I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review

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John Tom: What is a “cabola” grip?

Arfat 91 Bilal Ahmid: .

Michael Hatfield: Use to have one just like this.I sold it years ago to a friends Dad that worked late nights and needed protection on the cheap. I still have one in .32S&W Long. They were both decent shooters. I had a Rossi model 68 that was very similar. Have always had a soft spot for .38Special.

Danny Smith: nice 5 shot taurus, but I like my taurus it's a 6 shot.

Jeffrey Stone: I have a Spesco Falcon that belonged to my father. More the size of a K frame/ model -15 clone.

Chris Villagomez: Do they make holsters for these?

Michael: This is a very poorly put together revolver. Granted it's from the sixties, I have the 5 shot 2 inch made in Brasil. Bought it because I wanted a cheap snub. The wooden grips have fallen off of it before and if you put I'd say 10 shots through it, the gun won't shoot because it gets too hot. Trigger pull on it is awful. Despite all that I do carry mine in a shoulder rig because it's easy, cheap and small. I also carry it with 4 rounds because I don't want it to misfire. I plan on selling it once my new Colt Cobra comes in and that will fully replace it.

MrAlexzp70: Esse cara tem uma arma boa de fato!!

ryelor123: I've got one with a longer barrel. Best gun ever.

MrCavemanDon: he's not kidding on it not being good to dry fire, I have broken twp firing pins, one out of stupidity, the other testing the function after some work.

Adalberto Pires: possuo uma de tres polegadas cinco tiros,cabo de madri pérola.ótima para transportar na cintura.

SubzeroSaibot: I bought this revolver earlier today and was wondering if the barrel is removable.

Joe Bucci: I.N.A. 2" barrel will shoot high. I have a model #1, and I carry it with snake shot loads while I am fishing. With 158 gr. lead bullets you can't hit any thing out 30 yards with any consistently. But it kills rattlesnakes very effectively ...... with the snake loads.

Daniel Boni: minha mae tinha um ina realmente e muito dificil de achar hoje

Daniel Boni: industria nacional de armas eu sou brasileiro esse revolver é uma raridade parabéns.

Leandro ruyter avelar: De fato o revolver INA não é conhecido no Brasil sua produção e exportação ocorreu em 1971. Outras fábricas (Caramuru, Chapina, Castelo) tambem fecharam no inicio dos anos 70. Hoje temos como armas mais populares a Taurus, a Rossi, Boito, IMBEL e CBC.

Matrix Adjustment: i have one that sats ina made in brazil. nothing about miami.fl also its a 2 in 38 spec

Clever Reis: INA is not a brand of popular weapon in Brazil, I conducted research on the internet, discover that the National Arms Industry or INA, Castelo, Caramuru, Chapina are trademarks of antique weapons, are now known by most Brazilians taurus, rossi and Imbel.

David Nagessar: What is the difference between this and a Brazillian spesco 38 revolver or are they basically the same?

cramsa: I saw one in 32cal at the gunstore used... for about $130

I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review 5 out of 5

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