85 Ford 6.9 Diesel Pulling 99 Cummins 4x4

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sam graves: Good ol Grand Prairie tx !

Ben Cooper: 6.9 for ever man. Love them. Doing a 6.9 swap myself

BoomHDgames: i got an 89 7.3 5 speed she pulls 7 tons hay like a dream :) love them old ford

VK7001.P: ha ha ha that's why you have a 4 speed manual no parking gear

RedneckRebel02: thats where dodges belong

Ben Denard: Adamz678 are you retarded the ford 460 just about the most reliable and long lasting big block engine there has ever been and also the 6.9 trucks didnt have much power but they will run forever and they might take a little longer to get you where youre going but they will get you there. Dont talk crap about stuff you know nothing about. Now the 351m was a piece of crap no power and not a very good over all engine think before you speak.

chrysny413: That's a hill? Come to north east pa

chris pond: I have three of these

Adamz678: 460s are even bigger piles of sh*t. I would rather have a 6.9.

Alan Bradshaw: I got a 84 with 81000 on 8its got a 4 speed and 2wd and i had seven ton on behind it and walked up a very steep hill and its stock too

forddipper: i saw spur 408!!!!!!

Gearhead1444: You will ruin the trans on the Ford if it is in park and it is pushing it like that.

PSD Mayhem: Ford-Found Offroad Rescuing Dodge

Relbac3: Hill 408 I have traveled that hill many a time. just outside of arlington going into duncanville. one of the most deceiving hills in the dfw area. it doesn't look like much but climb it in a gas engine with no load and your passing gear will get worked overtime. nice to see a true diesel get the job done relativly easy. 6.9 the work horse of diesel engines

Jaco: Damn rednecks!

Hauler Scraper: man i cant believe you didint hold the brakes on the truck.

landen300: If I had to guess, I'd say that trailer has 3500 pound axles and weighs about 1700 empty. So that being said, I'd say you guys were overloading it's 5300 pound capacity by quite a bit! I guess add 500 for tongue weight so 5800 pounds, but still! That Cummins truck has to weigh 7k plus. Great video though, I have a similar truck but I have the 4 speed manual. I thought this one was a manual until I read the comments, the gauge cluster is from a stick truck. Nice Job guys!!!

Pulsion Mort: I live in DFW as well! Hah only us Texans can make awesome videos like this.

DuckwalkSupreme: Wow! Peak torque at 0 rpm, that's incredible!

UnEngineered: @85raminator, yeah, my brother did it to his 01 ford and im putting one into my 78, i know that it was to only thing at the time, i was just stating it, but that would be great if you could choose your own engine for your pickup.

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85 ford 6.9 diesel pulling 99 cummins 4x4 5 out of 5

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85 ford 6.9 diesel pulling 99 cummins 4x4
85 ford 6.9 diesel pulling 99 cummins 4x4
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