Para Warthog Regal .45acp

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Jim Taylor: PUT THE freakING CIGARETTE DOWN YOU MORON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scott smith: I bought a warth hog awhile back had a lot of ftf issues

scott smith: .38 body guard seems best Cary for me

scott smith: Snappiness u mean. I love my model 327 s&w

OPEN YOUREYES: I have had a few Para's and didn't have any issues them ! Good quality ,good looks and dependable ! The only determent to the looks is the painted looking finish ! Don't know exactly what kind of finish that is but ,it could be a lot better for the price , $800. + back in early 2002 ! Warthog and the P-16 .40 cal .

Treg Marcilliotte: I really like the etching on the side bud.

evilcowboy: The 1911 in that size would make John Browning laugh. Not because it is a bad thing or anything but if you are use to the Gov or Com models this makes you laugh when you see it.

Very cool little gun and is a nice little carry pistol.

Turd McGee: It's been a few years since u posted this video, & you mention that ur grandmom 'isn't doing too good, & doesn't have much longer.'

Just wondering...she dead yet? 😂

slevin kelevra: Magna port that sessy bitch

Charles Martel: These are hard to find.

Friou Cathey: lol about comment on mayor wiping his arse as he keeps his guns clean

Ringo Gingo: Hey you all .... its been awhile ..... seeing u all ,GGG I got a new gun...GGG.
Hey don't get all crazy GGGG, this will f_ _k u up . Man I got guns everywhere , in my car and all.

BalkanDeputy: Now that Para is belly-up, good luck finding parts. If you still have
your gun you may want to change out the recoil spring plug and assembly
for one made by Kimber. My Wart hog exploded on the range sending the
plug and spring down range. I consider the plug to be a design defect.

Lauren Whalen: i got the para expert carry n i wish they woulda had one of these to be compared

TheDcgj45: Don't waste 10 mins watching this. Car gun? do you shot cars with it!

Charles Jones: wow! what a freaking douche bag, another gun shop, Rambo, pickle. I hope you don't wipe your ass the way you run your mouth, there is sure to be a constant stream of bullcrap. typical crap talking salesman.

Todd T: Bamdizzle... all up in the shiznizzle. Great name. No disrespect. Have the same gun also. No problems. Had a 745 LDA once and miss it. Para makes quality guns. Nice video.

Bob Ward: The Lite Hawg has a light rail and if I remember correctly is all steel.

Jude Vapes: nice gun bro

We can do better: Bam, wow, what a steal. Got some wear but for the price you paid, you really got a fine concealed weapon. Just gotta love carrying 10 rounds of .45 ACP. Enjoy.

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Para Warthog Regal .45acp 5 out of 5

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