Mitsubishi Tv Repair Wd-65733 Optical Engine Removal For White Dots Issues.

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Rick Johnson: That TV is immaculate inside. Looks like a very clean home, or that it's never used! LOL

Sylvia Rivas: were do find reset button at for mitibushi tv 2010 model at

Carlos Fascinetto: I have a problem with my Mitsubishi Unisen 48" 0r 50" LT46164 serial 106142, is a blue screen, at the beginning was only for a second, later stay forever, I turn off and on Again a problem solved, now is blue nothing happen, I move all the inputs to a different positions, nathing happens. 

Bereft Sanity: Will all u dumb freaks do somthn in ur video holycrap ur not fixin or replacin crap

Peace3500: I have a Mitsubishi DLP Digital WD-62927
Serial 10051. I just recently put in a new bulb. The tv power on and works fine, however after 30 to 60 minutes the colors start to flicker and the colors start to become faded, turns bluish and pinkish colors and also develops a line split in the middle of the tv. What could be causing this?

chichi11967: This was a huge help and gave me the confidence to do it myself! Thank you!

kurt coon: I have a 62" Mitsubishi dlp tv. The bulb was replaced a year ago and the tv works fine except there is a 1 foot blue spot in the middle of the tv. You can see it when its on a white screen and it distorts the colors when watching a movie. Can anyone tell me what might wrong with it? Thanks

David Heyd: I have a Mitsubishi WD 65735 and had t replace the lamp about 2 1/2 years ago.Well it happened again and this time a changed the lamp and the housing together,you know how bad the housings get.So I changed them,the tv comes on fine for maybe 10-15 seconds then goes off and Red light comes on.I can wait 2-3 minutes and it will come back on.Anyone knoe whats going on here,Thanks,David

Steve Gaj: Greetings, I recently replaced the light engine on my Television, using your informative video, and now have a working television (without the dots). Unfortunately, the picture is now rotated a few degrees on the screen. Is there something that I need to do to align the picture on the screen? Any help would be appreciated. Steve

rakkfatha: I fixed my mom's 73 inch Tv for christmas. She had given up on it there were so many dots on her tv that she had to wait until certain times of the day to watch + she had heard that it would cost her almost the amount of the TV to get it repaired. I fixed it for her for free.

Nestor Noria: i have a Mitsubishi TV WD-62527 syart with colors problem too much green out of blue and red dots on clear images , if i take out the proyector like in the video exist any place where they fix or if not how much cost buy a newone ? thanks

vic matous: Call Mitsubishi Support. They replaced the chip free of charge.

HDTVEXP77: It might be color wheel, only way to fix that its replacing it.

HDTVEXP77: Go to our web page forum and post a picture of your problem..

P Rob: I just replaced my color wheel & the picture looks fine. But the dark blue lines are from the bottom left going up, then go from the top left to the top right declining. It doesn't look distorted, it looks like something isn't positioned right.

Becki Coltharp: I called Mitsubishi about the white dot issue on our tv, they will pay the $225 for the part but are wanting me to pay $200+ for a service fee. I told them I could put it in myself and they will not allow that. Can someone tell me how to get them to understand that they can just send me the damn part and I will do it myself? email me

Upub5: I have an old Misubishi VS-4541 and it shows stripes or black, or just streaks of color, but if you hit the side with a cane, it often clears up for the rest of the day and plays perfectly. Next day, same prob. What to do??

Jason G: Thanks I just ordered the part its 65hm167 I said 64" before but its really a 65"

HDTVEXP77: You have to replace the DMD chip in the optical engine.

Jason G: I have a Mitsubishi 64" TV. I have white dots all over the screen went from one corner and spread around. I took the y67 lamp out but its not burned out. Any suggestions on fixing this? I just bought 2 sharp 2D/3D 70" plasma that work like a champ but still would like to fix my 64" one for garage

Mitsubishi tv repair Wd-65733 optical engine removal for white dots issues. 5 out of 5

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