Yaesu FT857 With YF-122S Mechanical Collins 2,3 Khz SSB Filter

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kees konings: hoor weinig verschil .

0ndrous: Having purchased an FT-857D with both filters (factory & 2.3) I do notice improvement in both selectivity and sound quality, & though not a major difference, it is an improvement and up to you if it's worth the $. I'm springing for the 2.9 filter because I've heard a friend's 857D with a recent 2.9 upgrade and now it sounds as full & rich as an Icom Pro3, using the stock hand mic with a condenser element modification. I'm more of a Rag-Chewer than a contester, though I do enjoy DXing, too. 73

Toudiyama: get a 2 KHz filter from Inrad originally the FT 8x7 Bandwidth on SSB is already about 2.3 KHz, just look at a waterfall in a PSK program and you will see what I mean And Why are these Filters so expensive compared to other filters for other radios? even the inrad filters cost 140 $ a piece, these filters cost too much for what they offer and for what's inside of them

berny bord: its true for the price the difference its very little iven you cant hear it some time.. bernard

Michael Parker: Mmm I am not sure listening to that again, mine is more different in terms of audio tone, it's almost like the matrix is making connection to identify the filter but it is not making a connection. I would check it is inserted the correct way up and way round and pushed in properly. 73 Mike M0SAZ.

Michael Parker: Yes but there is no adjacent QRM so how can you gauge the effectiveness of the filter? It is only slightly narrower than the stock ceramic filter but has better skirts, so the unwanted signals are rolled off more sharply. Of course a lot of this can be achieved using DSP too.

regarderantoine: Try on LSB and listen the difference, Inrad have a filter 2.9 khz the difference is rely impressive

crnazvijezda: Nice video! It looks like filter is not worth the money :( very sad but happy because I didn't spend money

0ndrous: For what application? For Rag-chew, absolutely! Get the 2.9KHz from INRAD. For DXing the Collins 2.3KHz is great but you might not feel it's enough improvement to justify the cost. For contesting definitely get the 2.0KHz.

JORGE LW5DW: is equal ---- not diference 73s jorge

9m2pju: i will go for CW filter only.

ke4wsh: thinking of getting filters for my 857d should i

Yaesu FT857 with YF-122S Mechanical Collins 2,3 Khz SSB filter 4.1 out of 5

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