Mobius Glassworks MATRIX Perc

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Eian Wahgener: oo you had me with the BOC

Tanner Glazer: I'm making a video for you guys once i get mine!

SteeleConcept: You guys have the dopest bubs on the market. Sick innovation and design! Kudos Mobius. So fresh n so clean clean.

loocas crouce: i have a peyote pillar, and let me say that this piece is defiantly a good runner up to it, along with its bigger brother the strato, if ur in doubt of buying one, don't be, it hits like a dream. ps great song!

TheDailyBaker: 300 for the Reti ion, 330 for the matrix ion and reti dewarr, 370 for matrix dewaar, good luck finding them in stock though (ALT). Maybe I'll auction mine off :D j/k they are my daily drivers.

collin paine: how much does the cheapest one go for anyone know?

dee Dellas: aqualabtechnologies =)

Millidoit Biig: were can i get one online ?

yolk151: You couldn't have picked a better song. Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy. Great glass work by the way.

Jason Hogue: if only Mobius could have bubs in Texas. this is my ultimate dream piece.

ApEx1HP: Don't have 1200 to drop on the Peyote Pillar, but holy crap am I glad I found out about this thing. Defiantly my next pick up.

William Wonder: Gorgeous. Mobius glass leads the way. Just beautiful...the zero drag and stacking ability seem unmatched.

Supradreams: @MobiusGlassworks Use twixtor or magic bullets.

jamesralcoon: The name of this song is Dayvan Cowboy by Boards of Canada from the album "The Campfire Headphase" listen to all of their music, it's just as good

586guest2: hey whats this music?

Gogluism: What's the name of the song?? It's a nice track to get stoned to.

TheDailyBaker: @QualityKush I'm waiting for the 2nd gen Reti to arrive tomorrow, then I will put together a proper video lining up the 2nd gen Matrix vs the 2nd Gen Reti. I need more Stoney Subscribers! Peace

QualityKush: @TheDailyBaker Any video's comparing the 2 yet? i know there not going to make the 1st gen anymore but it would be interesting to see.

TheDailyBaker: Smaller Ion Bubbler with MATRIX perc avialable NOW on ALT! Its 2.5" shorter than the standard dewaar, and has a fused base, they're asking $330 as opposed to $370 for the bigger bub. Just thought I'd holler to anyone waiting for one of these fab percs.

TheDailyBaker: If you look in my channel I just uploaded a very short video of the 2nd Generation Matrix dewaar in action. If I get 10 subscribers I will upload another (longer) video of my new toy.

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Mobius Glassworks MATRIX Perc 5 out of 5

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IMG 2673

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