GM 3.1 V6 Timing Cover Coolant Leak.

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SubliminallyObvious1: You may find that the water pump impeller has rusted and broken off the shaft and the blades of the impeller have worn through the housing. Just sayin'!

Justin Patterson: anyone know where i can find a video of this being 99 buick century leaks from timing cover. i need to see it to do it. thanks

Ryno Riot: I just had my leaking timing cover replaced on my 96 lumina. $42 in parts.. $450 in labor. I would've loved to tackle this myself but due to it being -5 in pa and my lack of a garage makes that a little difficult.

Tannoy Oxygen: I have a 95 Grand Am 3.1 v6 the repair book says you have to take off the Starter/AC compressor/Engine support/Oil pan/ as well as several other components just to get to the front cover gasket. ridiculous!  

Сергей Ступаков: How you fixed this problem? I have same problem with my Buick Century.

bdeelyunkel: how do u connect the garden hose? email me? bdunk2323@

The General: That's a VERY clean looking engine....nice job maintaining that thing!

Scotty Jones: Thats ur intake gastket leaking all them engines leak abt n same place!

DaveB038: Hi Wayne, before you read my reply I have to say that I am NOT a mechanic, just someone who doesn't like to pay mechanics ;) Assuming your 95 buick has the 3.1 like mine I don't think you ever need to change the timing chain. Since it is not a belt there is no need to replace it. I don't see any reason to pull the timing belt cover unless you have to.

Wayne Buffin: When are u suppose to change your timing change I just bought a 1995 buick century and it has 92,555 on it I an doing a full tune up and maintenance makeover is it time to change it

DaveB038: It wasn't too bad and not too expensive either. About $65 for a used cover. Pretty easy to take off and install. The biggest trick for me was keeping the crank from spinning when installing the crankshaft pulley. Also, don't make the same mistake I did overestimate how hard it is to install the crankshaft pulley and strip the installer tool. You can rent a crankshaft removal tool and installer tool from an auto parts store. I used O'Reilly.

Chris B: my 99 century is leaking from the same area as urs, i thought it was the water pump but wasnt, i was told it was the timing cover may have a leak, let me know how easy/hard it was to fix, thanks

DaveB038: Michael, yep, I agree except that I replaced it twice already. It was in fact a hole in the timing cover caused by a failing water pump that was rubbing on the inside of the cover and had worn it paper thin. Once the cover was off I was able to push my finger through the cover where the tiny hole was. The pulley was rubbing against the outside of the pump too.

Mike Werner: look closer at water pmp

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GM 3.1 V6 Timing cover coolant leak. 5 out of 5

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