad..voila it's aint like the other 'md5' from my backup files. or maybe i can use my own md5 from my latest backup?

00ZERODRAGON00: Hi mine stuck on kyocera logo. how can I fix it? I just got this phone 2 days ago. it was working flawless. today I tried to update the latest android version. while installing it stop and says something error and asking me to contact sprint. i dont have sprint account.. help..

tolust: How do I install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread on my stock Froyo Echo ? Does my phone needs to rooted first before i install it in recovery or does it need to be non-rooted ?

wwjoshdew: @gracelanable redownload it buddy! you have a corrupt zip! I would recommend using firefox instead of Internet explorer, and an addon called "DownThemAll". IF YOU SET IT TO, it will check to make sure what you download is EXACTLY what you're supposed to get

gracelanable: i cant flash the nandroid backup file, it says 'md5 mismatch' ? what should i do then?

00ZERODRAGON00: Please do so thank you. Im starting to like this phone. I just bought this phone 2 days ago from craiglist guy and it was working pretty well until I tried to update it. Do you think sprint can fix it? even if I don't have account with them? I don't use this phone as phone. I use this to play games,watch and surf.

gracelanable: @wwjoshdew no, i mean it is the 3rd RAR that i downloaded...:D

wwjoshdew: @fuentesjj I would have, IF I had been at home and had my camera. This was with my phone and not being able to edit it. Sorry buddy! It's pretty much a ONE CLICK thing though! The video would of consisted of me downloading a zip, extracting it, and double clicking a program that does EVERYTHING for you with one click. :D

UnikSniper King: Is it work with sony z walkman plz reply!!

TheZahir2009: Oh crap lol good crap

torrentfreak5150: Impressive video!

wwjoshdew: @gracelanable nope. if it's not on the site, then I don't have the md5 either. it doesn't save it. you just put it in and Firefox (actually DownThemAll) says if it matches or not.

MrAntosam: I have a problem with my android echo i would like to know why i cannt download app game over 20Mb. I dont understand I was thinking about my space in my device but isnt help please.

Miguel Krauser: how to get that menu?

Kyocera Echo Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Root w/ Recovery! 4.5 out of 5

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