Linux Mint 13 - KDE Vs MATE Vs Cinnamon

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angel gtx: Hey mate know how to record the screen of a PC in Linux Mint 13 Maya porfa help

Şafak: I have so so slowly netbook. Acer 751h and i don't want multi-desktop... I just want one desktop like Windows.

So which one better for me and for my netbook? 

timpster: You can make the desktop line up like kde in Cinnamon, ?I did a video on it!

Over 400 desktops, on one screen!

Victor Isac: I know I won't get any answer, but hey , at least I try: The music drives me crazy, it's electro techno what I listen to. But this song, I don't know. Could you be so kind to tell me what band it is and what song ? 
Shazam didn't find it.

Wa Wi: lol I thougt it would play keyboard cat 

ItsGin: Can please someone tell me what the difference is? I'm trying to decide which one to install and what he wrote in the description wasn't helpful at all.

naisayd: Waste.Of.Time. This isn't a comparison at all. It's just a bunch of windows and menus opening and closing with no explanations of the differences.

Макс: Cinamon и KDE самые лучшие

Aswath: no, that guy is right; i was on GNOME 3 and it was a resource hog and totally ruined my linux experience...

ben: cinnamon

Carl Wolsey: I bet this music was made using linux. :(

acedece14: Gnome 3 for loosers, sorry.

acedece14: Mate win, or i`m f*** your mom :(

QUANTICCHAOS: Cierto, KDE era muy lento y yo también solía preferir desktops como xfce por su ligereza y velocidad. Probé el mint 13 kde en un vil AMD zacate (netbook) y quedé impresionado lo bien que iba con todo y efectos, una belleza.

Matias aguero: Falto xfce, es muy configurable. Con los efectos compiz toma un aspecto mas bonito que el Cinmanon incluso. De esos tres me quedo con MATE

Дмитрий: MATE!!!

steviemack212: more of a preference, i personally prefer mate just because it is light and simple

rootex: xfce

Svuru: mate for ever.. light + works so well with compiz + u can get the same menu as in cinnamon or like kde .

Intuxikated: at first i'd say cinnamon but cinnamon (and other gnome 3.x based desktop envirinments) have some issue's regarding 3D applications and games, so it's KDE for the win

Linux Mint 13 - KDE vs MATE vs Cinnamon 5 out of 5

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