EKOL Jackal Dual - Dicle - Volga 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Overview

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Andijvie: I like that Ekol Jackass and that pickle one too.

Kolbe Moss: how loud id a 9mm blank gun vs a real gun

Meandme Shehab: محلات ابو سيف في مصر

LMDigital Movies: Is the Volga not like the ASP?

Mahmoud Abdullah: I need this weapon as soon as possible how ..I'm from Egypt

eric hensen: If someone in Canada wants to sell a blank gun,please feel free to contact me at "sid.sharma777@yahoo.com" I'll pay you more than its regular price. Thanks

Martin Gutierrez: can i hav 1... JK.

Stefan Märkl: a question what is the loudest blank gun i have a Hw94 Weihrauch and a Walther pp his call the Hw 94 is the loudest blank gun its that real ??? GOOD video !!

rwendel762: the dicle is made to look like the beretta couger, and is pronounced Disle with the i sounding like the word I

Replica Airguns: The Walther is top venting so it will have a red plug.

213stls: Im about to but an Walther P99 s But i wanna know if it has the red tip at the end and if its as loud as the ekol aras magnum ? Please reply

Replica Airguns: just like a real gun but with no lead bullets on the end.

uFlollage: How those gas guns work? Do they need anything except blank ammunition?

Replica Airguns: I get lots of orders each day, I have no idea what your actual name or email is? I would need your order number to look into this, you are best off to contact us throughout the website where you ordered the gun instead of YouTube. Thanks.

213stls: Hey I bought the dicle some 3 days ago when will I get a tracking number? @Switchingtomac

Replica Airguns: @11buckaroo Hard to say, it is out of my control?

Replica Airguns: @nerdypetey Satin

Peter Chu: What color is the dicle? Nickel/ Fume?

Replica Airguns: @nunvikingsofthesea Not really true, they are just holding on to them for a while and charging extravagant daily storage fee's on items waiting to be accepted.

Stickie Linez x_O: really nice pistol

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EKOL Jackal Dual - Dicle - Volga 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Overview 5 out of 5

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My Air Gun & Blank Gun Collection for 2011
My Air Gun & Blank Gun Collection for 2011
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