I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review

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Chad Elmore: I just found one in a 2inch version and love it. Great history on the gun thanks for the info.

subzeronaruto90: I bought this revolver earlier today and was wondering if the barrel is removable.

thisvigilantguardian: What a beauty

classof77: Decent little kit gun and a cool find. I never heard of I.N.A. before. You're right about the quality of the bluing.

Bruno Wolmer: a marca nao e tiger e INA

chordize: Scootch, I LOVE the reviews, but I cannot stand the song. lol

LooneyBoxing14: Hi there i have a Question, is there by any chance you can tell me if they still make firing pins for the 38 special tiger..and if so what site would it be on? thanks

Retts59: Great review. Very informative. I have come across one of these guns which was passed down in the family. I have the receipt and original box with price tag. It was purchased in 1968 for $49.95 in Florida. Mine has the 2 1/4 inch barrel. The box says REVOLVER "TIGER" Caliber .32 S.W. Long. Thanks again for the info!

dopeskis: I found your channel, a couple days ago and ive already watched all of your videos. THEY ROCK, one thing though it would be cool if you could do a mossberg shotgun video. I'm looking to buy one soon and I would like your criticism. Cheers

nathshoots: Awesome review!! I always look forward to your new stuff! That's a pretty little revolver. I'm currently on the hunt for a .38 caliber for my wife. I'll take this one into serious consideration if I can find one. Very informative. Thanks sootch!

sootch00: @dopeskis Thanks for the kind words. I have a Mossberg 500 that I'm planning to do a review video but I would suggest the Model 590. You have a lot more options with the 590. Take care my friend~

JRhoney: I saw one of these for sale a few weeks ago but the guy was calling it a Rossi and he wanted $300 for it o.0 I got a S&W 586 instead for $450 instead ^^

shananagans5: I love the finish on that. With all the diff materials they have made guns out of and things they have plated them with, I must say, a quality blued finish is still my fav. Rugged, pratical, beautifull, you just can't beat it.

Daniel Afonso: industria nacional de armas eu sou brasileiro esse revolver é uma raridade parabéns.

rodrigomengaoBR: dude, awesome review. but i'm brazilian, i live in brazil, and I know we don't have pumas in rainforests. Here we have jaguars, and they're very known in those rainforests beside this, the review is great and you said industria nacional de armas preety right dude. Brazilian greetings.

snowflakeflims: I just bought one form a pawn shop for $150. Havn't got a chance to shot it yet though.

sootch00: @Springr1911 Yeah, the S&W is a better pistol...I paid $420 for mine and only $160 for the INA. Why not have both? : )

Dimitrius Norbert: I.N.A is rare here in brasil taurus and rossi become more famous at all,but is always nice to see some south america gun reviwed...you talked about the qualities of the gun this is because here 38 specias and 380ACP are the most powerfull calibers a good citizer can buy :( of course the bad guys have ak's,ar's and all kind o heavy guns(few years ago police find a 50 cal with drug dealers,and a home made rocket launcher...and in 2011 they started to throw grenades in the police)

Henry Nguyen: lol turn on captions and at like 5:15 it says something about retirement

ThePHENOMZ24: Great review as always 5*****

Elweenieloco: great vid

GitcheG75: That's a beauty, sootch00! Thanks for the post, man!

gonfishin077: i have one that sats ina made in brazil. nothing about miami.fl also its a 2 in 38 spec

Mr45Bullitt: You amaze me Don.Always another great find. Great vid my friend as always.5*s

barracuda546: Its a very nice looking gun

CatemacoRock: beautiful gun

Dmajorproductions: i love my .38, mostly because i can put the rounds in my .357 magnum and reduce the recoil, its amazing!

stekiwig: I recently received one of these after my father passed away. He bought it in the late 60's or early 70's. I took it and had it cleaned/serviced by a local gunsmith. It is in great condition and a great little gun. It has the 2" barrel. It shoots great and it very accurate. Great for carrying in my truck. Thanks for the review and take care.

Gary Jordan: Another great review! I use to have a FIE Titan Tiger .25acp, 6 shot. That was a nice little back up gun.

arvdaugii: just to let you know INA did make a two inch version, because I have one. By the way does your gun shoot high?

stealthyshooter: Beatiful gun!

biguy525: Nice review.

dphitch: Sootch, nice vid, never heard of I.N.A before tonight. Another good low cost piece comparable to this one is the S&W model 10. Maybe not as pretty as this one but there are millions of them floating around and the ones I've seen in my neck of the woods in good condition are priced below 300. (non-V post war models)

LongRangeRifle: Lol I like it when Sootch speaks Portuguese :-)

sootch00: @sae1095hc You may be right. I didn't check to see if it had a trigger block. Thanks~

BroPaul: Great review and beautiful revolver! -- Just wondering...if you carried it, would you be afraid to have the hammer riding on a loaded chamber?

cramsa: I saw one in 32cal at the gunstore used... for about $130

berryjs140: gotta find one...

USNERDOC: Another great Sootch review! That is a sweet looking pistol.

Michael Tefft: I have a six shot Rossi revolver in .357 magnum with a four inch barrel. Very similar looking to the I.N.A Tiger. Great shooting gun.

krazy45cat: 5 *

Samio do monte pereira: nunca ouvi falar dessa marca tiger,mas ta de parabens,muito bom o revolver.

SgtBooker44: Nice review. The Spanish accent wasn't bad either.

gnashings: Great vid as always, love the fact that you find all these uncommon guns and give the interesting background stories on them as well. Really cool.

msamour: Hey sootch, thanks for the review. I was wondering if moon clips can be used with all revolvers. Also, How can you tell when a revolver is double action versus single? I'm from Canada, don't know much about hand gun. The only one i take care of are the Sigs p225 we have at my unit. Cheers. Mike.


gadgetable64: Oh yea these guns do have a "Trigger blocking mechanism"...When the inspection plate is removed it is the first moving part encountered..

David Nagessar: What is the difference between this and a Brazillian spesco 38 revolver or are they basically the same?

Springr1911: I would have gone for the S&W too. Not much of a choice there.

Matthew Hawking: Cool. That's a very interesting little revolver. Thanks for the video!

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review 4.8 out of 5

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I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review
I.N.A. Tiger 38 Special Brazilian Revolver Review
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