Streaming From Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100)

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Isaias Pagan: This doesn't work. I can't get them to read each other.

Tomecka Dalton: I have the wifi set and everything how do I get my smart tv recognize my phone

Chris Chavez: Does it have to be on different input? Mine will not recognize my smart TV

Sz Ki: How do I stream if I don't have a smart TV with DLNA?  I heard that Google Chrome USB does not allow streaming of your personal videos just youtube and Samsung Galaxy hub does not have great reviews.  Please advise.  I would love to have an option to stream everything on my phone to a big screen TV. Thanks.

dominionn09: This is not helpful without the set up procedure. What the hell is wrong with you people making these vids to show the end product?


Carlos Ibarra: my phone used to allow me to do that but for some reason its not allowing me to stream pictures or video... can anyone help me figure it out????

n8tiveskillz: Can you do this with your internet browser on your phone to your tv?

Waqas Afzal: i have a galaxy note 2 and i want to hook up with samsung smart tv, how to do that?

Waqas Afzal: i think that you have to pair your phone with your tv and then you can control from your phone to tv.

Mario Vargas: wat about for tubeplus?

Pernell Butler: Dna tv ?

Pernell Butler: That's amazing.. Im getting a galaxy note II next month

AznxDJs: Why is your mobile video not moving? And TV video playing?

AznxDJs: Why is your mobile video always same picture? And your tv video is playing?

thebatman101069: I'm just thinking the software just isnt compatable for streaming video like this thru some devices. Like I said before, my Xbox360 works exactly like this, with pressing the little tv icon and it puts it right up. But my PS3 and my Sony Media Player don' have to just file share and run it from them instead of the phone running it like in this video. Oh well... I even have a Samsung Bluray wifi player at my GF's house and it doesn't do it either, I have to do it like the PS3.

thebatman101069: Well, it works like it should thru my xbox360... so it must be a firmware problem with your tv...the note must not like your TV or something, just like it doesn't like my little Sony media player...Maybe try updating the firmware in your tv, my media player is already up to date and still won't work like this so....I just do the File Share thing and stream it that way. if you find a solution, let me know...I've tried a few different media player apps and none of them work to fix the problem...

thebatman101069: you have to be connected to your wifi network, and have a DLNA enabled device... when your phone sees it on the network, it will show up...

thebatman101069: I have the same problem... I tried it with my Sony Media player and my brother's Panasonic wifi tv, and it gives me the same message... I can stream music, but not video... did you figure it out yet? If I do I will let you know.

Inam Ghafoor: youtube doesn't work like this on the video apps work :(

Streaming from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) 5 out of 5

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Streaming from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100)
Streaming from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100)
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