World Of Warcraft Private Server 255 Funserver 3.3.5

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warcrafter gaming: where do i download the site does not exist

владимир зырянов: прикольна

lcxbx: Horrable

Yusumay: You cant make any custom gear for cata, none of the working item creators have been updated.

var y: Hey Guys! there is this awesome Private Server called Eternal-WoW! Its for WoW both 3.3.5a and WoW 4.3.4, They have amazing Staff and 6 different realms including a 255 Funserver! Its really amazing, come check it out!

D5monsl4y: Fake as crap

Louis-David Massé: 0:23 it says infinitywow LOL

Rugged The Trader: the servers down guys, its not fake, the owner said on the site that he will only have it up on his spare time, and who knows when that will be? also the site is only have open anyways when it is open, the 255 funserver is for "donators" only, which is a real bummer ik, please don't hate on this guy, because he did a good job at advertising this server.

Robin Gunnarsson: it´s a fake site !!!!

kostadin angov: why site dont work

Sorinel Sorin: haha site off:-j

Lucas Hau: THe site dont work

Tommy Rogers: OMG With the freaking retarded music in these videos! Slim crapty sucks. Stop assaulting our ears with that crap!

W0wGamers: @cengizow1 Read top comment i answered? Eminem Talking 2 myself.

Cengiz Dogan: Song Name

weloxia: Is it just me or Can anyone else go on the website Linked ?

Snillur007: What the Hell is the weside called for this server ????? or is this just fake crap ??? everyone showing vidio of this serve, And everyone saying fake Websides WTF!!??

Raul Butuc: This is Unforgiven WoW,,, but has stolen a bit from the old EpicWoW, which unfortunantly is not online anymore.

Potato Rain: New private server 3.3.5a with working spells and talents !! :) Need Peoples , and GM's Scripter , And someone who can make a Website :( Comon , join us now ! We running for some time Hamachi ^^ Hamachi : Blazer-WoW Password : 123

Wilker Augusto: .New private server 3.3.5a with everthing working. .Need people to join. .Friendly GM and it is x 20 .Come join us. Pm so i can send you the server registration page :D see you in the game ! More information join hamachi : ID ParagonWoW Pass parati1018paga

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World of Warcraft Private Server 255 Funserver 3.3.5 5 out of 5

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