Kyocera Echo Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Root W/ Recovery!

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lx l: the forums and download links r dead, do anyone still have the recovery file for Kyocera Echo(ksp8000)

Niketa Lemoth: Links are dead

Hiram Gutierrez: Josh I'm having trouble with my ECHO after I updated it. It take me to a screen with a white t try triangle and an exclamation mark inside and a little android on the bottom.

Edgar Guevara: hello I need your help as I have the Kyocera Echo M9300 but not the animation goes on and restarts to get to "echo" I can do

T2theDoubleE: What is recovery thing????

T2theDoubleE: I watched your original video on this, I downloaded z4 mod, I hit perm, it now is frozen and is not working, I read through the comments and you said you made an updated video of how to do this damn thing... This is it????? makes no sense! Please I begging you make a step my step tutorial of how to root this phone... I begging you! This video explains nothing! You actually said this--- you gotta download a recovery thing! WTF does that mean??? Jesus man please your a GOD on this stuff pleasehelp

Camia Cooper: I hve that phone

Emerson Recov: como lo reseteo ayuda porfa

tylo dalloran: my digno dual wx04k i forgot the pin number , can i ask how to hard reset thanks

Miguel Krauser: how to get that menu?

Herman Martinus: Hi, can you give me the link of the stock ROM? I have problem with my rooted echo, @ 20 dec a bunch of apps got updated and then it gives me error stopped unexpectedly. After I did reset to factory got worse, because all apps and the services framework crashes all the time. I guess I have to flash it back to stock ROM but don't have it. I've installed sar recovery...what should I do to flash to Stock ROM? Some article on web says that the problem might be from rooting that not compatible.

Jabari Jones: Did this phone get ice cream sandwich? Lol

tolust: How do I install Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread on my stock Froyo Echo ? Does my phone needs to rooted first before i install it in recovery or does it need to be non-rooted ?

USK: Is it work with sony z walkman plz reply!!

Karl Moraga: will this work for mytouch 4g? i really need help on mine :( im on 2.3.4 too. thanks alot.

jose puello: I have an echo,im not sure about other phones, often times big apps need a wi-fi connection.

jose puello: It should have tell you, but to download big games you need a wi-fi connection.

Dark.Aardvark: Alright, man, I need your help. I've tried every guide I could find on the internet and absolutely nothing works. My phone tried to update itself, errored saying "cannot apply update," rebooted, and got stuck at the Kyocera brick screen. I've tried the SAR recovery, but it gets stuck at "waiting for phone to connect." fastboot devices lists the device, so it is connected to my computer. I tried flashing it using fastboot flash recovery recovery.img. No luck. I'm running out of ideas :\

Ez Money Beats: i need a written step by step guide myself.

ENTRO BOOGIE: how do you hard reset the phone.

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Kyocera Echo Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Root w/ Recovery! 5 out of 5

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Kyocera Echo Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Root w/ Recovery!
Kyocera Echo Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Root w/ Recovery!
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