Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Oil Change

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Boom Nukka: 229.51 oil spec (low ash) is for the newer vehicles with different emissions systems. Why not just buy what this one needs (according to manual) 229.5? You are purchasing online anyways where you can get anything you want delivered to your door. May as well opt for bulk 5-liter jugs of high end European synthetic at less cost than cases of Mobil 1.

jadesluv: Mercedes oil filter cap tool part number <103589020900> It is heavy aluminum, uses a 22mm socket wrench. It has two tapped holes on top and two tapped holes on the sides. 2 machine bolts are held in the top of the tool. A bolt can be transferred (finger tighten) to the side to remove any slop when breaking the cap free. I just use one bolt, positioned it so that it doesn't interfere with anything to the right of the filter cap when breaking the cap free. Drain plug copper crush washer <007603-014106>

Alaa Sibai: Great video. Thanks for sharing. I perform my own oil change on my E350. One trick I do when filling up the engine with oil is adding 1 liter of oil through the filter housing. It helps to protect engine at the first start up after the oil change is complete.

lw4mma: Car D.Ologist Thank you for your excellent tutorials. I have a 2005 CDI black on black as well with not even 120k miles. In all of your miles, has your car ever gone into "Limp Home Mode"? Mine randomly does this sometimes, but not always, throwing a CEL which then goes away on it's own after a few restarts and drives. Usually just shutting the engine off for a little while and restarting it takes it out of limp mode and returns full power. It's been doing this for years but not consistently; Sometimes in as little as 10 minutes of driving, but other times I can go hours without any loss of power. Any suggestions or tricks from yourself or any CDI owners? Subscribed!

Leszek Kaliszewski: Notgud

George B: Great video!

Microphonix Virtual Studio: You need a camera man.

Jake Stokes: This is a great video. Thanks so much!

KedlubenX: Very informative and usefull. Thanks a lot.

Colin Aglae: Thanx Car D. Ologist, for the nice video !!

Steven Shamsai: There are plenty of 5W30 in the market and at the dealer but I can't find any Mobile 1 5w40 ESP formula M any more. Can anyone help? Thanks.

miniion26: Shouldn't you use a mesh filter instead of a paper one?

J X: Are you in fact a cardiologist? If so, I would recommend nitrile gloves so you don't risk skin cancer, or absorption of nasties through your skin into your bloodstream, causing I don't know.... HEART PROBLEMS?! O_o

SwagSubscriber: Lmao, you must be crazy. If you put it on ramps, the car is still on an angle... Put it on a jack and jack it up then put it on a jack stand, it's still at an angle...

konasteph: Dear Mr. Car.D.Ologist, I also own the 2006 e320 cdi and today I performed the oil change by removing the drain plug. I relized that the drain plug thread is in the aluminum of the engine block. Now I owned a Jeep liberty that was using the exact same scheme, drain plug threaded into the aluminum engine block. The user's groups were full of complaints about stripped threads, failed engines etc. And then it happened to me also, after about 10 oil changes. I was able to tap at a larger diameter and install an aftermarket drain spigot (!!!!!!). I would not recommend that for the e320, as long as you have a healthy thread for the oilplug. I believe that even by using a torque wrench the outcome will inevitably be a stripped thread. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, the oil extractor is the appropriate method for oil changes on this car.

konasteph: Oil extractor vs. draining via drainplug....makes sense to use the extractor if the drain plug screws directly into the aluminum engine block. As is the case in the 2.8 vmmotori turbo diesel engine thats in the Jeep Liberty CRD. What a pile of junk! Numerous complaints about stripped oil plugs. Would make perfect sense to use the extractor in that case. In the e320 it is just a time saver not having to put the car on the lift for a mere oil change. Now on the e320 cdi, the oil drainplug is threaded into a steel oil pan, right??????

Georgezama: Thank you very much Sir, for uploading these videos.

Viren Patel: I worked for Mercedes and my dad owns this car. No they don't suck out the oil lol. Don't know where you're getting that. It depends on the dealer itself. Mercedes Benz does not recommend sucking it out. Techs use it save time and make money.

Steven Burns: Great video, really gives me the confidence to do the job myself.  Very brave of you to change the oil in a white t-shirt.  And nice pumpkins.  ;-)

Asiamies: That oil doesnt come in 4l jugs? theyre always cheaper than 1l

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Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Oil Change 5 out of 5

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